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Sergei Lukyanenko: "Anton Gorodetsky will be American"

September 26 2006

As part of the opening of the new season of the Literary Club RSL took a creative meeting with the writer Sergei Lukyanenko. At the very beginning of his visit long-awaited guest apologized for the fact that the meeting will be limited, because it came a little pribolevshy.

According to the writer himself, the day before the scheduled meeting had fever, but he could not disappoint fans of his work, the poet came to the admirers of his talent. However, the time that was allotted to communicate with the legendary Lukyaneko, it is enough to know all the details of filming "Patrol" and many other interesting facts.

Not long ago, out on the screens the film "Night Watch, Sergei Lukyanenko has brought unbelievable success. And, despite the fact that the movie and the book is not all agree on the popularity of Lukyanenko is already not be impacted. Millions of Russian television viewers and the readers forever connected in my mind the author's name with movies about the "patrol".

How did the idea of co-creation of the trilogy "Patrol"? And it was difficult to work in such a composition?

At that time I lived and worked in the Alma-Ata. There also came from Pskov and Yuli Burkin, with whom we became friends. At the time he divorced his wife, he left two sons, whom he missed. And then once he approached me and said that he wanted to make the boys a gift - to write a fantastic story, where they will be the main characters. But he could not write about children, so asked for my help. Julius planned that this would be a novel-horror for children. But in the end, when I started writing, it turned out a humorous novel. From Volodya Vasilyev was also fairly simple - reading the "Night Watch", he approached me and said I was too well written about the forces of light, and therefore he wants to stand up for the forces of darkness. And finally, with my last co-author, Nick Perunovym was also quite easy, we have sketched a scenario and then every day from morning to evening from start to finish writing.

The film on the Night Watch is very different from the famous trilogy. Please tell me, what motivated these changes?

At the beginning of filming in general no changes are planned. That is, the idea was to break "Night Watch" by three cycles of stories. And initially it was planned series, each of which consisted of four series. It was a detailed retelling of the book. And the worst thing that's the way it started filming, but at some point realized that the quality of special effects is too good. Such, for example, was the scene when the trolley crashed into Zebulun. There is no single computer special effects. Just at the two-meter depth, we buried the steel pile and it put the doll, dressed in the clothes of Zebulun. And then just drove bus and a pretty spectacular shot. After viewing these scenes, the idea arose to make a movie, so I had everything done for the TV series set within the limits less time. After the work done all it turned out that the film was more than four hours and no one spectator, of course, such a display would not stand. And it was done a terrible job on the cuts in the film and it turned into that "Night Watch", which has already appeared before moviegoers.

Tell me, and there were some scenes that you had to change after shooting?

Course. What Egor - son Gorodetsky was decided just when everything was captured. In the end we had pereozvuchivat number of scenes and we have completely changed the line of conflict. And then do the second film - to continue the story, which was in the book made no sense, because we are already engaged another story and the two lines diverged. So now we had to save the movie.We clearly understand that the divergence is just nowhere to go.

What is the fate of the American project "Night Watch"?

Hollywood buys a lot of film rights to books and not all reach some stage of production. Here, I think that still comes. Now Hollywood decides how to shoot this film. I'm on a treaty that was signed with «XX Century Fox has already written the first version of the script. But while, say, there have been certain teams that urgently need this very scenario.

And pretend that the scenario of our Dozor not fit?

Planned that it would not be a remake of an existing movie, and a third original movie, which will be partially and continue scenario of the first two, and of course to tell a different story. Of course you can, move the story on American soil and to present the same "Night Watch, Anton Gorodetsky only be an American. But, of course, would like to fly have been separately, and the meatballs separately. Generally, as soon as I heard about the American version, they immediately realized that one of the characters must be black, and secondly, it would be - bright, different, and - thirdly - it will be a black Russian.

And which countries are already sold the film rights?

The rights were sold separately to the United States and Canada, as well as on the territory of Great Britain and all Commonwealth countries. Incidentally, the first edition of the book, which was published in England where a month ago, was sold out within a few days.

What languages your book has already been translated?

I can not exactly call those translations that I stand on the shelf, the Baltic States, Poland, Czech Republic, there is huge print runs, which was a sign that this country is very interesting fiction. In Western Europe is England, Spain, Sweden, Holland, by the way the Dutch have made a very stylish, beautiful edition. In Asia - is South Korea, China, Japan and Thailand. Of course, America and Israel, although I certainly can any country and forget.

Sergey, tell me, you would like to see "Night Watch" was released in komiksnom version?

In our country we still do not have such a strong culture of comics, as the West. And so I personally do not try to write in that style. Although, for instance, has now made such a big comic book for "Night Watch". This shows once again how wonderful we develop industry related cells. Less than nine years, the book was published, less than two years, as the movie came out, and had gathered the courage to draw the comic. Therefore, in some of its kind in our country it will be an experiment. Although I honestly believe that the book is better comics.

You yourself would like to star in the movie?

In fact, I'd really like to be removed and asked to be on the film, which was raised by my book Aziris Noon, "but it somehow does not establish ties with the director, because he was convinced that the author of the shooting - the eternal obstacle to his genius . As a result, about the film "Night Watch" had heard all, but about the film "Aziris Nunn, who also went to the cinema with different effects, probably know 20 percent. I would like there to withdraw, but in the end I go there just was not invited. More specifically invited, but some in this form: "Can you take off in one place - in the Egyptian mob. Filming will be at 5 am. Come on, this will be the crowd to stand up. To which I apologized and said he did not withdraw do not want.

Sergey, and what your books are on the waiting list for filming?

In the near future will be running the film version of the books "Draft", and "genome".Scenarios that did one of my good friend and writer who is ready. In my opinion, he did an excellent job. Anyway, when I read, I realized that he had corrected a few mistakes that I made in the books.

You, as a fiction writer could identify trends in fiction, in relation to our planet? will be aimed at the destruction or is it?

There is a fiction, which has long been given up and say so, that would have long ago it someone came and destroyed it. I am still an optimist and I think that if I have to destroy the Earth, then we ourselves will do much better than any aliens. And maybe, if the Earth is sick of all, the sooner it will destroy us, because nature has enough secrets to take even the disappearance of dinosaurs from our planet.

Anastasia Kudinov


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