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How to become a star - the teachings of Guy Goma

June 6 2006

Television can make a star out of any rogue. This truth has recently confirmed the 36-year-old Guy Goma (Guy Goma) from the Congo.

The ascent to fame began in the foyer of the unemployed Corporation BBC, where he had to get a job as an accountant. At the same time, there was its namesake Cuny Guy (Guy Kewney), who was invited as an expert to participate in the popular in the British Isles show «Friday Night».

The difference between the two Gayami conspicuous. Expert on legal settlement on the Internet, razrulivavshy disputes between music corporations and service providers, sites, which users download ringtones, - white, bearded man. Externally, more like a scholar than the lawyer quarreler. Its namesake - sturdily built Ebony from the capital of Congo Brazzaville, moonlighting as a taxi driver in London.

At 10.28 in the lobby ran out of breath and a young man shouted: "Guy!". Lawyer went to a summons and have not heard, and staring at the feet of pretty secretaries Africans responded and went after the guy. Together they climbed on the elevator. "Oops" - threw the young man, and disappeared behind the door.

"Quickly, these guys are British" - the thought flashed through my head nigger. "At work arranged for months, and this says a second. However, all these islanders large muddleheads. But he said in answer only: "Okay."

But later it was still interesting candidate for the position suddenly offered to powder your nose. "That you are not shining, my sweet" - said smoked bass grimersha, leading to a flat and sweaty nose brush.

Did not really understood, Guy was in the studio under the spotlight aimed at his camera lens. Before him sat far from stupid blonde Karen and introduced his companion: "Publisher of Technology Site« Newswireless ».

"Stop" - Guy Homo stiffened. Swallowed saliva, twisted his mouth. His eyelids blinked involuntarily. He wanted to say that there came some error, but the gentle voice interrupted the course of his thoughts.

- Hello and good morning! You surprised by today's verdict?

"You bet" - flashed straight face, but he began to respond.

A Leading taken aback by this question:

- If you take a quick look at the costs, how do you think if more people started downloading from the Internet?

- Uh, um, actually - started Guy - everywhere people who are anything downloaded from the Internet. But I think, uh ... It's better for development and, uh-uh ... And to inform people about what they want and in order to rapidly achieve that to which they aspire ...

From question to question Guy became more confident. The following question:

- Do you think that the music industry has made great progress because more people are downloading ringtones from the Internet?

The man who designed these questions, meanwhile, stood in the lobby and watched with helpless anger at the huge computer screen, where a black asshole thrashed rubbish. On the screen was his name. The gentleman turned sharply and went out in English. Until it flew phrase:

- Thank you - we come out of the ether.

For re-invitation to speak in the TV judge refused. And 78 seconds were the high point an unknown son of Africa. He walked the streets of London, it is nice knowing that people from the BBC, not only made him a celebrity, but also paid him a fee of 100 pounds.

Igor Bukker


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