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Zhirinovsky backed "Julia-2". Elena Berkova ready

July 7 2006

Deputy Duma Speaker and LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said on Friday that he fully supports the capture of political and erotic film "Julia-2, or The New Adventures of Julia". According to a credible policy, this picture is going to be exciting, relevant and aesthetically significant.

Recall that Zhirinovsky's deputy in the party, the notorious deputy Alexei Mitrofanov was the first producer of "Julia", which, in the form of amusing to say about the stormy romance between by some politicians - Yulia and Misha. The vast majority of viewers have found that they are very similar to former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. Moreover, in the film were intriguing hints -, produced by the same group Mitrofanov "No Min" sang the song "Orange Sky" and "Julia" in the horrific performance of Helen Bond on the edge of a cornfield, touching himself in an interesting place, loudly exclaiming: "I smell the smell of Maidan!"

After the release of "Julia" on video huge scandal erupted. Yulia Tymoshenko publicly accused Alexei Mitrofanov and his team in the perversion and sexual problems, as Saakashvili considered the founders of the avant-garde tape their mortal enemies. Despite this, sales of "Julia" in Ukraine have broken all records of popularity - even spared picture of "9 company".

Several months ago, Alexei Mitrofanov, Duma from the podium that he considered shooting the film "Julia" a big mistake. "All this is intended as a joke on the Internet, and we did not expect such success and such a violent reaction - said the controversial MP. - I offer my sincere apologies Yulia Tymoshenko for our picture. " Mitrofanov also said that he rejects any involvement in the continuation of the project.

That did not stop the producer Alexander Valova, which these days has started filming "Julia-2, or the new adventures of Julia. Painting in the final version will consist of two parts. In the beginning it will be about "drunken wedding" daughter of a politician Yulia Tymoshenko. Julia will play the same Helen Bond, but as a daughter perform extravagant and unique erotic diva Elena Berkova. Her participation in the movie will undoubtedly give it more intrigue and cause a furor.

Then the action moves to the presidential palace of a Michael. He will convene a crowd of guests and will be in front of them praise his wine, to impose its counterclaim and cross claim and enthusiasm and joy. In the role of the guests can make a real person's political and cultural capital's beau monde. Invitation to withdraw from "the president Misha" soon to get Irina Hakamada, Boris Nemtsov, Dmitry Rogozin, Garry Kasparov, Mikhail Shvydkoi, Alexey Uchitel, Alexei Chadov, Irina Allegrova Yuri Galtsev and other "stars".

While the listed citizens will revel in and express their feelings, "the president Misha tries to indecent purposes drunkard his wine, young singers of the band" No Min. As a result, the girls get severe poisoning and in protest oblyuyut all the presidential residence.

"The last scene is very complex production, so we have a second consecutive week conducting rehearsals - said« Yoki.Ru »Maestro shafts. - But neither Fakkeh or personally Mikhail Shvydkoi not giving us any support. And it was about nothing - to the world famous screenwriter and rezhissersha Dunya Smirnova us advised. But this picture is already interested in the leading representatives of European and American art Hausa. "

Words Valova confirms the West's most famous Russian playwright, philosopher Michael Volokhov scene. "I am convinced that if my friend, the classic" theater of the absurd "Eugène Ionesco lived to this day, and looked" Julie ", I'd be ecstatic.Creativity Valova, Bond, Berkova and innovators - this is an unusual and sverhaktualnoe that foreign kulturtregery looking in modern Russian art. Where to look Mikhail Shvydkoi? Why did he not support this breakthrough? "

The most intriguing that the artistic merit of "Julia" is so high that she could not hide his admiration of herself Yulia Tymoshenko. Recently, Russian and Ukrainian media announced printing of telephone conversations Tymoshenko with Boris Berezovsky and his entourage. According to Berezovsky, Helen Bond is very similar to the Yulia Tymoshenko and plays beautifully. Samuel Tymoshenko's really only a question of having a picture pornostsen, but against the rest of it, as it turns out, not against it.

Given these developments, Vladimir Zhirinovsky on Friday in the office of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on Ostryakov and made his sensational announcement on the continuation of support for filming the adventure of Julia and her friend Michael.

"After the first of Julie, we had some doubts as to the film will treat ordinary Ukrainians and Georgians, including living in Russia, - said Deputy Duma Speaker and leader of the LDPR press. - But now we are convinced that a healthy attitude to the project and very interested. Moreover, the prototypes of characters in the movie in recent times are rude, constantly demonstrating that they are the same place on the panel. Today I'll tell Alexei Mitrofanov, that he continued to support these surveys. "

Zulfiya Karimov

Константин Дятлов

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