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Jasmine: "In order not to forget that I sing, hang yourself cribs"

March 10 2005

In the spring of even the most unromantic nature begin to want something light and festive - for example, flowers and music. Singer Jasmine looks very much on - spring: the flying skirt, a thin young green-colored cardigan, lightweight scarf with a delicate floral pattern. It is hard to resist the complement, but the conversation starts all the same with music.

- What to Give the audience in the near future?

- Firstly, preparing a new solo program with the promising title "Yes". Just called my last album.

- And what, actually, "Yes!"?

- The sun, spring, good music, life itself ...

- Your account is a program third. In the five years is a lot.

- It is pleasant and what I've worked with wonderful directors: director of my first solo program was Andris Liepa, the second - Alla Pugacheva. We are now working with Love Grechishnikova. Representation is going to be very bright, spectacular and rich: the light, costumes, dance, interesting duets with Vlad Topalov, Dmitri Dyuzhev, Philip Kirkorov, Vladimir Vinokur, Igor Nikolaev. The submission was supposed to take part and Nicholas Karachencov, but an accident in which he fell, deprived us of the opportunity to work together. For me and for our whole team it was a real tragedy, but we hope for his speedy recovery and wish him the very health.

- I was on all of your solo album, and you know what to look for? You were very stylish and interesting costumes. Who are the stylists you are working on this one, and there is interesting finds?

- We worked with Alisher , who is also making costumes, along with Anne Gentle. The first part will be the Spanish-Latin block, then the London style, Baroque, Gothic and Oriental style ... Jasmine.

- After a concert in the capital, they will see and Russian remote? Generally, you are often on tour around the country? Is there a city where the reception was disappointed? Vozite whether from a musician with tools and still prefer the lyrics?

- Touring a lot: in the month happens to 15-18 concerts. The city is totally different, but take anywhere is welcome. I understand that not everyone can create the same conditions for performances in Moscow, and so calmly, if you have to work in difficult circumstances. We deliver lifelike sound, and lyrics, and the place of focus, it is better to use.

- How do you think of Eurovision? What do you think about a candidate? Would you like to participate yourself?

- I think the participation in "Eurovision", I am prepared each year, but so far every time the save. Maybe I'll try myself next year. Choice? .. Podolsky can like it or not, but it is the people's choice, with it can not be ignored.

- Soon you will see your video for the song "How I need you." As the shooting took place?

- Oh - oh - oh ... you can talk about it very long! The main impression from the survey - is that I was very cold. The shooting took place in Helsinki, in the mountains. Terms of snow, wind ... and the director forced me to act in light dresses, and even high heels. Can you imagine how I went to high heels in the snow all the shooting days!

- Needless to say, fun! But in general, live gay events occur? Well, maybe forgetting the words?/ Strong>

- This is the time! Sing - and suddenly, I understand that I do not know the text! Begin to improvise on the fly. And, you know, very nice work! Later, however, his improvisations recall and repeat can not, but the audience did not notice, even tries to sing along. Cases of funny, too, are mainly related to my memory. I do not know how other artists, but I'm behind the scenes always hang yourself a cheat sheet with the names of songs not to forget the sequence: that for what it is. So in one "green" concert ("Green" concert - the last show to tour, where artists and relaxed, as the disciples on the last day before vacation, in every way over one another joke. It's an old tradition that has spoiled a lot of nerves for beginners. - Note . aut.) look in his crib - and suddenly, instead of the names of familiar songs can see quite different: "Song of the riders," I'm pregnant, "" My bunny, "" Blue Moon ", and at the end of a postscript:" Come on, rag! . These are the "good" jokes!

- Jasmine, and you have not thought about changing the image?

- No, because it would look very artificial. On the stage I was almost the same as in life, and I would be very difficult to fundamentally change and thus to feel natural.

- And what do you imagine yourself in five years?

- It's a very long time, I do not presume to predict at this time. Maybe I'm not going to sing, although I would hope for the best.

- How you will select songs for their repertoire?

- The songs appear in different ways. Once we were in a small town, and we are backstage handed erased cassette demo recordings. One of the songs I liked, so there was the song "The Most Loved" was still an unknown composer Huseynov.

- What helps you stay in such good shape?

- I try to live a healthy lifestyle, not smoke or drink, play sport ...

- What?

- Recently, a step-aerobics and aqua aerobics. Really like, but at the same time helps burn excess calories.

- That he takes to the road to read?

- In general, detectives. Load is large, so that in the rare moments of leisure want to relax, escape. Of the major sponsors - Coelho. Still love the old domestic films: "Gentlemen of Fortune," "Love and Pigeons" ... A "Office Romance" we generally includes, clean sound and the voice together with our team. Recently watched "Driver for Vera" - loved it.

- Do you have a dream?

- Of course, I dream to sing a duet with Adriano Celentano.


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