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Riders: all the star's whims in a single piece of paper. Kirkorov requires mirrors, Zemfira - raw eggs ...

March 23 2005

Riders, or the vagaries of the documents, "appeared in the local entertainment business recently, to somehow protect artists from unscrupulous concert organizers. What are they and what they eat?

Our dossier

Riders reflect the innermost desires of artists and pre-sent to the receiving side. And that, in turn, signed the document consisting of technical and consumer side, the artist ensures not only the payment of the fee, and compliance with all of its conditions. Technical side of the riders about the same, but the home is replete with very juicy details. According to their "quality" and quantity can be judged as an artist defines its own rating.

Alla Pugacheva

The longest list of demands, as expected, the Diva . It consists of 13 pages and details the smallest details of living and female singer. More than ten pages are devoted to the rider's technical support and transfer of the singer on tour. All the usual way: ironing board, sofa, coffee, 2 hangers, full-length mirror, electric kettle, fruit and sandwiches, dry sausages, and recently there was one more requirement - the presence in the dressing room mineral water without gas.

Christina Orbakajte

Pugacheva's daughter to be extremely modest in their touring preferences. The main requirement - that it was all worth it! "
- For me and my group's most important - technical equipment scene. Since all of my live performances, I just need a high-quality sound, lights and decorations. And in terms of any domestic delights me you will not find. I limit the request for vehicles and clean hotel room, preferably with hot water - admitted Orbakaite.

Philip Kirkorov

But working with her husband Diva - "a terrible headache," one voice repeats almost all regional accompanists. Despite the fact that the number of pages rider Kirkorov significantly less than the bride, a hassle with him a hundred times more. Singer calls himself president of benefits. For example, the presence in the dressing room of fresh fragrant flowers of different varieties.

And as food Kirkorov has a whole section! In food it is very capricious. In recent years, carries with him on a tour of personal chefs, who immediately on arrival to the next tour city goes to the supermarket. French cheese varieties, seafood, Korean carrots, black bread, cheese and local specialties - that indispensable ingredient of his diet food. Plus the obligatory warm milk with sugar, honey and lemon.

Dressing room the singer should consist of 2 rooms. First Kirkorov commits to decorate with flowers and a few full-length mirror. The presence of upholstered furniture, separate toilet with wash basin required. A second room is used by him as a dressing room. In addition to the ironing board and a large hanger, it should not be anything.

Masha Rasputina

The most whimsical gastrolersha! Singer calls for roll up the ladder a white limousine, which is not always possible to find in provincial cities. Once it happened and did a curious case. Masha saw fitted Mercy ", was not willing to leave the air show so far, has not yet served a limousine.Organizers had to persuade the local crime boss, that he had borrowed foreign car on the tour, Rasputina. According to rumors, instead the authority wished to dine with the star, and ... Masha agreed! In addition, Rasputin required to furnish his dressing room light baskets of roses.

"Hands up!"

Group makes the following demands: flights to the salon a second or business class, 3 Mercy "S-class is not older than 2000, the traffic police escort, and five guards. Musicians prefer to eat in the closed to the public restaurants and clubs.


Ryder Verka Serduchka is quite original. One of the items are simply discouraging: "To ensure availability of spare inflatable breasts and a hundred of any newspapers." It turns out that the actor fears that his inflatable breasts could explode at any moment and therefore hedged.

Irina Allegrova

Unpredictable feel and Irina Allegrova. The singer himself has written a paragraph in the rider on the availability of warm blankets in the car .... Organizers like to remember the case when Irina refused to get into the car because it did not have those same blankets! The singer went on principle and sat on the plane for an hour, while organizers rushed in search of warm cloths for the stars.


"Animals" is very unpretentious in his touring life and willing to travel even on the train, to live in a 4-bed rooms. 10 bottles of water without gas, and the same number of sandwiches, two liters of Coke, an ashtray, juice, napkins, 7 bath towels, a little fruit - that's about all that they need in the dressing room for a normal concert.

Boris Moiseyev

Artist goes on tour "of 20 people." Suite requires only imagine. Others moiseevtsy live in apartments. In food, Boris is not capricious - absorbs all that it treats the host country. Of obsessive recreational refuses - prefers to entertain himself.

- Fortunately, in every city I already have friends, ready to "dance" my days, - says the singer.


Singer firmly believes in honesty and hospitality of those who invite. Ryder, the singer rather laconic. Lola only inscribed in it a further condition: "Letting the photos and video footage during the concert is strictly prohibited.

Valery Meladze

Singer with great trepidation relates to a technical rider, but in a life totally unassuming. The most important thing for Valeria - clean hotel room with a large bed, hot water and TV. The only requirement - lots of drinking water. As for leisure, we Meladze satisfied with his own and his musicians himself.


Requirements "girl-scandal" are consistent with its status: she agrees to live in a 2-seater suite or a summer home with full technical equipment: stereo, VCR and air conditioning. In addition to hardware, to its arrival are imported richer furniture and carpets.

In food it is particularly picky - caviar, sliced deli meats and cheese. But before going on stage every singer absorbs a few raw eggs, so that, as she puts it, "his voice took the necessary scale." From alcohol prefer cognac "Hennessy".In the dressing room, Ms. Ramazanova must be dozens of towels and a box of still mineral water which she pours in the breaks between performances.


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