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Max Pokrovsky: "I paint the" baby pictures "for adults".

February 26 2005

Book group leader "foot it brought Maxim Pokrovsky" Dessins "(Vagrius, 2004), according to the author, not intended for children. Although both inhabit it all the more fantastic characters: dwarves, gnomes, clowns, devils, puppets, witches and vampires, young naturalists and talking animals.
In addition to familiar songs, the book includes poems, limericks, jokes "about Kostik and drawings Maxim Pokrovsky.

Here are some examples of human creativity, which is known as a musician, but it turns out - "spoiled" in a variety of art forms.


I'm dying of boredom, boredom
Ditch the pope hairs, hairs.
Fingers belly tickle, tickle,
Interviews give do not want do not want.

From the sky fell refrigerator,
Grazing for the crows.
Kashpirovsky, your alarm clock
Bring to a funeral!

And it - the anecdote of copyright works.

"Kostya has decided to become an artist and enrolled in GITIS. After graduation he was the distribution: someone assigned the Moscow Art Theater, someone at the Little Theatre. And Kostya distributed in the Area Durova.
- Who am I going to play there? - Ask a graduate.

- Monkey or a donkey - as the trainer will decide. "

All the pieces in the book Max complement each other, creating a "parallel" world, frightening and alluring.
Although the author himself thinks otherwise:

- There is no "parallel world" no. In his poems and drawings - a world in which we live, and the images of those people we encounter daily on the streets, train stations and public squares. Once all this is considerably embellished.

- How did the drawings? You made them specially for the book to illustrate the poems?

- No, they emerged independently. I just sat down at a computer and sketched portraits of different people. You know, in life there are some very interesting styles. For example, men who really want to look serious. They go to the sharp-nosed boots (they are called "slippers" and do not have anywhere else except Russia), in the hands of their handbags, "purse", close - no less exotic women.

- Your poems and songs somehow interrelated?

- Poems from me a little. The book collected what I wrote in 10-15 years. From all of this "Heritage" I chose one poem from which I want to make a romance. In general, there is poetry, but there are lyrics - and they are quite different: the texts of written music and lyrics should just stay in verse.

- How do you think of who your reader?

- I can not imagine your reader as a listener, since it does not do anything to order. Of course, when we come with his songs on the radio, help us to understand what the song could be more in demand, but when I work, I do not think that I will move on the radio.

- Anecdotes like everything. Only now they are always under the authorship question. And in your case, and the author is known, and defined the genre - something between a joke about Vovochku and crazy ...

- Kostya - is the brother of Vovochka only Vovochka evil, and yes even vulgar, and Kostya just silly. Why "Kostya"? I just thought the name of the most expressive.

- It just seems that everyone can write a ditty. In fact, it is very difficult to make a short, witty, with a reasonable share "of salt and pepper. How did your limericks?

- There - that's all. Among them are pretty nasty. But do not swear.Obscene limericks I have written long after the book was prepared for the exit. It seems that I do in this book is no mat ... (Maxim says hesitantly, as if even apologizing. - Comm. Aut.) And so it turned out quite censorship. Although the children ... I would not give her.

- Maxim, your poems and songs are very imaginative. Yes, and pictures no less expressive. Did not want most to make a video for their song the same?

- No, I did not want. I believe that everyone should do their job. In this course, we always discuss with the director of the video some of our ideas, we suggest.

- What are your impressions of participation in the "last hero"?

- Left many impressions. Remain, of course, photos, and song and video ... When we were going to participate in first gear, remember, Dima Singers said: "There you will live a little, but my life!" And so it turned out.

- Far away from home miss my family?

- I am rarely home, but because "boredom" in the traditional sense, does not feel. I can not imagine that I could sit down, prop up his hand and cheek ... bored. Of course, I think of home, of their loved ones, for me it is important to know what it is all right. The negotiations on the continuation of the project other players talked about how they would like to receive more news from home. I personally had enough "dvuhbitnoy" information: All right, then - to play again.

- For someone home - a place where you can spend a couple of days before the next trip. Other - lovingly settles his family nest. And what for you is your house?

- Unfortunately, at home, as I said, I manage to stay rare. But in general the house - this is primarily a closed door. This is my world, where the No Trespassing.

Larissa Suetenko


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