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Who is Bluebeard? Clean-shaven metrosexual strangled a single woman

March 17 2005

With last year's autumn in our country, a new literary project - "Diary of Bluebeard," published in the series "The Academy bestseller.

Bluebeard by far the most enigmatic writer in the world. Novels diaries Millennial lover, artist and traveler - is a scandal and excellent literature. Each novel has a female name: Sandra, Yumi, Lisa, Anna, Jill, etc. Lovers and lovers past seen through the eyes of an eyewitness and captured master's hand. In addition, he says of himself: "I am still in many museums around the world see their pictures. And it is all very interesting and always pleasant."

"Even the heroes of our time appear to us in a completely new look, because looking at these people, who in 2012 fulfilled a thousand years!" - That's so black and white, written in the annotations to the books in this series.

From the preface the author: "I was born in the early years of the XI century. My childhood took place in the world capital of Constantinople. I was brought up at the house of Empress Zoe, who worship the only mistress. My real name is left in the border era Psellos. Since then, changing the city and country, I took myself different names. In my long life, which I owe to the genius of fragrance of the Empress, I am in the age of 40. One of my buddies called me Bluebeard for my particular shade of gray. I liked this nickname and, while making life diary entries, I have tagged their SB

My notes grew up, I put them in different cities for storage, many of them are gone. I decided to add blogs that I remember myself and I know now on the books, and gather in several volumes. When you live so long, when the interests of social ideas. Only an eternal theme - love always attracted me. Since every sense of the secret love, my notes are in the nature of investigations.

Not so long ago, I wrote out the names of my stories on the cards, then mix them and gave my then-girlfriend to choose one. Thus arose the order or disorder arrangement of topics. Now in my book, as in my memory, all of the stories are mixed and have no time sequence. SB "

Editor in Chief "teraphim Olga Garibov in the transfer to the" Echo Moskvy "lift the veil of privacy of Bluebeard. According to her, the author - a nice-looking dark-haired man and gray eyes, which are not strangled in its thousand-year life of a single lady-stervochki. In fact, externally looks like a popular artist Emanuel Vitorgan, it looks like a 40-year-old beardless metrosexual.

- It's a very intelligent, very thoughtful man, a very interesting artist, writer, traveler. He said that he was born in the Byzantine court of Empress Zoe, who was fond of all sorts of drugs. And even her recipes are still used in modern cosmetology. And she has kept, according to eyewitnesses, to a great age absolute youth face and body. And here is a little boy Zoe took him to his experiments, has attracted daostsev, which then went into great vogue at the court of the Byzantine. And here was given an energetic charge him, and now he lives. In this case, he says: "I'm not immortal. Nobody is promised immortality.'s Much that's enough of this and maintain my energy, mental exercises and lifestyle, a way of thinking, that's probably as I live. However, - he says - I'm vulnerable to disease.

"Fortunately, I was deprived of the possibility of having children. They were just very compassionate to me. And I can not conceive a child. Therefore, I stand other people's children "- the sadness is not a castrato, not a physically defective Bluebeard.

p align = "justify"> His diaries Bluebeard, who lived in different eras under different names, allegedly created by a mixture of different dialects, "because he knows so many languages." Born Greek, Bluebeard was written not only in Greek. He loves the French language and now lives in Paris.

"I met with Mr. Bluebeard in the plane of" Aeroflot ", when he returned from America with a theater festival, where he was invited as a translator of a famous American playwright. We flew over the ocean, I read a book, and my neighbor said to me in Russian ", - confessed translator Bluebeard.

The first of a series of his novel "Sandra" on the Middle Ages, when the dead were walking on the road to burial boards on their backs, and women flying on broomsticks. " Novel-diary "Sandra" tells the amazing girl that cavalier Bluebeard met in the Italian city of Terracina on the Mediterranean coast.

Then came the novel "Anna". At the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth of England, the hero travels from London to Paris, where his beloved Anna.

The recently released third novel, "Yumi", which takes place in New York and again (!) In Paris in 1924. The hero walks the streets of the capital in the company of Picasso, who invited him to look at the light in the apartment of Coco Chanel. The heroine of the novel - a Japanese girl who was in Paris after her parents died during the terrible earthquake and tsunami.

For Mr. Bluebeard does not matter what time events occur, "the main thing - human relationships, a sense of life as a gift" which may be interrupted at any moment.

- Once at our meeting - says Garibov, - he said: "And we'll perfect pigs, unless we are grateful for this gift." Therefore, we should celebrate, despite all the tragic, serious and on our own despair.

Therefore, and runs as "our Ilyich," the hut, there to indulge in work: daub canvas and reflect. But unlike Lenin, not caring about the fate of world revolution is concerned about "growing rich Thinking" author. He runs away from violence and revolution. He thinks of a weak field - is delighted with it and trying to understand it. Woman beardless "beard" worships. Otherwise, how could it understand, without love?

"Three quarters of my delight - said Casanova - is to give pleasure to woman. Bluebeard, it seems, has replaced delight in meditation.


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