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Andrei Malakhov: The housewife I will die of boredom

February 25 2009

9/8/1/11981.jpeg The popular TV presenter has been steadily headed enviable list of suitors of the capital, but so far not in a hurry, not only with the wedding, but also with a choice of bride. Andrew focuses on work and healthy lifestyles. However, Malakhov admitted Yoki.Ru, that sometimes I still regret that he still has no wife.

- Andrew, what prevents you to get a wife?

- Lack of time. After all, women need to pay attention, and I have such time pressure, which in itself is not always enough time. And in order to marry, you need to know a person well. Again, time is required. Well, here's how we live ...

Although you know, when I once again read about someone's loud divorce, I rejoice that there is still a bachelor. Nobody shakes your nerves, no one needed to sort things out, and even more so, to divide the property. I understand that my apartment in the center - the ultimate dream of many girls, but sometimes they can take away a lot longer than my job. And why do we need such a relationship when the girl is obviously dreaming of your apartment, but not about you?

- A happy couples you to other thoughts did not suggest?

- Suggest! When I see them with their children, just feel a slight feeling of sadness. I think that's why I do not have such an idyll? But then I remember that leaving their homes early in the morning and returning after midnight, and check out yourself. I was even a dog can not afford to make, not something that - a family!

- But just can not continue indefinitely, disagree?

- I agree, but at the present time I can not afford to fall out of the workflow and focus on his personal life. In the end, if the itch, I can live with a woman without a marriage certificate. Such an option, I think, is even better and more honest, since I still can not shoulder the burden of various obligations. Family - it's the same job, even more responsibility because we are talking about the human soul.

- So while you're working solely on themselves? Lose weight, I look?

- Yes, I noticed that began to recover, despite the fact that go to the gym. So we had to turn to a system of proper nutrition. Dr. Pochitaeva developed for me a special diet, thanks to which I am now in control of weight. At first it was hard to eat for hours, but then I got used to.

- I heard you started to learn French?

- Yes, it took him a tutor. I wanted to get on courses, but my work schedule did not allow. Therefore, do privately three times a week. Already making progress! (Laughs) Actually, quite a long time I do that trying to find harmony with ourselves and learn to enjoy simple things. Because of the constant routine of working a lot of things slipping away, and I do not want to.

- Andrew, heard about you two polar views. Some people believe that you have a very open person, while others believe you to complete cynic. What do you think?

- Most people in the area where I work, trying to hide their true emotions and thoughts. Not to say that it's wrong, when you consider how many around the envious and ill-wishers. But I personally believe that life is so short that should give way to real feelings and impulses, otherwise then this possibility can not be.

On the screen - is another matter. There you can play, paint what you like.But his real life I do not want to spend on posturing and hypocrisy, so I always say what I think and act without regard for anyone. But I never admit to being manipulated me and landed on his neck. And, of course, there is caution in dealing with people.

- And there is not enough Malakhov full of happiness?

- Phew ... Probably afford to not in a hurry and be a bit scruffy. Say, do not go to the hairdresser, do not shave for several days, and just lie on the couch, knowing that does not need to run to work.

- Andrew, in one interview you said that you just never marry housewife. Why?

- Because I die of boredom with this woman. I know that many men marry just for housewives, as thus feel more secure. But I do not need it.

Hypothetically, I need a smart, confident woman who loves to pursue his goal. It is even possible - careerists! Then I'll be a hundred percent sure that I would be interested, we'll be on the same wavelength, and I'm not ashamed of his lady. But do not think I have time to get married, there are still no absolute certainty.


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