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Adolf was put in a cage for "Heil Hitler!"

February 16 2011

16131.jpeg The public is outraged by the historical film "The Hindenburg" in which the dog raises his right paw in a Nazi salute. Meanwhile in Berlin, the incident occurred. Neo-Nazi jailed for what he taught his dog named Adolf raise a paw in honor of the Fuhrer Hitler. Dog was sent to the kennel.

Last week, the private television channel RTL, which broadcasts for German-speaking people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, showed two series of the movie "Hindenburg". Adaptation of the eponymous airship disaster, which occurred in 1937, carried a young German director Philip Kadelbah.

Talking about one of the darkest chapters in German history, director and writer Johannes W. Betz little fib ... In the fictional version of cine aboard the airship "Hindenburg" was brought to a bomb, which in reality was not. Forgivable piece at a time when shahids with their lethal belts, belted the whole world. However, the outcry from the British media was caused by no means an invention of screenwriter plus director.

Notorious political correctors outraged just a fact. Moreover - a statement of fact. Advance press islanders vzbalamutil nonfiction, and is not a myth, fairy tale or legend. Journalists and columnists of the country that gave birth to tales of Oscar Wilde and the world of hobbits of Tolkien, failed to digest one episode, when a German shepherd raises the Nazi salute right paw. Command to submit a Nazi or Hitler (Hitlergruß) greeting, because at this gesture should typically scream "Heil Hitler", the film gives the owner of the dog in the performance of the actor Hannes Jaenicke (Hannes Jaenicke).

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The British media are outraged that the "wrong" (in terms of political correctness, which is still swam across the ocean) stage. Horror! How should have been outraged Russian viewers (or media) at the show sci-fi movie "The captivity of space» (Stranded), which, incidentally, as Jack Makendrika starred notorious Jansen. Ten years ago, we were shown how to malfunction on the Russian space station will manage the gallant Yankee, go there on his "Space Shuttle". That will fly on his own, though not blue and not on the helicopter ... and probably will not show movies for free! In short, while there are Americans - the Russian had nothing to fear. But the winners for some reason afraid of gestures losers.

Edition of the Berliner Supervises claims that in the context of the movie "The Hindenburg" Nazi gesture in no way intended to greet the Fuehrer. On the contrary. This scene - caustic mockery of Hitler's henchmen. In fact, the hero Hannes Jaenicke, whom the script name is Gil Brock, allows a fairly dangerous joke over the Nazi regime. Actors Theatre of Variety (well, can not help but recall the heroic underground worker in the performance of Vysotsky "Dangerous Tour") need only bring the index and middle fingers to his nose - a dog named Goldie (Goldie) immediately raises the right paw as officially adopted by the greeting. Like a true Frenchman, owner of the dog is doing all these tricks for a woman. Its women.

Goldie - a professional among dogs, movie stars and he's doing just what he likes to do - says Jaenicke.- It was my own idea, that he lifted his leg in a frame in a Nazi salute. I had to repeatedly treat Goldie delicacies - biscuits for the dogs. "

And now, just the facts. The animal can be taught anything. Taught English as the Yankees, always famed for his wit, his roundnose political correctness. A dog that really raise her paw in a Nazi salute actually existed. In 1941, completely devoid of wit Nazis placed under arrest Finn Thor Borg, for what it Dalmatians on the orders of his master would raise a Nazi salute right front paw. In the end, the front and not back ... Or maybe they "offended" dog breed? Not noble "Aryan" - Shepherd and a Dalmatian there.

Show it was the turn of political correctness and the German press. Ubiquitous reporters found that in Berlin, home to extremist right-wing by the name of Ronald T., which has a mixture of (sic!) German Shepherd named "Adolf", which the owner has trained to perform the Nazi salute. Quite seriously, and not for the movie. A friend of mine, for example, taught his dog to brehat traffic police posts, when driving past them on their cars, going on vacation to the Black Sea coast. Thank God, there is no policy!

In modern Germany with Nazism trifled with. On the author of this kunshtyuka police soon snapped the handcuffs. Ronald T. sentenced to five months in prison and ordered to pay the poor animal to the shelter. Hoping that the other four-legged pets anything bad from Adolf did not learn. But he, poor fellow, probably picked up from them fleas.

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