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Lars von Trier made a vow of silence

October 10 2011

Lars von Trier made a vow of silence. 19962.jpeg Shadows of the past pursued a well-known Danish film director and actor in Lars von Trier. Last week he was questioned by police in Denmark at the request of the French city of Grasse, the prosecutor's office in connection with his remarks about Hitler during a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival. While no charges Trier did not show, but the director has already stated that he refused to be interviewed.

"Danish police interviewed me because of a possible violation of French law banning the justification of war crimes. The inquiry was carried out in connection with the remarks that I made during a press conference in Cannes in May 2011.

On the basis of these serious accusations, I learned that I do not have the ability to clearly express and so from that day decided to no longer express their opinions publicly and no longer give interviews, "- said the director last week.

Danish police officially confirmed the call director. The press service at the same time pointed out that no charges filed so far not been since the French police did not ask about it.

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Lawyer Tyge Trier director, commenting on the Danish media call his client to the police, said that, of course, admirable work of French prosecutors to complain about possible violations of the law. However, he continued, saying the director should be considered in context and according to the lawyer, it is legitimate, and beyond that provided for the right to free speech, said the director does not leave.

"Clearly, the statement may be perceived by many as unpleasant. Lars von Trier has already expressed regret about it, "- said the lawyer.

Recall that Lars von Trier on the ill-fated for a press conference said that he understands and sympathizes with him Hitler, and his straightforward statement: "Okay. I - a Nazi. "

During the press conference, the most verbal escapades filmmaker did not cause particular stir, as the majority of those present know journalists von Trier and his peculiar sense of humor as for his paintings of the talented, and on his many interviews. Correspondents global agencies and critics are fully aware of the political orientation of the left Danish film director, they have repeatedly pointed out that von Trier is one of the few artists in his homeland, which openly opposes the hostile toward foreigners ideology Danish People's Party.

Thunder, when journalists gave remarks by Lars von Trier in their native version. Editors western media were either not aware of "eccentricities," the Danish masters of art, or, more likely, then scented sensation. All is well remembered for the scandalous dismissal of fashion house Christian Dior designer John Galiano for his anti-Semitic statements and his public displays of sympathy for Hitler. Make a grand fuss out of nothing - that's the style of tabloid media. We understand that the most similar to von Trier's "advertising" does not need it.

Shortly after the news was replicated by the media around the world to "case" has joined the high French politics, whose representatives highly influential figure in the Committees of the festival.They responded to politically correct and demanded for immediate sanctions against von Trier - Danish film director announcing from now on Persona non grata.

55-year-old genius of world cinema with a tattoo on his fingers FUCK right hand has devoted his life to truth and honesty at all costs, or as a written one influential German newspaper, the daily "selling the soul." We can say the words of another prominent figure in art - the British writer Virginia Woolf, who at the beginning of last century, observed that no society can survive the "true fun, true wisdom, honest depth."

The above is especially suited to the situation, because Von Trier in his new film "Melancholia," prepared for humanity simple and exciting finish.

Vow of silence, this Lars von Trier, could be attributed to the next fad master of world cinema, if not disgusting trend that requires outstanding professionals in their field, they said that only the right, politically adjusted and the banality of words. For the former Soviet people, this is the memory of the recent past, the Europeans and Americans - today's everyday life.

Triumphant political correctness is ready pinned to nail someone you like the celebrity, not only for remarks about Hitler, the Holocaust and Nazism. As was the case with Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, who in the pages of the last number of glossy magazine Vanity Fair («Vanity Fair"), complaining that the paparazzi are often removed VIPov in unnatural positions and wacky outfits, said: "When you take pictures, you feel like you were raped. And when you see the published pictures - feel like a complete idiot. "

The American organization RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), which represents the interests of victims, was outraged by comparing the photo ops with the abuses of human beings. The representative of the community, Katherine Hall advised Depp "in no case do not compare photography with rape," and talk with survivors of violence.

48-year-old actor went on to back down and expressed regret about the failed metaphor from his lips: "Trying to express my feelings, I made a mistake in the choice of words."

It is interesting that only three months ago an American film actress Kristen James Stewart (Kristen Jaymes Stewart) known for her role in Bella Swan vampire saga "Twilight» (Twilight) in an interview with French magazine Elle («It") has expressed very similar: "These photos - a ... I feel as though you while someone was raped. "

What is it? American politkorrektorshi or do not read French magazines, or what is not allowed to film star Depp, the starlet is allowed Stewart? Perhaps the outstanding film directors of our time ever interrupt their enforced silence. Otherwise we will be doomed to listen to the lowing and bleating obedient, correct cattle.

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