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Natalie Podolsky: "By the comparisons with Orbakajte attitude with humor"

January 13 2009

During the Christmas holidays singer "walking their" its new image in Austria, where they, along with Vladimir Presnyakov went skiing. According to Natasha, the most pleasant for it was dinner time when they were trying national dishes, and drank their warm mulled wine. Returning from a well-deserved rest, Podolsky with new forces ready to work.

- Judging by your mood, no downtime?

- Thank God, yet do not have to complain. But here are some of my colleagues' position that the New Year, after the badly deteriorated. Who's ass studios, who played for purely symbolic fee ... And recently I read an interview with Konstantin Meladze. So he believes that will soon return to the so-called stadium gigs, and they will cash. I only! I really like this idea. I would gladly went to tour a week for three or four.

- Natasha, but some believe that correcting the shape of the nose, you lose your individuality, and some fans you do not even know.

- Nothing will get used! (Laughs) Actually, I do not think it has lost individuality. Internally, I was still myself, and external changes, in my opinion, an integral part of the artist's life. Now here I'm like a blonde, and a few months, maybe wanted to be a brown-haired brunette, or burning. So that my fans should prepare mentally!

- Volodya as it looks?

- Volodya always supports me. And I always advise him before making the next experiment, so that the differences we have does not arise.

- Did you hear that, after some plastics began to compare you with Christina Orbakajte?

- Yes, I do not get used! Us and this was compared to when I, for example, do certain hairstyle or put on some clothes. Of course, I do not know very well, Christine, but I think that we are completely different both internally and externally. Anyway, when we had to be provided together at a party, no we are not confused.

If you are trying to figure out if I did not offend these comparisons, then be honest - no. I take this with a certain amount of humor. Even when we tried to artificially split in the press, I treated this with humor and could not comment. In real life we are never any scandals and explanation of the relationship was not.

- But friendship and you do not drive?

- Do you know any family relationship is a delicate topic. I try to respect and understanding for what was Volodya in a past life. It is as if to say, not intersecting lines. Here's how it should be perceived. We are with Christine, of course, greeted at the events, and burn a few words and disagree.

> - But you have something more to be read on social events!

- I would not say. I do not like parties, because they remind me of a bustling anthill, where you get tired very quickly. So I try to appear only when needed. Or if lured by some lovely women's gifts. Against this temptation, I confess, I can not resist. And so ... to talk on such gatherings plainly impossible, and drink some wine or champagne in a circle of interesting people you are much better at home.

- But there because the table should be covered and all that? Can you do it to yourself?

- For me no problem to cook delicious and beautiful to serve. I am able and I love it. In addition, we have the au pair. So we are always ready to receive guests. Agree, in a home environment where cozier than crush even the pathos institution!

- Absolutely. Natasha, it was said that you were going to do some business. Is this true?

- Oh, I seem a bit early to think about it! I have often thought about what else could be engaged, in addition to music, but the answer is not found. So, if fate allows, I want to do exactly the case. And on some business and I did not think this rumor.

- They say that most women love to spend more than earn. You belong to this category?

- I actually - a workaholic, and I can not imagine my life without a scene. In all of this I can boldly enter the ranks of avid shmotochnits. (Laughs) I can not deny myself the pleasure of shopping. Importantly, do not leave her there all the money, but it is rarely possible. I confess, but so here I am - hard-working shmotochnitsa!

Milena Florinskaya
Андрей Гальперин

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