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A friend of Dieter Bohlen: "On me there was only a short T-shirt"

December 20 2006

Last week, several armed intruders broke into the house of a famous musician Dieter Bohlen. Threatening with a pistol, they dragged out of bed 23-year old girlfriend celebrity and made her half-naked victim to lie face down on the floor. Hot on the footsteps of German journalists from the tabloid "Bild" had an interview with Karina

It does not matter looks like a girl tormented by insomnia, but she bravely tells the details of what happened at a villa in Tetenzene, where she lives with 52-year-old Dieter Bohlen.

- How you spent the rest of the night after an armed raid?

- We Dieter could not long remain in the house, so the afternoon flew to Cologne and spent the night in the hotel "Hyatt".

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- You nightmares?

- Dieter unlikely. He was up all night not close his eyes. I managed to sleep only about an hour of the night, although I took sedatives pills. When I woke up this morning, Dieter was still sitting on the bed and thinking.

- What do you remember during the attack?

- I was already asleep when the men came into the house. I only remember that I suddenly felt a gun at his temple. And then she saw a masked man standing. I could only see his eyes. He shouted to me: "Come with me!". I was very nervous. Then he yelled at me: "You want to call pointers? I'll shoot you, if there appear cops. He kept repeating that kill me.

- You could wear?

- No. It all happened pretty quickly. At me was only a short white shirt. I grabbed the bedspread - and wrapped herself in it. Then we went downstairs to the kitchen.

- This guy is not Lapal you?

- No. He just threatened me with a pistol. I walked up the stairs ahead of him. The kitchen was another. When I saw lying on the floor bound Dieter, a gardener and housekeeper, I realized that we really threatened.

- What happened in the kitchen?

- The guy who brought me out of the bedroom, tore off my veil. The second put me in touch. I was forced to lie face down on the floor.

- You were naked. You did not embarrass the presence of strange men?

- No, in this situation, I have not thought about it. I always came into his head: If only we fell down.

- You were afraid that the men raped you?

- First, very. But then realized that they are only interested in money. They always said Dieter: "But you have so many millions. You always show on TV. Where's the money? ". They acted out of pure jealousy.

- What time was the most dangerous?

- Guys seized panic when the alarm went off and police arrived. They'll want to get video from the camera outdoor surveillance. Dieter told them that the device works without the film. Snapshot straight through internet enter the police station. Then suddenly in the kitchen zapikala cooker. The boys thought it was triggered alarm device. They became even more aggressive and more nervous. They are constantly yelling that all of us shoot.

- What did you think when the raiders led to the basement to Dieter located there safe?

p align = "justify"> - It was horrible. I just thought: If only they were not cut out where his skull.

- You prayed?

- No. I am not a believer. Neither Christian nor Muslim.

- You were crying?

- Yes, I cried all the time. The housekeeper and gardener, too, wept. Only one Dieter did not cry. He was the only one who does not lose his presence of mind. When I lay on the floor and looked into his eyes, I thought: He's an absolute hero. He knew exactly what to do. As soon as he shouted at those subjects that they take the money and clear off - they immediately disappeared.

- What you came to mind when Dieter and attackers left the house?

- I fully seized with fear that they took him hostage. We were still unaware that they are erased. Ten minutes later, Dieter came together with the police. It was the worst moment in my life.

- It is true that Dieter escaped?

- Of course. Absolutely. What else could he do? He was obliged to call for help. But it allowed us to escape. He did everything absolutely right.

- What did you do when the criminals gone?

- First, we were freed from the shackles. The cable is not too closely tied brush our hands. Then we closed the door and called police. We do not know where the criminals. Due to the fact that we panicked, they started firing in the kitchen window and we lay on the floor.

- What you saw from criminals?

- Not much. All the time I was lying on the floor face down. I saw one of them a backpack. Both were very young. At first I even thought it was just a joke.

- You are not thinking about returning home?

- At the moment it is excluded. We still do not know where we will be celebrating Christmas. Originally we were thinking to go on holiday to the Seychelles. Later we decided to rethink this decision.

- When criminals are caught, what punishment would be fair to them?

- The police say that they shine at least five years in prison. And rightly so.

Translated Igor Buccheri

Константин Дятлов

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