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Shakira - sex symbol with a brain (photo)

May 2 2006

Three years later, after the release of «Laundry Service» («Laundry") Colombian Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll has presented his new project «Fijacion oral». Short, this 29-year-old blonde has a strong personality and a noticeable passion for oratorical speeches.

She is amazingly sexy in tight jeans, leather the shoes and transparent blouse, through which perfectly visible black bra. She is currently a sex symbol. But the sex symbol who, among other things is pretty far from stupid head.

Shakira stopped up for the belt Lopez and Aguilera (photos)

An interview with Shakira, she last week gave the German magazine «Eins Live».

- What happened during those three years that have passed since the release of the album «Laundry Service»?

- Oh, many things. I had a very busy tour, which lasted eight months, and I got a chance to survive a couple of wonderful things - to go to countries where I had never been. At the same everywhere I met her fans. It was cool. After the tour ended, I immediately started writing new songs.

- How so, you're really not rested?

- I had a 15-day vacation - that's all. I know that many people think, that would be all the time doing nothing, but I do not like that. On the contrary, I'm pretty hard working, sometimes up to 12 hours I spend in the studio and only 4 hours nezhus in bed in the morning. It's really tiring, but I'm getting from this enormous pleasure. Looks like childbirth: suffer, experience physical pain, but eventually give birth to healthy, strong baby. More precisely, I gave birth to twins. I have received a double album, which I partitioned into two halves. And it took a lot of time.

- Why it was necessary to separate English-language album from the Spanish? At the same time in a Spanish album, you sing in French ...

- And a little bit of German! I hope that I have a tolerable accent (laughs). I definitely wanted to sing in German. Elementary, because it is very interesting language. The famous writer, Jorge Luis Borges used to say that the German - the most beautiful language on earth.

- You took lessons in German?

- (Laughs) Can you imagine that I myself composed the text? I asked my friend German woman: How will the «Stay, baby, stay»? And then revamped in line: «Bleib, Baby, bleib, geh nie wieder weg» («Stay baby, stay, never go away").

- What for you personally to do these songs? Is it possible from this, as if peering into a diary, to learn something about Shakira?

- Well in the past 18 months many things happened. I've laughed, cried, celebrated, suffered and wild imagination. All these emotions are documented in the songs. This is my album, which I and demanding, if we talk about production. And this is the result of all that I've experienced over the years as a producer and songwriter.

- If you would like to release a rock album.

- So in fact it is also a decent amount of rock songs, despite the fact that I have not called him a rock album. This multifaceted work with different musical influences.Despite the fact that I ruined the whole day in the studio, but since I am also the captain of his ship, at least outside of Los Angeles. I was in Vancouver, the Bahamas and spent a long time in Spain. And everywhere felt responsible for his team, that place is really not so simple. So many ideas associated with the songs, and thus have to communicate with many musicians. It's hard, but the result is great fun and much learning.

- You get something out of a rock album?

- Maybe next time. Who knows, maybe even already next week. I've never talked about his passions and preferences. I am guided by what I motivate my songs. You can not resist them and reject what they want. Consequently, I just follow the flow.

- It seems you're happy quail «Back in black» Group AC / DC.

- You bet! I'm a big fan of AC / DC. I think I impressionability rock fans and the showman. I feel like an artist, loving his art - on a daily basis and very passionately. At the same time I like to bring people pleasure, speaking on the stage. This is akin to Russian hills. I like it when people feel that I want to tell them. For example, when I sing a sentimental ballad - they fall into each other's arms. But when it comes time to dance and joke - they dance and laugh.

- Sounds like you're trying to sit on two chairs at once.

- That's how I always feel myself. I - cocktail mix, vinaigrette. And my music reflects that. And although it's not a rock album, but a couple of songs is inspired by rock music. There are ballads and reggae that sounds Jamaican clubs. This is a real cocktail of many different things. Demonstrates that such a thing as «Escondite Ingles» - inspired by the bossa nova and jazz. Slightly from Sinatra. Generally from the late 60's.

- Very stylish write music together with musicians playing stringed stringed instruments or the orchestra?

- You know, I'm crazy orchestral music! One of my biggest fantasies ever written music for the film. Genuine instrumental music.

- Simultaneously release the record in the style of the 80's and New Wave.

- Exactly. And you know why? When I first started playing, I impose all sorts of acoustic guitars. I just wanted to play the keyboard and make music that would be like a melody 80. Write music in the spirit of «Depeche Mode» and «The Cure». But after a while I got tired of the synthesizer and again took up the guitar. Synthesizer to hear any more I can not. This is one reason why the album is so often altered. He has undergone many metamorphoses, until found their complete, current forms. You see, I did try everything.

- Thee written more than 60 songs?

- Right! Over the past year and a half, I wrote and performed about 60 things. Of these, only 20 selected. Since some are written in English, others in Spanish - came the idea to make an album-double. It will be released on 7 June and will be called «Oral Fixation».

- What do you associate with the name?

- I'm analyzing myself and my psyche. I certify that each person has something bestial. As a newborn with a constant expression of oral fixation, we live only through the mediation of the mouth. I always feel that I am still at this level and has always lived by mouth. Just as the prisoner lives a window and watching life outside prison walls.I have oral fixation because I fixate on the word for kisses to give out on chocolate, which it, in everything I say and what I sing. And so there is nothing more expressive than the name.

- Can your songs are viewed as a window through which you can learn more about you?

- Yes. I have a feeling that my songs have for me, a therapeutic effect. In at least when I write them, I worry about the well-known cathartic.

- You are in depression when he wrote «La Tortura»?

- Perhaps it sounds as if I was angry, yes? The truth is that you indulge fantasies not only about the good, nice things, but also the bad. With the help of «La Tortura» I tried to exorcise the demons of the past. It sings of love, hatred, injustice and other horrible things. About all that is negative, which is in a relationship.

- The album is another song about relationships «Obtener un si». High dreams of big and good lover.

- Yes, it's really an oath of allegiance to anyone who is honest and completely transparent. This song is a manifesto that you want to perform only classical instruments to achieve the sound ringing late 60's.

- What are your feelings on what you everywhere styled sex symbol.

- I'm really flattered, because I myself do not feel himself to be. It provokes my feminine coquetry, but I am among other things also an artist, which is important to talk about concrete things. My music is building a bridge between me and my fans to communicate with them. In a sense I'm psychic. Naturally, on the other side of the glamorous pictures in magazines.

- It's true that you are not very satisfied with their current success?

- Oh, do not age as me doing it. For example, I love doing my garden. See how the flowers grow. And when I find time for it. And someday I will become a mother. This is a really great project in my life.

- Do not you like to try himself in a movie?

- No. It would only be a soap opera. Attempts were when I was still halfway to success as a pop singer. I'm pretty shy. And for an actress or actor is really not good. But who knows, maybe one day it will happen.

- Must be a lot of you have suggestions?

- Of course, many proposals, but they are not what they need. If we were talking about something substantial. For example, an independent film or something like that. Absolutely is not typical cases, if you know what I mean.

- What you could convince?

- Can be a historical film. I am obsessed with history and always read any books on this subject. But these proposals I have not been reported. And in this case so fascinating to portray a historical character.

- Cleopatra?

- It would be very cool. Such a role - a dream for any actor. Become a new incarnation of Cleopatra. In addition, it is very difficult to beat Elizabeth Taylor. She just played fantastically.

- Tell me honestly, it's hard to be Shakira?

- Insanely hard. However, I would not say that I'm unhappy. This is not a clinical case. On the contrary, I feel happy. Only if life is too bestows, it will require a lot back. And I owe a lot.I made all efforts to preserve their health and sanity, because for me it is extremely important to be creative.

- Probably especially hard to be a celebrity in Colombia?

- Frankly, this is a cool combination, being a celebrity and be a Colombian. About how to be a tool, sharpened to a particular case, and at the same time do something for his country, for example, to turn it into the best place on the planet. At least I'm trying something to reward people.

- Despite the fact that you are currently threatened by the death of the Colombian mafia?

- Can we skip this? That would be correct.

- No problem. How are things with Antonio de la Rua? Are you still together?

- With regard to this, it's all right. It's really cool takes care of me. All in full openwork.

- Could you imagine yourself married or start a family now for your task is not urgent?

- At the moment the marriage is even more complicated thing than writing the album. We sometimes discuss it and come to think, to make all quietly, modestly and without fanfare. Only close people and family members. However, it is difficult to arrange for a large number of my relatives: cousins, twice removed and chetveroyurodnyh uncles and tetyah that nabyutsya packed into the church. I have no desire to drop this deal. May come sometime the day when all will be resolved by itself.

- You're half Colombian, half-Lebanese. You've been in the Middle East?

- All the father's family - immigrants from Lebanon and relatives invited me to visit. I was at my aunts and uncles. It was very cool.

- Develop Do you design your own clothes?

- Strange, but I do not follow fashion. And for me not so important that I wear. I'll be frank, I do find it rather banal. However, I have been working in show business and fashion is no less important element than in the business model. You're always sitting at the stylists that make you attractive and is decorated with various trinkets. And when you dress up like a doll, I say: "Look! Today I wear jeans, T-shirt and everything. " And very often so I'm doing.

- Your reaction when trying to copy your style.

- It's a great compliment. In any case, I would never call myself an expert in fashion.

- What brings Shakira look like?

- A lot. Maybe I'm even a perfectionist who always wants everything was fine, but if it does happen, it angers me. I think that most depresses me the lack of passion.

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