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Garik Sukachev: "I would have been able to make happiness hundred women"

January 27 2007

In life, Garik Sukachev not at all like the hero, who has played on the public: sneaking energetic rocker, from the mouth of which the right and left fray nine-mate. He is absolutely sane, somewhere, even soft and sentimental. Sukachev rarely gives interviews. Why, really can not explain. In general, much of his life.

- Garik, so why ignore the interview?

- Nuts knows! It seems to prove anything to anyone no longer necessary. Anyway I somehow broke aggressively do their PR.

- And your colleagues for some reason not "broke"!

- Come on! At colleagues should not run away. Each of them has its own sort of small or big it is true, in which we simply have no right to invade. Move yourself to the print market - this is normal. You know, they say: "Peace on you do not care. But this does not mean that you do not care about peace. "

I and the world - are different things, and everyone has their point. For example, the fact that runs counter to my ideas, I just try not to do. Everyone is free to do their work well, as he wants. We are all different, that's life.

- And contrary to your representations relationship with pop is not there?

- In the sense?

- Well, for example, that you "rub shoulders" with Alla Pugacheva and Kirkorov. Usually, the rock-n-rolschiki not really communicate with pop artists.

- Yes, I would like to spit on it "usually" and "unusual"! I do so, you feel good. Alla, among other things, a national treasure. Just as Claudius Shulzhenko. In this must cut one. I, for example, in a cut in.

- And Philip, in your opinion, a national treasure?

- I treat him with great respect. This is a man who rightfully takes pride of place in the pantheon of Russian popular music. What is wrong is that he once made to me? For example, "Bi-2" sang along with Tamara Gverdtsiteli. It turned out fantastically beautiful.

I believe that no battle with the pop rock does not exist. For me, a duet with Kirkorov - usual thing. We did not move neither forward nor back: wanted - sing, do not want - we will no longer sing. But for Philip, it was a step. When finished recording, I said: "Philip - you are courageous."

He came to understand how much dirt it will spill over and what will be the headlines in the newspapers. For example, I for my entire life was hell. But Philip other, he cares about his audience and brings her as Alla.

- Oh yes! Actively fosters, especially after all these scandals with "pink blouse, a fight with Yuri Shevchuk in St. Petersburg hotel, and away!

- Yes yoly-paladins! I was in the hotel was not, and you, too. And what happened there is really only God knows. I have, incidentally, is a question for Shevchuk: that he did something in this five-star hotel, home to the oligarchs and stopped Philip? Why did he, an old rocker, not standing at the beer stand? If you want to be clean and fluffy, do not go to five-star hotels - that's all!

- Do you consider yourself "old rocker"?

- I myself do not think anybody, and has long been in any frame is inserted. Now the things that I want. But for that it would take some time. If previously it all had to be when you drank with his friends, now it has become necessary to someone else.

- And you are not bothered that many of your songs sung Zeki?

- Why me it should warp? Because they Zeki, or what? Yes I got on Figo!I know people of completely different backgrounds and beliefs in life, singing our songs. This again suggests that the art is to unite people.

But if you talk specifically about the criminal world, as the brightest of its representatives - is not ordinary people, talented, brilliant person. There are many worlds in our life, so arranged, so perhaps it should be. This is a huge layer of culture, which in our lives. Why do we do when we drink, sing start?

Why do our parents sing "Oh, frost, cold, and we're going to smoke and listen to Led Zeppelin, and then there comes a moment, and suddenly we have ourselves in a drunken company of intimate friends, drunk, start this" Christmas "to sing? In general, I do not care who sings my songs. Maybe why I'm different from others: a stranger in the music, they stayed.

- And where you still feel an outsider?

- Yes, anywhere! Everywhere and always I was a stranger boy. I tried to film - the same garbage. Removed the "Feast", and received, a pancake, a lot of prizes, but received some reason they are not in Russia. Of course, I do not belong to the people who gladly shake their diplomas and iron statues and said: I was there medalist, and there superprizer! But sometimes hurt.

At Kinotavr comes up to me one of the oldest film critic and said: "Garik I actually liked your movie, but you do understand that you are here do not give? I gave: "Of course, I understand, Dad, because I kinotusovke - strange boy." Somehow, for a large number of people someone else's success is always a disgusting fact. Especially if that success went to self-taught.

About Quentin Tarantino once wrote: "Some salesman from the video store, dropout, gets into a great movie." And he, among other things, then I got the director's education, but for some reason this fact go unnoticed.

But the Western press and criticism long cackled with delight that Quentin person debila. Unfortunately, there's no getting around it: envy and anger - an international brand.

- But in our show-business can be completely self-taught! There it is complete.

- It is now complete, and ten or fifteen years ago? If you lift the press, you'll see only a shit about me or write! And dropout, and an upstart, and a moron, and even fascist. Although, in some shit now many herbs. But I have no one in the long run could not hunt and are unlikely to be able to - I will not let! Now, thank God, commercial time ...

- Once you say that something "shitty time" relieves stress with alcohol. And now as eat?

- Use it! If the body requires. When I do not need it, then do not absolutely. But when it happens, I want only one thing: to find a place where he should not hang out. For example, a line was only my guard Zhenya. And to me he took off somewhere in a secluded spot, where I could light a week.

For me, it is necessary. At some point, all the accumulated fatigue, all the problems, all the depression. As a result, they begin to gush. There is only one thing in the world, at least for me - is vodka! It removes all!

- But the drugs are shooting. And not only removed, they say, even helping in the works. They are not pampered?

- In this case me taboo! For a long time. I understand, the person starts with cocaine, heroin and ends. Cocaine is more expensive, but heroin is cheaper and more accessible. As a result, even sufficient man becomes a wreck.

He can not get himself, but nowhere in the world still does not exist a normal treatment. Jerry Garcia, leader of the group "Gret ful children, all his life struggled with heroin. Ultimately, heroin he won. A young man Kurt Cobain shot himself in the head with a pistol.

p align = "justify"> - What about the commandment of this rocker: "Live fast, die young"?

- A dull death from drugs useless. Tolia Krupnov, Lesch Yermolin - amazing people. And both were burned from the "dope". I hate it for the nineties. An entire generation has placed in the grave because of the drug. And nothing in it is not a biker and can not be. How much talent away!

One of the outstanding musician of our country, I will not be named, jumped from the window. He left a note: "I - nothing. I can not do with myself, I have no place on earth ". And thrown away.

Perhaps, for some creative people drugs really do some good. Otherwise, this would not have said so much. But to pay for it always to be ten times more expensive. Pay only one - life.

And I want to live! I have a passion for life, I like to look at children as they grow, I like that everything is changing around me. Yes, I think about death, but death did not interest me, nothing to say about it, because nobody knows what it stands for. Death monotonous, but life has many faces. I chose life. That's it.

- In comparison with the nineties you life has gotten better?

- Life is always easy. If we talk about the material - of course, more fun and easier. Ten years ago we had less well off people. And now, it's not wealthy by Western standards, but now at least I did not think, can I treat you good wine, if you want to or not.

My wife and children can buy good things, travel - and I am glad. The biggest challenge for me was and remains - my family. I am one of those people who never allow themselves to people who live with me in misery. In this sense, I was always very strong man.

At 24 years old when I got married, I realized that should work. At 26 my son was born, and I realized that these two people I need to do and give what I myself had never been.

My parents denied themselves all over to me on New Year's Eve buy chocolates and oranges. And I understood very early that he must arrange his life so that could always buy oranges family.

So if I was once a janitor or security guard, I'm simultaneously doing something else, if only my family was not destitute. The money - part of our freedom. They can do what you think is necessary and interesting.

I am proud, for example, that I can give her son the best education in the world. I sometimes ironically asked reporters: "Your son, - son of rocker, studying in England?" Yes! " And what a difference - rocker or not I!

And if I have tomorrow will not be on his training money - I'm selling, all with a take off, but my boy will get an excellent education, which I myself could not get it. The same I want to still tiny daughter. And when I'm older man, I say: life is lived not in vain!

- With her son find a common language: yet another generation?

- And how! What there is another generation! I have a tattoo, he has tattoos. Incidentally, I recently now a new tattoo done. Japan was and realized: this time, no shopping, better make yourself a new tattoo.

Put out on the forearm kanji word "eternity". I was a biker, the son, too. However, I already sold his motorcycle, but for a long time went on it with a breeze.

We love each other with the son, well-loved by a man. It's a pity, pancake, rarely see each other. He is intelligent fellow. Good boy, now. Sometimes it's hot or extravagant language, strong reproach myself in such moments. I ask for forgiveness from his son, when no rights. But Sanya is not offended: "Well, I know your explosive!"

Your daughter just turned two years. What feelings for the late fatherhood?

- Super-duper! Once again, I was young! Not only physically, but also internally. For my daughter's birth was a surprise. My wife Olga and I do not plan to Nastya. Recently, Olga asked: "And if you ever get pregnant?" - "Well, great!"

When you realize you under fifty dollars, but still a great life ahead - plan to when my daughter goes to school, go to college - and in life there is a new countdown. We are becoming younger. Although among our children 19 years difference.

- You almost a quarter of a century living with a woman. Generally for a rock musician is a rarity!

- We must find a way that will never leave! In general, we are all different, and I for a fig, as there is in all rock musicians. I'm going this way: I am happy for so many years with one woman.

I think if I had a hundred lives, I could have the happiness of a hundred women. Seriously! Because it seems to me that I was not a bad husband and father. And it is indeed a great pleasure.

By the way, and with Sergei Galanin, and Volodya Shahrina of Chaif all the same. And I is not surprising. For example, Sergei Galanin and his wife, Olga, too, studied together at school and before we were married. Volodya Shahrin life lived ... I think in life it is not uncommon. Is there theatrical couple, who half a century together, although everyone thinks - there's an environment!

- Be honest: going into what, when your music will not demand?

- Just go! Where - do not know. Maybe I'll write books or teach. But I will do it, because I never held on to his seat. I have always acted in my life and then not regret it.

Svetlana Tkachev, CNN


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