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Andrei Grigoriev, Appolonov: "I continue to feel free"

June 30 2006

RIRIK. Such a nickname given once Andrei Grigoriev, Appolonova Igor Sorin.

Meet Andrew and his wife Mary was appointed near his home in a wonderful outdoor Italian cafe. Here they often go to dinner, when the lazy and do not have time to prepare themselves. And the free time they have, indeed, very little, because the artist - are fed feet, however, as a reporter ...

- For the first time I had to give interviews is "interlocutor". In 1985. I think 20 years ago.

- And what was the occasion for a conversation with you?
- Lived in Sochi. Moonlighting in the theater hairstyles. There was in full swing you like this life here and came to the correspondent, has written material. Some kind of even a photo with me. More precisely, with my back. So the "Neutral" - a landmark publication.

- What for "hairdresser" is that?
- Theatre Hairstyles - the place where you can communicate with designers, with artists, barbers, with a male model. In 1987 he appeared Sochi theater modes. I was the first of its artist-demonstrator. Then the fashion was secondary, because the fashion in the Soviet Union itself was not. Just sew some suits. This started my career on the stage. Not counting the music school. I, as predicted career pianist.

- Mom?
- And my mom as well. I even won second place in the Competition for Young Pianists in the Krasnodar Territory. And then I introduced myself as a hunched, always playing the piano. And I realized - not mine. I am by nature a restless, and sitting on a chair - it's not for me.
I had two options - either a music college, or medical, as brother, sister, father - all doctors. I spent all my childhood in hospitals. Even the first aid I can. But to make it my profession, I did not dare. Chose the third - teaching. And I was right. I was the king of the institute. Imagine, nine boys on 2,5 thousand girls. There was chocolate all four years.
And nothing I regret. I gained knowledge. Really learned to like me and the children to communicate, and the atmosphere was good.

- A time to work with?
- Yes, a few months of practice was. Primary school teacher. They offered me to stay at the school, in the steepest Sochi, England. I remember how hysterical was the children, when I said that I could not stay.

- Do you like?
- When taking leave, he was nearly broke into tears.

- Where are you from the children suffered?
- I went to GITIS do. And entered on the first try, left no knowledge, but on the charm. Lucky, of course. I did not even know the name of the orchestra Utesova. Now the picture is restored. I went up on the floor, where there is a lot of applicants. I ask - what book are renting? I give the book Sharova "Pop Art". I opened the chapter on "Original genre. And stupidly read somewhere that he had discovered. Time to read five pages. Opens the door - Grigoriev, Appolonov. I go. They are - where did you get such a name double?

- And by the way, from where?
- Yes, God knows. It should say thanks to my grandfather. Sonorous. Even some history there. About Grigory Orlov, a lover of the Empress. Baek a lot about the family. And I have ancestor was a beautiful, when it recruits to take, given the name Appolonov.
I told the teachers then one of these tales. They - okay, let's get down to business. So, Grigoriev, Appolonov, Tell us, please, what the original genre? And I've got right page immediately surfaced, almost word for word, which I have just read. And I began to tell them their own words, who read a moment ago. And did.

- And finished?
- Yes. I was handed a diploma with a delay of half a year at one of the first recital of "Ivanushki International. Came rector and right during the concert came to me with flowers and a diploma. Says: Andrew, congratulations. And I said to him: comrades working in the specialty, entertainers.
Immediately after the first session went to Sochi. Our "Theater mode" served Kinotavr. Acquaintance with Mariko Rudinstein, Lenya Yarmolnik. While in Sochi had nowhere to go. And they are almost every day, walked into our theater performances. In his eighteen I was familiar with a lot of filmmakers, but not with artists. With those I met later.
Once on TV by accident, saw the ad, set to Broadway in the musical "Metro". 92-th year. Recruited in a Broadway troupe, and needed three Russian character. I went through this competition. Ibid met now known - Valery Nikolaev, Ksenia Talyzina, daughter of Valya Talyzina held the second round and moved to Warsaw. There was another man who took this contest - Igor Sorin. I was singing as a dancer, and Sorin, as a dancing singer. I was focused on choreography, and Igor - as a singer. And the third was an equally famous now girl, Pauline Griffiths. The three of us went to Broadway.
There we made friends with Sorin, both brothers began. Two years in the same apartment they lived.

- They got the idea to the group do?
- No. I went back to Sochi, and before that he met with Igor Matvienko, who arrived with a group of "Lube" in my town to shoot video "Do not play the fool, America!". Where do they go? Again in Theater mode. The clip was filmed. Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival has received. And I'm starring in it. In the cloak walk, run, jump.
And next time, when Matthew came with Rastorguev, we phoned. I say: I think, I for Sochi is already all done. I been here for just nothing to do. He says: I told you long ago saying, let's pick up things, went to Moscow. The next day we went to the beach, sunbathe and have come up with this project.

- Why this name? Who will come to mind?
- We'll tell you. My notebook was. There are about 500 variants of the group's name. Starting from the "pencil", a group of "third did not dance", "Sancho Dancing," "Dreaming," "Rainbow" and ending with "The Bomb", "Wasp".
Group existed, but the name was not. DJs and announced: now sings the group without a name. And somehow it comes Gera Witkin, as it turned out later that he was the author of the idea of "barefoot boy" to Leni Agutin. Wonderful poet, and then we cooperate with it. He wrote us a couple of texts. Looked at us and laughs: "Well, you Ivanushki poured. I say: what did you say now?! "Ivanushki. And Matthew, and says: International. For no reason, no reason at all. "Ivanushki International». Everything happened instantly. Six months in pain to the title. For a second she was born. Immediately liked everything: Sorin, and Cyril, and me and Matthew. At first people did not cut one, as is clear when our first album came out. The basic question - why "Ivanushki? Why «International»?

- Probably, was strained in the family when you decided to become a musician, to put it mildly, not the classical genre?
- Must be a. But thanks to his father ... I was lucky that my father in his heart he loved music. My father was chief physician at Children's Hospital Matsesta. Dear people. Our guests visited and Valery Obodzinsky Uncle Valera. And Sergei Zakharov. I lived and grew up in an artistic environment of Moscow, because the summers I spent at the beach hotel "Pearl", which visited the whole of Moscow.
And my mother, I had a theatrical obschestvennitsey - director of the cinema. I never missed a concert Pugacheva, Karel Goth, "Dynamics", "Nautilus Pompilius", "Bravo." I've lived in this environment. And she fed me.Not piano lessons, not pedagogy ... Then I realized that I wanted to sing and be a star.
And when I saw a concert by Valery Leontiev, I had a creative shock. Came out this curly-headed, in some shiny pants, leggings, with balls. "These fairs, paint ..." I first saw with my own eyes the show, which has not been before in my life. I knew it was mine. And I have suffered - a music school, pioneer camps ... I have a Pioneer camp was nicknamed "director" because all the competitions, staged dramatizations and I did.

- Massovik-Zateynik.
- Absolutely. Showman.

- When you say "Ivanushki International» - Association - Red, cheerful fellow.
- Thank you. Everything was going to. Me to become an artist. Not just, not from the bay-floundering, not from rags to riches. Not, as is now done. Paid - and became a star. Previously, this was not. Previously, only work, talent and, of course, luck. If Matthew then "Do not play the fool ..." filmed in Moscow and not in Sochi - sang like now in Anapa.

- And your mother in Sochi and lives?
- Mom from another generation. She does not want to move. She was the one time I had in Moscow, the five-year period of "Ivanushki.

- Do you ride there?
- Sure. Constantly.

- The child is just now is there?
- The child is there, my grandmother there. In this sense, the fortunate, a child has the summer in Sochi.

- How old son?
- Two and six.

- Come on mom your son. How did Mary?
- Simple.
- Simply Maria.
- Simple Manya. How do we meet? Fun met. As usual. I'm 10 years traveling the country, looked into the hall. And waited.

- Contestants had a lot?
- Can you imagine, when I go to the gym, and in it two thousand girls! Each was ready to become the wife of one of us. In 96 th we were 25 years old, we were singing adult songs. "A cloud as a people." We had no child la-la, I love you, and you are me. We had a male adult texts. And even now remain. Just tell us it accessible language.
I am 10 years old is not what I was searching, I was looking for a "Alenushka. I knew that sooner or later meet the man. Of course, the experiments were ... Met with someone, leave. And finally ...

- Where did you find?
- How something called my friend, we washed just bought me a car. Says: "You can come?" "Come on, of course." She: "And with a girlfriend can be?" - "Please." Brought a girlfriend. I still remember. The company is big, and when Mary came, all men dumbfounded. Hair dark brown, straight chocolate.
Then he even went to the gossip: Red got himself a mistress black woman. I began to call dudes: Red, are you with the Ethiopian dating? It was December 26. A Jan. 14 Mary came to visit me again to visit, and will not leave.

- How old are you together?
- 4 years. For me it's a long time. After all, this is the first empirical evidence of family life. Especially for an artist, social guy - very cool.

- The child was very welcome, you've even been present at birth?
- Attend ... This is a very important moment and I missed. Smoke came out. And he went on a minute. Come back already born. I say: it somewhere? Dad, are you, it's yours. And why not red?
He has dark brown born grandfather. And so, in a second my life and changed.

strong> - Masha, and who are your parents?
- My mom on education teacher of Russian language and literature. A father in the business. When I was little, my mother taught at my school.

- And to what school you attended?
- In Omsk.

- One of Sochi, you're from Omsk. A meeting in Moscow.
- Geography unrealistic.

- Masha's parents come? Andrew you have a relationship with them?
- With her dad, I do not know. I'm not married to him. Somehow get acquainted. Sooner or later it will happen.

- You have a civil marriage?
- Yes. Stamp in the passport does not matter.

- No idea on that side? ..
- Neee ...

- Well, what can otsnimemsya pobystrenkomu? - I ask Andrew.
- Now, I'm his little podgrimiruyu - says Masha.
And begin to bring marofet to face "Ivanushki.

- Makarevich pinned me once. He says: Andrei, and you grimiruetes at concerts? I say, yes God forbid. He told me: That's right - rehearsing for mediocrity, grimiruyutsya freaks.
I met with Makar, 92 th year. Were together on a cruise on Sedizemnomoryu. It was called "Miss Press. There has been a cabaret duo "Academy", Philip and Gazmanov.
I remember Oleg says to me: I have the same today premiered the song. Help out, plants anything for the new song. What a song? He says such a pop, "You sailor, I - a sailor ...". I say - I have not. But the fun: You manyachka ... Yes, he says, sort of. And then it became a huge hit.

- And you've got some friends from this environment have?
- Yes. I'm all in good relations. Very good atmosphere today in show business, despite the press, despite the conflicts and wars TV on strife producers. Musicians live very amicably. I do not remember the particular conflicts, not counting the drunks.

- Who was that?
- On the Antonov was a quarrel with Yuri Mikhailovich. With humor he napryazhenka. Man, does not break at all. Now, if offered concerts with Ivanushka ", he refuses.

- How Pugacheva Kobzon?
- Probably. I have something to do with it? I will with all the love. I grew up on his songs. I told him so, but he did not understand. Confused with Yuri Mikhail Mikhailovich. And he said to me: I'm your idol, you, my fan.
Then he met him and said: "Yuri Mikhailovich zdrasste, you are my fan. Something is not right. I - your idol. Oh, no, Yuri Mikhailovich, I'm your fan ... "After that it pereklinilo for life.
With the rest everything is fine. I can now dial anyone, Marshall Sasha, Soso, earrings, "Hands Up", "Factory", "brilliant." We are all friends.
Other people's money did not believe, with pleasure we go on tour with each other, socialize, drink dance and sing. If the big concert, we can then in a hotel at the table with "Uma Thurman", when "High School" sings, and "Ivanushki" sing along. Kaif.

- And the award "Muz-TV" was nominated?
- I have no idea. But in less than a "legend" and "Honored Artist" I did not sign it. Joke.
Thank God that we have a huge production center with the directors, managers, with Matvienko. He is the best composer.

- The main "hero" of the Silver galoshes. "
- Yes ... That's why he did not go this year. Tired of it all.

- But they do well this award. In addition, she is the only objective.
- Yes. Jokingly objective.I wanted to go to the last, but, unfortunately, was on tour. This is one of the best gay show. But I think that sometimes still overdoing.

- Distort?
- Bust happens.

- It's a product that must sell.
- Certainly. So I have a claim to the "Shoe" is not in principle. Generally, this is my favorite ceremony.

- Tours, concerts and clubs. A vacation is something you are going to Masha?
- Just arrived from Hawaii. Were in Los Angeles. Went to a concert in Los Angeles, gave a concert, and the machine stayed there for 2 weeks.

- And where were?
- At a private party. Russian. Odessa came back my mother. Odessa spree in Los Angeles. Had shot. And we decided, let's stay.

- What do you think about the results of the last Eurovision?
- Voted for the Finns as the action. Not as a song. The song itself drip. Well done, freaks out. For the song Bilan had to get first place. And so, what can we say. Finn lads, well done. Competition of normal developing. Every year it becomes better. Before, I could not stand him.

- One hundred pounds you have any urging or in childhood or currently have ...
- I am sometimes called Sorin Ryra and closest call me Ryroy. My sister came up with. Ryra - Redhead joy. A Sorin was angry, he said, "Ryrrrra" ... Red muzzle. I even "soap» «RIRIK».
Although I like red roses.

- Smiley then too ... Red met - good luck. Sign is there.
- I hope so.
- And how red at all?
- Do you know any friend I have not been red. But now, recently met in Miami with a red guy, the first normal red, that caught me on the road. He vodka magnate. In Miami, everyone drinks it vodyaru. Red-haired dude - Oleg Lazarevic. And we had skoreshilis. He was in Russia was not long ago, and "Simons" did not know.
Very cool, when a man says in Russian, and knows of "Ivanushki. I met him in Los Angeles. In the restaurant. Word for word, he asks: Who are you? I say - I am a singer. He: cool, I know Kirkorov. I say, I do not Kirkorov, I'm from "Ivanushki ..." He: "Yes, I wonder ... is picking up the phone - Hello, Dad," Ivanushki International »- did not know such a group? Was at their concert in Miami? Cool? Yes, everything is understood. Greetings to you!

- The most popular song at the "Simons" probably "Clouds"?
- Yes, a business card. As "Turn" from "Cars." Makar I say - Listen, Andrew, pancake, every day, "Clouds" sing, has just not funny. Eight to ten years. He says: Andrew, you oborzel, "Turn" Twenty-five years singing, not complaining though. I say - sorry, not on the order was met, not to complain.

- And today these "clouds" first thing in asking for?
- You know, we do not stick to the program, she is again at the end there, because people are yelling "Clouds".

- Masha, and you all the time with him at concerts?
- 90 percent. (Grigoriev-Apollo).
- 73. (Masha).
- Okay, agreed. By the way, she too was not a fan and admirer of art.

- Why, Mary?
- Russian music, I do not like. In America, everyone can dance, and in Russia that's come out, stand up, pull the plug, something they sing - and all. Shaw is not, can not we do a show in Russia.
- Learn to Masha. (Climbs Andrei). We were the first pioneers of European pop music and choreography. You officially declare.Everything will be in the West. Here are just pirates zadolbali. It is simply the destruction of the dignity of the stars.
We have 20 hits accurately. "Mary Doll", "poplar fluff" ... That is, in theory I should be golden toilet in the apartment. And my apartment here, thank God, in this house, not in the suburbs. Ie, earned at her for ten years, being a superstar. People ofigevayut when I go without protection. And not just because I do not want, and - what Chichi? We are all popular, as have fun watching distributors, when we carry on the tour, say - artists of fame, money to distributors. Here's a song.

- This is the system of our so-called show business?
- Poor system. Because there is no civilization. Income only bring foot of the artist. Not in the sense of Ches - now in general this concept has collapsed in Russia. Not counting the "factories" that are rolled with a gala concert in the country.
We also feed only their feet. Clubs, concerts, wildlife sanctuaries, the Miner's Day, the Day of oilman, New Year's Day of the metallurgist, Birthday Sergei ... If you get sick - all penny. But at the same time, all the way live. This country ...
But you still need to be happy that I'm here and not in Sochi, not massovik-Zateynik on the beach. I'm happy. I've realized that the boat will not buy ever in Zhukovka not build a house.
Although, of course you need to strive.
Right now designed copyrights of Miss Gold of Russia ". I want to hold a competition among red-haired beauties of the country. We will be in October, probably do ...

- "Fakes" will probably be a lot ...
- Check to be! You understand what it is. Lobondos, if you need to check. (Laughs). One even specifically take the "fake" to publicly evaluate. This chip will be. Amalia Mordvinov want to take that led. Theme is excellent, but about the sponsors not to speak of - Golden leydis "and so on. I think, will attend. From blondes all clear, brunette - also, and red-two percent of the land he lives. This race is vanishing. And here I was born Ivan, a pancake, not red ...

- Well in the future, maybe somewhere in a generation ... This is usually the case.
- The father I had brown hair. Black and red beard. That is, Vanya has, perhaps, a red beard would be. I'm talking to someone I ginger? I am told - in the father's beard.

- A Mom?
- Mom light. But not red.

- The fans bother?
- Until now. Ten years have passed. Just stand.
- They know where you live?
- Sure. Home phone does not work at all. I turn it off.
Somehow, the mobile phone sat down and I had to call my mother. I connect a phone, my mother talked, hung up. Phone did not work for three years. Forgot to turn off. Five minutes later the call!

- And what do they say?
- According to everyone. Can sing songs, poems can be read, may ask how are you.
- Can generally include a tape with the song "Simons" and bring it up to the speaker.

- What's the point? Talk to, perhaps, more interesting.
- At five o'clock bell rang, the girl from Vladivostok: "How are you? .."
Fans used to round the clock in the snowdrifts on my knees, so we just looked out the window. As we sincerely in love with the whole country. The car nearly flipped once.

- Before the letter, probably written?
- Sure. I was approached by a woman of about 30 and said - here you are to me ten years ago, sent a letter shows.
And as I gave autographs! If I were going to loot for autographs, I would now, in kind, was a billionaire.
How to start a morning, an artist from the group Ivanushki? The morning begins with a book signing.And what ends? Autograph. Grandmother to granddaughter should take an autograph, father - daughter. The boy - girl, the husband - wife, wife - children. I have come to the passport issue, but I say - an autograph. I drew a heart ... to alter.

- And in the group are the odds that sing at the concert?
- Continuing. Before the concert Cyril wants some songs, Oleg others, I am - the third.

- That is, you have pre-does not specify the program?
- No, we can move to change everything. Or is there a wedding favor, the bride suits: the boys, but can be "poplar fluff" to sing? Yes, please, we do not mind. And everybody is happy. No Ponto neither cameras nor with the shooting. We do not sit down to sell autographs after the show, as some pop bands coming out in the lobby and sat down to sell autographs for ten rubles.

- Our?
- Our. Four letters with a hyphen ...

- I guess, of whom you speak. Now they are in oblivion.
- No, somewhere sing. But not for those fees, for which they once were. Perhaps it's scary for an artist - losing money, fame, love. That may be, happens to me, God forbid, but still complain. I have a beautiful wife, son - a good girl. And most importantly - I continue to feel free.

Author: Gregory Rezanov weekly columnist Sobesednik

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