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Drunk is no place at the Moscow Film Festival

June 19 2006

Just returned from Lyon independent cultural studies and film critic Renata Muratova, who presented his work "Genital and transcendental in later films early Sokurov."

She decided to tell us about the reaction of progressive intellectuals in France scandals surrounding the upcoming Moscow Film Festival and discover the true face of some of the stars of European directors.

West is shocked by the hooligan antics of Michael Haneke, who refused to head the jury of our festival?
-As they say in my native Myasoedovskoy not amuse my shoes! What a shock! This Haneke there has long been known as flaky. To me after the lecture came Isabelle Huppert, who in his "Pianist" was shot, and said: "I can not understand why it was called at all?" Because he is an alcoholic with many years and sexy manyak.Dazhe of his films is evident. " It turns out, my dear Isabel wanted, along with Annie Girardot even said to Haneke apply to law enforcement authorities after the "Pianist" for harassment.

-So he Girardeau Whored? It is the age!
-If only the hens ... This, they say it with a drunken suggested that Pasolini not any prisnitsya.A Englishman Peter Greenaway, who was also called to Moscow, not much different from Haneke. I am the niece of Benny Hill is on his drunken escapades porasskazala "Fifteen years ago, Greenway hardly drank at least daily. And shooting exceptional masterpieces that earned him a bunch of dough - "Prospero's Books", "Child of Macon", "Pillow Book". And the success started drinking, spree, dubious acquaintances. Here is the roof of Greenaway and demolished! Recent years, he only does that travels around the world with his polubredovym and it is unclear on what the viewer the calculated design of some suitcases. He traveled to Russia over the head morochit.I his Yuli Gusman not got to the core? But a psychiatrist! "Do not you see that Greenaway consequences" delirium tremens "feel? Refer to this festival, and he his neighbor on the jury like Alexei Uchitel fork in the side pyrnet ...

-The horror! "How terrible to live! But is among the elite of European direction so widespread drunkenness?
-Almost without exception. The fact that after the death of the owners of Fellini film festivals and their critical service staff had to quickly create new idols to make noise about it and bring universal vnimanie.Tak and have been exalted, some persons who have not sustained the burden of fame and become a real psihomonstrami in alcoholic aspect of this concepts.
Take Quentin Tarantino. He is on his good-natured face simply says that he is a big fan of insanity to get drunk. And he took off after a stunning twelve-year-old "Pulp Fiction"? Because connoisseurs know well that "Kill Bill" for his shot, "filmmakers negros," and he was only her first name, untwisted as a brand, and provided a sober, intelligent countenance portrayed, not very successfully. And in "Pulp Fiction" by and large there is only one meaningful scene.

-This is where the black man ... from behind ... even speak uncomfortable.
Well, this one after revelations Limonov udivish.Samaya significant scene in the beginning, where the characters sitting in a posh club, drinking a giant glass of cocktail in five, repeat, five dollars. I Anton Tabakov has long promised to comment on this stsenu.Do still waiting.
Along with Tarantino's festival bosses began to untwist the Emir Kusturitsu.Chto say, Kusturica - zingy director. His "Arizona Dream" and "Underground" - a revelation geniya.No again, fame, money, luxuries any bad - and that's the result?Great-aunt Emir Radmila Karaklaich recently complained to me that the Emir, as soon somewhere will get a decent fee, just collect about twenty druzhbanov and starts spree months dva.Sobiraet around musicians debauchee and travels to cities and villages, singing Gypsy songs and plyaski.Osobenno liking Emir songs Gypsies in Russia, they can start singing it in the wrong meste.Mne my friend Marco Muller, director of the Venice Film Festival, complained that the Emir at a banquet in honor of the show "Brokeback Mountain" after drinking a half bottle of Stolichnaya , came from behind to Engu Lee yes as ryavknet: "Oh once again, kitaeza you mine!" He nearly choked on Peking duck. Do we really need at the festival such excesses?

A may be invited to Moscow by Lars von Trier? Such an intellectual ...
-Too long ago took to drink, and besides liar. He was no "background", and weirdo large. Even in Cannes comes to a trailer, the eyeballs booze clogged, and from the little climbs to his butylki no umyknul.Pro Lars and his adventures I am now writing a book on the stories of his second common-law wife, Sandra Weintraub.
Problems in Trier began in 1995 after the commercial furor his series "The Kingdom." Script is the same - heavy drinking, fights, Sandra Tapping, mostly on chetvergam.Tamoshnie producers all prosekli - Denmark is a small country. And the various pretexts to deny Trier. Well, how such trust expensive equipment?
Then Trier with his friends-alkonavtami invented the adventure called "Dogma." Say, in contrast to create a real Hollywood movie that will shoot almost hand kameroy.Sobutylniki among critics immediately portrayed delight: "What is innovation, how congenial! But to be honest, the film "Breaking the Waves" and "Idiots" is entertaining just constantly twitching and jumping images, which means - Trier and style company took off their "masterpieces" shaking hands with a big hangover.

"But since" Dancer in the Dark "- is a recognized masterpiece.
-I fully agree. And made this masterpiece Trier because anonymously visited Russia in the clinic Yakov Marshak, where his thorough podlechili.Hotya he was so horny rednecks and type that in the pavilion for the "Dancing ...", not to idle, porn filming , with his own hand. And the hands are not shaking at the same time! Well, as you enjoy a "face morality" of this subject?
But after the mad fees for "Dancing ..." porn and immediately began the old sluchai.I again the producers have denied him gently: "Sorry, dear Lars, overspend, this and that." Finally, Trier found some naive from Texas, who gave him money for the film "Dogville," and then under Nicole Kidmen.Tak before filming polbyudzheta was drunken, even the scenery was not enough money. Then druzhbany advised the house for the filming did not build, and with chalk on the floor designate. And then the uproar in the press that this is the last squeak of an aesthetic fashion.

"But surely in Europe there is decent and sober craftsmen that could lead a jury of the Moscow Film Festival?
-Yes. This is Francois Ozon. Almost does not drink, just a little wine each, diluted mineral water, I saw it myself. The most worthy person for our teetotal art beau monde.

"However, they say that Ozone ... that ... in the sense that, sir.
Well, it's passion of youth, who do not happen. Incidentally, it was then criticized by gay and French President Michel Uilbekom for the fact that he, like Pasolini, all some kind of freak of gateways shot that came out cheaper in the circle. Uilbek and wrote in the "Cahiers du Cinema:" Well, if you "order-to", then shoot at least models of the directories of underwear. "br /> Ozone is very helpful intellectuals in Paris, where the educational work, unlike us, at a very high urovne.Ya now preparing a memo note about this experience for the Ministry of Culture and the Public Chamber, Mikhail Shvydkoi me personally prosil.Tak here, came as- that ozone is very representative delegation headed by Mireille Mireille Mate.I directly and told him: "Francois!" Well, how many can? You do not want to be like Pasolini, your boyfriend in the head with a board ogreli? It's time to call it a day! " And Ozone shortly rounded and began to take off lovely films - "Swimming Pool", "8 Women," "Five Two". Very intelligent glamor in the classical style in France, "L'Amour, tuzhur, bonjour." True, in the "Time of parting" Ozone remembered old-fashioned way, but without the debauchery.
By the way, unlike nevmenyamogo Greenaway with his "suitcase" Mahabharata, "Francois Ozon is ready to offer Russian filmmakers very interesting idea - a joint adaptation of the ancient monument of world literature" Epic of Gilgamesh. "He wants to ask for Dunya Smirnova adapt the epic for me whispered kino.Ozon goodbye, he sees the role of Gilgamesh Oleg Menshikov, or Yuri Chursina and Enkidu should be Gosha Kutsenko.
So all the good ozone. The only thing that confuses - to highlight its current heterosexuality, he carries everywhere with a 12-15 sexy girls who have already received the name of "Babette's Ozone." Well, like "angels Benny Hill." They are certainly very, very, but very prozhorlivy.Ved why was unsuccessful reception after the premiere of "The Da Vinci Code" at Cannes? Because "Babette's Ozone" climbed to the pavilion before everyone and everything there is thorough debit.

-And if Ozone is not able to come?
-Well, why worry over such trifles? A long time they say that the Moscow International Film Festival needs a spicy flavor. So let this be a highlight of my dear Renat Davletiyarov as chairman of the jury. Such an innovation in any Gangnam and not even dreamed of!

Interview by Svetlana Chadova.

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