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Miserable past Jasmine: the nurse became the wife of a millionaire

August 1 2006

Singer Jasmine sued for divorce. She wants half of her husband - 20 million. It is not surprising when you consider that before her marriage Manahimova Sarah (maiden name Jasmine) lived in a poor Jewish neighborhood in Derbent, a tiny town on the border between Russia and Azerbaijan, since my childhood dream to escape from this oppressive poverty.

Her grandmother told her that the only way to leave this godforsaken place - is to marry a rich man. By last Jasmine back a little later, but for now - the carve-up of the property.

As the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Jasmine shows iron character, barely recovering after a severe beating, the singer immediately launched into action, with support from an experienced lawyer. In an extensive list of "the rich Pinocchio" Semendueva listed as homes, apartments, shares totaling approximately $ 20 million. Sarah herself, citing poor health and mental trauma, the court did not appear as a statement of claim on two sheets of typewritten text passed through his representative.

The document asks the singer to cancel her marriage with her husband, with whom they lived together for almost 10 years. "The reason for the divorce is disrespectful to my husband, during the entire life together husband allowed himself to humiliate me, insult, repeatedly battering it came to his side," - said in a statement the singer.

"From May 23 to June 25, 2006 spouse applied to my physical violence - wrote in an official document Jasmine. - In this incident on Semendueva VI criminal case. "

The result of the terrible beatings became head trauma, multiple bruises and a broken nose, as already reported YOKi, details you can read here.

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But one statement of the case, of course, has not ended: Sara warning in advance and filed papers to recover from the husband's maintenance for their 8-year-old son Michael. Monthly citizen Semenduev as it now calls Jasmine will have to pay 10,000 dollars to age his son. Millionaire Semenduev, in turn, said that very much regrets that at the time the marriage contracts had not yet come into practice, once a beloved wife, he prefers to be called now "the man".

So, Sarah Manahimova from Derbent claims to be following her husband's estate:

1) Apartments for Chistoprudny Boulevard. Total area of apartments - 140 square meters.

2) bedroom apartment on the Grand Polyanke area of 83.6 square meters.

3) apartment on Bolshaya Dmitrovka.

4) Land in the elite suburban Zhukovka-3 area of 6,490 square meters.

5) Elegant country house, built in the area, the total area of 147, 2 square meters (that's where, as follows from the statement of the singer, her husband beat Yasmin for three days).

6) The shares in the shares of OOO "Eldorado Trading Limited, of Eldorado-M, LLC Geaton, LLC" Image ", the total amount of $ 20 million.

Jasmine wedding took place in 1996 only due to misfortune. At the time she was a nurse from a poor Jewish quarter, Semenduev - a married millionaire with two adult children.Semendueva wife Larissa with his sons Daniel and Bones lived at that time in Austria.

Sarah Manahimova - the only daughter of a simple music teacher and pianist. Semenduev saw her in photos from someone of your friends and come to Derentsvatatsya. Leo Manahimov, father of Sarah, was always very hospitable and gallant man, a Caucasian intelligentsia, but to a rich fiance, he reacted with skepticism. Marriage should be only for love, "he told his daughter.

But Margaret, mother of Sarah, did not support her husband: why only daughter disappear in poverty, here she is happy not to be, it is better to choose a "golden cage". Mom Jasmine when meeting in-law immediately knew that he was very jealous, quick-tempered, rude, there were rumors that his first wife he Tapping. The age difference - almost twenty years. But it's the only chance Sarochka supplied to the same high expectations in the music and dreamed since childhood of becoming a singer.

Wise grandmother Sarah, working part time mourners at the funeral, she knew how hard life gets the money, and therefore advised not to miss the granddaughter of a rich husband.

"Let him she will live in luxury ..." - it was said a woman Sarah. Then the family Manahimovyh was not even a decent machine: just an old "Victory", which zarabotalotets Jasmine, sticking packer luggage in China.

The wedding of Sarah and Slava held only by a great misfortune: from brain cancer in January 1996 - my mother died of Jasmine, Vyacheslav Semenduev buried his father and older brother. Experienced grief has united them. The wedding decided not to pull, although the statutes of the Caucasus are in mourning at least a year.

Wedding table is laid in the dining room selhoztehnikuma have invited chefs from Moscow. Guests are entertained Konstantin Raikin and other famous comedians. Semenduev could be generous: the bride gave diamonds, test - two-storey house and dance studio, my brother's wife helped start their own business, nurse, Sarah made the singer Jasmine.

Tale of the charming prince and Cinderella ended abruptly.

Author: Barbara Fioletov

Fioletova Varvara

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