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Sergey Zverev: "I am against the background of many artists just flower!"

January 16 2009

This top stylist is rightly called one of the brightest representatives of contemporary show business. Is not the first decade Zverev holds first position in the modeling business. Someone has to attain to the level it someone jealous, but indifferent to the Fashion-king is not precise. Recently, Sergey also worthy to write quite frankly a book called "The Star in shock."

According to Sergei, he offered to do it long ago, but had neither the desire nor the time. And it happened! Systematize all their memories and experiences, Zverev personally took up the pen, not daring to trust my thoughts to anyone else. Yoki correspondent managed to talk with the King of Glamour.

- Sergei, for what purpose, wrote a book. I do not gave a fad?

- No, the fashion in this case is completely irrelevant. Every person has something to say. And especially when your opinion they want to hear, they need to share. In addition, I have decided therefore to dispel all the rumors floating in the tabloids at my expense. I wrote about himself honestly and frankly - who I am, where, how did this thorny path to be able to rest on its laurels. And then many of you know, those colorful biography invent what to do with myself!

Someone blue blood, from someone else that. One stylist, will not say his name, all in all seriousness wrote himself into French. The Frenchman, aha! Yes, there is nothing to watch, O Lord! In general, I have these fantasies you will not find. I wrote the truth. I, actually, and loved for what I always say what I think.

- The book is not very much mate?

- I was forewarned that the book may fall into the hands of children, so I restrained myself. And so would, of course, I would have swung ... But in fact, many believe that I belong to those people who materyatsya beautifully, and are able to do it. Someone that's not going to swear, but I get it organically.

- Do you get a lot of things organically. For example, to praise himself. You do, that language does not rise to say that the animal became ill star fever!

- Yes, what sort of disease! Well, if I really am the best, why should we hesitate to talk about it? I managed to make a profession out of an ordinary fashion. I first started doing in Russia, fashion shows featuring the stars, although then it was impossible to imagine that the seemingly ordinary barber collects rooms and tours.

Why, except me, until then no one thought of? I was the first and only, so why not praise myself for? And now look! I stepped aside, make way for everyone. Well, where stars, ay? Continue to watch what I do, like, copying.

- And who exactly copies, can you say?

- Yes, I have a lot of examples I can give you is not even from the modeling business.For example, a group of guys from Chelsea in the images that I "wear" at different moments of his career. In the group of "Bees" is a couple of Zverev. This is just offhand! And so a lot of people away from me then take it.

- Sergei, you probably think himself a man without faults?

- That is perfect, or what? (Laughs) I try to get closer to the fence, but someone there will get this beauty? I have a vivid, original image, and more than enough. And about the shortcomings of ... You know, I never bother about it. I do not like to engage in soul-searching, to conduct tests. I live here and now, acting on the circumstances.

I could, in principle, now generally does not engage in and sit at home. I really once took a break and sat at home. Boring it! Can not live without motivation. I did everything in modeling and decided to make a creative stress - singing. Also sold out! I have long tried to persuade to sing.

Another late Yuri Aizenshpis not once offered. And I began to sing much later, thanks to Alla Pugacheva. Offered a lot, but that she managed to convince me that it is really necessary. It is perhaps one of the few whose advice to me is important.

- Do you appreciate her as a star or as a person?

- That Alla star - no doubt about it. But she was very sympathetic to me as a woman. When we were in a long concert tour of, we had the opportunity to open up to each other with a human hand. And now I am much nicer this Alla, and not its image. I think on the part of the same. After all, in public we are all a sort of picture, and that's what you have in mind - is another matter. Allah is simply amazing people.

And as a professional who discovered many stars, her feedback is very authoritative to me personally. I am here before your appointment went to see her and grabbed her new songs. Then he thought she was going to give me separation. And she liked it! She did not even recognize me in one, where I just sing in a low voice. In general, immediately took to his radio station. I was inspired.

- Your phrase "a star in shock" has become a cruise. Tell me, what really can shock you?

- Yes, many things! I, for one, shocking the present time, when ratings are made on even the most horrific, vile things. I always tried to avoid it. I've never done a PR on the verge of fouls and did not do unnecessary things. In all need motivation.

I would, for example, did not go to the program by Andrei Malakhov, but if there is motivation to go. And then keep silent, and then lash out about you is that the procedure simply excuses. So you'd better come and tell myself to any journalist because of you not smart enough to not write.

And I know, recently shocked the meeting with my counterpart. My God, he made only officially sixteen plastic surgery, and probably the same secret! But so far as to be like me, it seems to me that should be cut to pieces in chunks. I really was shocked!

Sergey, and you agree that the majority of the representatives of the male singers are the most masculine qualities are missing?

- Well said! Here we are! It is each candidate individually, we must analyze. In fact, such a show-business sphere, where there are all sorts of abnormalities. But since all over the world, sorry! However, male quality, it seems to me to be present regardless of the profession. For example, will power, honesty and reliability. I am convinced that man should be responsible for his words and not to sit on the neck of his wife. It is most important.

- Do you consider yourself beautiful?

- Lots of beautiful people, and I - uh ... positive. This is not the same thing. I have no analogues abroad, I am the only one. I myself have done without the producers there. When I was something forbidden, I was doing in their own way and would not tolerate attempts to restrict my freedom. And then on this trodden path we all went, but the individuality is not managed to save many. I'm now on the background of many artists the most modest, simple flower!

Milena Florinskaya
Андрей Гальперин

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