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"Accident" at Niagara Falls

October 27 2008

The guys from the group Disco Crash recently returned from Canada where he had been one of the greatest creations of nature: Niagara Falls. As recognized "avariytsy, they could not miss the chance, and once completed all his work in Toronto, immediately went to Niagara Falls. And because in Canada, the guys were just two days, they had to get up at 7 am so as not to miss the return flight.

To start with, they walked to Toronto. Passed by the Hard Rock Cafe on the main street and got into the square, where live music was played everywhere from the land and that here and there, suddenly escaped fountains. It was pretty hot, and Alexei Serov just wanted to freshen up! "Be careful what you wish for", this rule is triggered immediately. The guys decided to take a picture of the fountains, and when posed Ryzhov, everything was normal. As soon as they swapped places with Serov, blew a strong gust of wind, and change the trajectory of a jet of water splashed Lech from head to toe!

Silent poobsohnuv, restless Serov pulled the guys in the souvenir shop, where he acquired knit cap with a picture of a penguin and a long time friends egged on such a purchase. However, Niagara Falls was already waiting for them, besides, time was running out.

Arriving at Niagara Falls, a town standing on the waterfall, the guys learned that on the opposite, side stands a city with the same title. Niagara Falls gave the name of the town, standing on either side of the river from the Canadian and American side. And both cities are said to Niagara Falls, which in English means "Niagara Falls".

However, as noted with pride the locals, the Canadian Niagara Falls - currently Las Vegas, compared with the American! The guys decided to see this and went to wander through the town. He reminded them to do the street in front of Park Universal. All around the blink, on fire, sold a huge number of souvenirs and a variety of food.

Everywhere stood an incredible number of attractions and scenery is very funny to take pictures for memory. In one of these, in the form of fat, listed already in the Guinness Book of Records, and was photographed Nicholas - the most slender member of the group. Walking through the city, they decided to go to the waterfall itself. Most of them are amazed that despite the closeness in the town of Waterfall noise heard almost was not.

So the guys went to one of the lookout! The sight was truly breathtaking. Tons of water with a wild roar Flowing down. Its entire surface was shrouded in mist, tiny droplets of water, rising from the water walls and amidst all this back and forth fro small boats with tourists who wanted a closer look at the beauty of a waterfall.

Kohl decided to use a special optical device that would consider all closer. In the slot of the stationary binoculars should have a coin that Kohl and done, but the thing and it does not work! The machine simply "devoured" dime! But even this could not spoil the impression from what he saw.

However, as acknowledged by the children themselves, they still expect to see something more than great! "Do not cast aside our rotten tomatoes, but we were not impressed by the waterfall. All some maaaaaaalenkoe and kuchenkoe. For example, I - says Nikolay Timofeev, still can not forget the best automotive longest bridge in Cuba! It weighs just over a huge and very deep cleft, and bottom are growing huge trees that seem to be young-young.. It seems that just about they start swinging from them, with a wild roar, will any dinosaur! "

"And we recently visited America, in an Indian reserve Monument Voley. This is a huge plateau on which the towering cliffs red-red color. That's where the scale, height and power" - adds Serov.

Unfortunately, children do not physically have time to ride on a boat on the river, because the people were very much, and the departure time back inexorably approaching. Serov, he decided to "try their luck" and, reaching almost to the edge of a waterfall, he moved through the defenses and virtually dependent on the smooth surface of the water that break down. "We walked an hour. A wet in a minute! - Laughed Serov-hand pictures turned out beautiful.

As a result, the newly drenched Serov was forced to dry off on the move, but a prudent Kohl, though having lost 50 cents, but in dry clothes, went to the airport. By the way, way back was more enjoyable than the tedious and brought the boys one more surprise. They flew on an airplane so comfortable, where each had an individual zone that looked like a capsule, equipped with special chairs and even a footrest that they even managed to sleep, arriving to Moscow.

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