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Straight strip and transparent panties did not save the sultry Nastya Shevchenko

May 15 2006

The next Sabbath concert "American Idol 6" began with seeking "Cool you got ...". It has been over ten weeks of life, a new project, and all this time "manufacturers" have not learned new and interesting movements, still display the same as shown on the very first concert.

"Hello, hello millions of viewers ..." - greeted us leading John Churikova. Always fun to Yang, this evening was a bit restrained. However, as always it was a lively, artistic Churikova. At this time Ian shone in the form of strict the teacher. Sorry only pointers are not enough to occasionally beat behind the scenes "semi", more than any crap this evening.

Alexander Rosenbaum and Alex Hvorostyan danced the Waltz-Boston. "On his return Hvorostyana in Star House" Much has been said in the "yellow press", and we'll talk specifically about this issue. This time "live" performance of the song, which Lesch quite pale, looked at the background of the great Rosenbaum. It is clear that the brushwood is just not enough power in his voice. Despite this significant shortcoming, sang Lesch gangbusters.

Avraam Russo and Ivanov, Roman Arkhipov and Zara Mgoyan passed "through love." Probably the first time in the "Factory" Roma nicely sung, not shouted hoarsely someone else's song as he loves it generally do better than others and do not mention it.

Eternal Ballad of Love "by Diana Gurtskaya and Prokhor Chaliapin. Whether to Prohor acted as a pregnant Diana, or He stuffed mushroom before the performance. But the Prohor, as a young schoolboy who first appeared on stage, swaying from side to side, forgetting their rehearsed movements. Looking tenderly at his beloved Diana, Prokhor still quite sensibly sang this ballad.

"Wedding" Glyukozy and Denis Petrov: beauty Natasha Ionova plunged into a pre-wedding worries. On this occasion, even dared to perform the song, its re-wrote the Max Fadeev. Talking about marriage Glyukozy began long before the decision Natasha say yes agree "to her fiance, an oligarch - Alexander Chistyakov. But we will not drip into the dirty laundry.

By becoming the most Glyukoze, Petrov played the track "Wedding" his piercing voice. Complete all the traditional cake in the face Glyukoze and Dan. "Do not let the fun of our ears" - a sinister smile Roman Arkhipov, who had the honor to charge Glyukoze confectionery delights.

Under the "Rain" were Alexander Marshall and Dmitry Koldun. Captivating Sogdiana and Zara with guitars around his neck looked pretty original. Clearly felt that the image of rock 'Lady Alia "Doro Pesh" girls are absolutely not appropriate. Performed by Marshall and Koldun song playing in the modernized, lush arrangements. Warlock and again with tears and hoarse performed his uncomplicated lines.

"The war is hell" Olga Aref'eva and Sogdiana Arseny Borodin? And why organizers chose this absolutely obscene song? And let the child of nature sings it all: a row of rock 'n' roll to reggae, jazz and folk to Bach, Olga, that you forgot to "Star Factory 6"?

«Back To The Drive» - Suzi Quatro and Alexander Gurkova. The second statement, together with Arefieva not from a live concert on Saturday. Many argue that this number was ever written down a few weeks ago (when the old woman came to the club "Orange"), and demonstrated just now

Thus, it is time to solo this week's nominees.

"Last Call" Arseniy Borodin.The song on the eve of school graduation balls will certainly be a hit. Of course, this song - another mediocrity of the last "Factory", and no positive feelings in adults it causes. Participation in one room is not the first time Borodin, Trash, Arkhipov and Petrov - a "subtle" hints at the fact that these guys formed another boy band.

"Stop" was removed from Anastasia Shevchenko and Yulia Lysenko. Outcast month ago Julia Lysenko miraculously back to "factory" stage. Two of her friends gave to sing a duet together. And got very hot and sexy. Felt the hungry look of males, the girls from their brilliant dresses were demonstrating more and more beauty. Baring nearly all of their young bodies, hearing rave whistles in the hall, Shevchenko and Lysenko was seriously whetted. Twisting seductive hips and gently stroked each other's waist and chest, girls showed everyone present their lacy panties. Sitting on a comfortable sofa-style Nastenka Sharon Stone showed beleznu his underwear, but in the end Julia felt shy, afraid to get a scolding from his Arseny.

A "For You" Denis Petrov. The vocals again Borodin, Corzine, Arkhipov. The song was performed in STYLE R'N'B. Like and done with high quality and very well sung, and the guys tried to put the soul. But something in the composition lacks - does not cling. The song is absolutely empty and boring. And as comedic flight Petrova on the ropes to the top of the dome and its chaotic flutter kicking is only laughter.

By the audience voting on the "Factory" remains Arseniy Borodin. Sami "The manufacturers' rescued Denis Petrov. Torn from the inside, but outwardly calm, reality shows left Nastya Shevchenko. Now, with a huge looking forward to frank details in the life of the sexiest "Fabrikantki" correspondent "MK", students of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism, and just beautiful Anastasia Shevchenko.

Васильева Камилла

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