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Ingmar Bergman: "See Shvydkoi - and die!"

June 27 2006

As you know, megastars of world cinema in no hurry to present the Moscow Film Festival. Yes, and why they are needed - in fact it already has a megastar, and what - our dear and beloved Nikita Mikhalkov! Nevertheless, virtually all film world holds its breath, watching the competition of our intrigue of the festival, which brings together new works by the most respected and well-known masters of direction, constantly discussing the secular news and events. Cultural studies and film critic Renata Muratova managed to talk on the phone with a number of geniuses of cinema that did not hide his delight over the current Moscow Film Festival and its leaders Mikhail Shvydkoi and Renata Davletyarova.

Today we offer the translation of recording her telephone conversation with the greatest master of world cinema Ingmar Bergman.

-Mr Bergman! Good evening hours! As the weather on the island? On Fauré not storm?

Weather-perfect, but somehow boring. And pulls in Moscow for your festival. But I was there for some reason stubbornly refused to invite now that year. Apparently, not worthy ...

-What are you! You are also a favorite director of our most respected and experienced kulturtregera Renata Davletyarova. Renat even learned the Swedish language, to watch your pictures without translation.

-Nice to hear. I am also inordinately heard of your noble and selfless Renate, ready to lift off the last vest that in this hot summer to put the press center of the Moscow Film Festival apparatus with drinking water. Maybe I should write a screenplay about him? We here in the West, will tell you honestly, festivals run by some soulless goon. Was right, my old friend Sasha Sokurov, when he said in Cannes ball ruled a solid lack of spirituality, vulgarity and corruption.

-Corruption? Are at the Cannes Film Festival is this possible?

-What do you think? For each prize are bribes, bribes, and again a bribe. I am a French producer complained that the names do not remember, something like Chaluyants. So, for a picture with titles like "Not yet dead, but no longer live" critics demanded five thousand euros each to the tape said. Can you imagine? Is this possible at the Moscow Film Festival or Kinotavr? After all, you reign is unselfishness, a breadth of soul. Me about the last Moscow International Film Festival was told that his motto might well be the words: "More booze and not opened, and the last cucumber not only cut, but also eaten."

-Mr Bergman! The Stockholm newspaper Dagens Nyheter "recently wrote that you are simply delighted by the contemporary Russian cinema?

-I spend days just do nothing but watch your new movies. They are simply gorgeous. "Space as sympathy," "Svolochyugi," "The Count of Monte and Negro" - these names among Swedish intelligentsia on everyone's lips. I especially liked the movie "Svolochyugi" - a direction can not be found even among the Chinese. What are these Chinese? Shoot their movies for three cents, just hacks. But "Svolochyugi" thing just a colossal talent. And one can see that the creators of each frame worked meticulously, all checked and rechecked to avoid mistakes even in little things. I'm just ashamed to become a "Fanny and Alexander", which in comparison with "Svolochyugami" looks like a historical forgery, worthless cheap stuff. Can you imagine what a shock, what an epiphany I experienced in my 88 years after your brilliant directors - Aganesyana, Mirgunovoy and torturers.

-You want to say - Atanesyan Migunova and teachers?

-Who cares? Still genius! All my life I stood in the doorway, where there is now a movie. Peered into one room - and there is Nikita Mikhalkov, with all his family. Then the other - there teacher with Dunya. The third is occupied by Yuli Gusman.Well, in the fourth even look was scary, because it was itself Mikhail Shvydkoi.

-You Shvydkoi know?

-Who does not know this man? Here in Sweden it is called the Mother Teresa of Russia, and especially of Russian culture. This is a holy man, whose eyes luchatsya kindness, unselfishness and desire to pay their last pound on the revival of Orthodox churches from the half-forgotten somewhere near Krasnokamensk. In Russia, only two such great people - this is Pavel Tretyakov and Mikhail Shvydkoi.
We in Sweden are no such people. We have every minister of culture, as they say, everything strives to bribe his way more recoil ponabrat da Villa Summer rebuild, in which the salary can not buy even a door. And some of our ministers insolent to the fact that putting on things you know that dance and sing on TV scabrous songs. Do not think that this is my old man grumbling. Just when I was ashamed that I see the mess they drunkenness and corruption that prevail in the western movies, and compare them with the grandeur that prevails in the Russian film industry, under the wise leadership of Mikhail Shvydkoi, I just wanted to fall at the feet of a petition by Mikhalkov.

So, come to us in Russia.

"But I can not so with empty hands ... My movies, who needs them ... After all, that removes the Tormentor ... sorry, my dear teacher, compared to my unworthy opus - it's Everest. Although you know, something I can offer. His firm herring that is called "From Bergman Faure greetings to you and good luck." To elegant vodka "Russian Standard" it would fit just right. And pass my proposal Mikhail Shvydkoi, Nikita Mikhalkov and Renata Davletyarovu. At the Moscow Film Festival already has its own Renat, its vodka, and now will own herring. And yet I ask - beware Shvydkoi take care of the slander and unjust criticism from fundamentalists. Such other person will not be on such a post - with forty rubles a shabby purse on the subway and beer. See Mikhail Shvydkoi at least once, to touch this shining symbol of the spirit of Russian culture - this is my metaphysical dream.

-Thank you, Mr. Bergman. See you at the Moscow Film Festival along with the herring.

Васильева Камилла

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