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Sergei Chonishvili: days and nights in the writings on the mattress.

February 26 2005

Although Sergei Chonishvili and talking about himself, not without coquetry, that the man he is boring, but still a workaholic, but there it is a characteristic charm, under which inadvertently will enter from the first minutes of dialogue. Among his many roles - actor, musician, poet - not so long ago there was one: Sergei made as a writer. For many of his fans was no surprise that the most charming telenegodyay - Prince Shadursky from the St. Petersburg secrets ", he's a lieutenant Rzhevskii of your favorite television advertising of beer, has released a second book.

Mat as the realities of our lives

- Sergei, prompting to take up the pen?

- I write to seven years. These were stories, manuscripts, two years, he published a school newspaper, and my writings have always enjoyed a literature teacher. During the development of socialism, when I was finishing school in the works must have been the quote. So I too was thinking of himself, attributing the usual Lunacharsky, but twice subscribed Dzerzhinsky.

In my writing career was nearly put paid to the book by William Trever "below. When I read it, decided not to write because of what I wanted to write, has already written it. Brought me back to the life of another great writer - Francis Scott Fitzgerald. In his letter to his daughter, I found ideas that could be attributed to his account: "Let your story is secondary, but it's YOUR story!". My position then was unenviable: he played in eight performances of the old "Lenkoma, the roles were without words, and new works are not in sight, but leisure time spent in the penalty dorm room. Literary work was the most simple and affordable entertainment that had the psychotherapeutic effect.

- Profanity in the latter your novel is probably justified, but still someone of the readers may come as a shock.

- This is the reality of our lives. We will have another life - there will be other words for the characters. Although it is profanity in life becomes offensively familiar. Food once in a tram, and I hear a conversation between two girls age 12-13, almost entirely consisting of the mat with a splash of jargon, the meaning of which I understand is difficult ... I guess the novel would be to put points after the first few letters, but in my glance, it looks quite gone: if the word in the text is, it must be written in full.

- How do you think of who your reader?

- It's totally different people of all ages and professions.

- You write easily?

- In different ways. Sometimes I sit at the table and uses up a stack of paper - I write only by hand, I think this also has its own power and its meaning. But sometimes sit and think-think, but the work does not go. My permanent employment in the three papers at the same time helps, not hinders. If free time was more, and it was written would probably be worse.

Theatrical loyalty

- Sergei, about to finally leave the theater and go to the literature did not think?

- Were these thoughts: "Well, does not work out with the theater - will go into journalism. That did not go away, no regrets.

- And all this talk about the crisis of the theater?

- Probably not baseless. But change has come, there antrepriznye company, where completely different pace. Why rehearse for months, when the real performance can be delivered in 30-40 days? Must be a new repertoire, and it requires the authors of the scale Volodin Vampilova and pink.

- Have you thought about how to move to another theater?

No, "Lenkom" I have since 1986 and remains faithful to him. Currently rehearsing the role of a new play. I hope that soon invited to the premiere.

- I know that you have screenplays, but the play did not try to write?

- It's not my genre. Once you have fully felt the freedom that gives the prose, it is difficult to limit yourself to only the dialogue, knowing that you can not give their comments, their assessment of what is happening.

Freaks and love

- What role in "St. Petersburg Mysteries' will affect your career?

- Actually, I often suggested to play an extremely villains or heroes, which are necessarily killed. Therefore, one of the producers saw me in the pocketbook in a completely different movie roles, was genuinely surprised: "Chonishvili can and love to play?"

- And that love can not play everyone?

- A man who plays the love must be so contagious that his feeling on the screen look convincing. And yet it must be beautiful - I'm not interested in watching the love of two monsters. And if after all this is ugly, such as Fyodor Mikhailovich. Generally want to see on the screen beautiful relationship of beautiful people.

- Sometimes the pursuit of the screen beauty is brought to the directors of the absurd. Get at least the same "Poor Nastya", where the fortress dressed as opera soloists.

- Harmless "Poor Nastia": if you want - look, you want - no. Much scarier: universal "anshlagonizatsiya" and "petrosyanizatsiya" throughout the country. Holiday programs produce very sad impression. Some representatives of show business have decided that they could play. As a result, has turned amateur "Ball."

- Taste creates demand and demand creates supply.

- In our country where television, as in Brazil, occupies the first place, not yielding even more urgent the refrigerator, it is important to educate the audience taste, gradually raising the bar, not to complain about the drop in the general cultural level. To read a book, you must first learn to read and write. So here, too. When I first started listening to jazz style bebop, I just was not easy to understand the charm of this rather complicated music, but I forced myself to do it, and pretty soon I heard a wonderful harmony.

- Why do not you make a film on his own script and did not play a major role there?

- Give me five million ...

- The less you do not agree?

- No! If we are to do it at a good professional level: the need to hire people who will only work for me, not running from one undermining the other, it is necessary to conduct a competent PR-company, not saving the expense of quality.

- New roles in the movie you suggest?

- Now just find myself in the negotiation process, but nothing else I say: I am a superstitious person!

In a year - three weekends

- Sergei, how did you feel the third in a company with a Beavis and Butthead?

- Yeah. It was a normal job. I was interested in not only voice the main characters, but all the other characters. The project lasted seven seasons on American television, and then began its triumphal march around the world. Later they were replaced by Masyanya, to register online.

- In addition to Beavis and Butt-head with Masyanya your account a huge number of commercials.(Voice Sergei Chonishvili encourages us to buy the "Comet", sheepskin at Alexeyev, voiced "Historical detective", "Top Secret", talks about the latest issue of "Caravan of stories," his lieutenant Rzhevskii offers to "take the bull by the horns." - Note the author. ) How did you get into advertising?

- Familiar led me on the radio "Maximum", there was a direct road to the TV - it happened in 1993.

- Why are you such a demand?

- I am a professional, I can do the job twice as fast as others, can speak one by one all the heroes of the roller. Thus, saving both time and therefore money, is not asking for exorbitant fees. It's nice that it's appreciated.

- For you, that, first of all, a stable income?

- And earning too. Because the theater to make impossible, not even worth trying. But here the process of creative self-realization. Work in commercials - the same actor work, which helps to be in shape.

- You have a very busy schedule. And you do not want to take a vacation and a month lain on the sand?

- Last vacation was three years ago. I rarely fall off and, last year there were ... three: May 1, 1931 December and 1 January. Month on the beach - it's not for me. If you have used the opportunity, would travel to friends in America, and thence to France. But unfortunately, these are only dreams: if I expect people to lead them off on vacation, I can not.

Life and Women

- House your love?

- Very. I live on the second floor - people in general should be to land as close as possible. And under my windows grows cherries, and when it blooms in spring, it seems that outside the Japanese garden. At home I also quite simple - I sleep on the floor on a mattress ...

- Why?

- So ceilings seem higher.

- In general, how to handle everyday life?

- Easy. Ride on the subway, machine washable, sausage sandwiches at too can cut himself. I love a good tobacco, with absolutely can not stand cigarette smoke, I know a good judge of good wine, but in everyday life can not be content with little.

- Speak with the woman's household and cope better. Maybe worth a try?

- Attempts have been, but I have with the advent of women everyday problems just added.

- And what about the personal life?

- Hardly cut out for her time, if it's a pause in their work. I'm generally a very boring person, a workaholic who looks at life through the prism of the work.

Larissa Suetenko


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