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Marat Basharov: "After giving birth, life makes sense"

March 9 2005

Marat Basharov in modern domestic film industry is one of the most talented, and therefore popular actors. But his personal life does not stand still. In September last year, Marat became a father, and in early 2005, his wife Lisa and daughter Amelie became a Muslim ...

Dossier on the actor

Marat Basharov was born August 22, 1974. His parents had nothing to do with the theater and film. After school, Marat entered the law faculty of Moscow State University. At this time his brother (drama critic) suggested that he try out for a role in the play "Kentervillskoe ghost" theater "Contemporary", which needed a young guy. Role he has received, and for two seasons playing in this performance. Naturally, Marat took documents from the State University and enrolled in drama school Shchepkin. After graduating got a job offer from a few theaters, but chose to go to the "free floating": play a movie or theater. Acted in films: "Burnt by the Sun," "The Barber of Siberia", "Voroshilov Sharpshooter", "Wedding," "Still Waters", "Border. Taiga novel," The perfect couple, "" Tycoon, "" Ice Age "" Glass (UK), "Scale" (USA), 72 meters, and others.

Father's daughter

- Marat, you recently became a father ...

- Yes, the sixth in September I have a daughter, Amelie. Now she is still very little, almost nothing can ... except to laugh. Very cheerful baby! Unfortunately, I rarely see her: constantly on the road, on the set. Was she a little older, I would have taken her with him on tour. But now it is unreal - a daughter depends entirely on the mother, in her treatment.

- What would you say if, trains on the tour, she decides to become an actress?

- I will not mind. I believe that everyone is architect of his own happiness. Here are my parents, for example, without a moment's were against my decision to become an actor. Very grateful to them for that - so that, in turn, my daughter will not interfere. If only it was her conscious choice.

- What is the feeling you felt after learning that have become pope?

- Everything happened very quickly: half an hour ago, Lisa called me and said that giving birth, and suddenly calls back: "You've got a daughter!". I am at this moment was riding in a car towards the hospital - and all of fifteen minutes while we talked with his wife, dragged at a speed of two kilometers per hour. Was in this awesome ... Not even heard the honking and swearing drivers who were driving behind me.

- You specifically went with his wife to the hospital?

- Lisa - a heroic woman. Sensing the fight, she sat behind the wheel and went to the hospital. I thus arrived in the morning with a tour and wanted to catch the hospital for the birth of his daughter, but too late - just one hour.

- During pregnancy, my wife had some sort of whim?

- Pregnant women are very fickle: now they want one, a second later another ... But I would not say that it is highly capricious. She's friends with my head, so the middle of the night my strawberries or watermelons not sent.

- How do you change the paternity?

- Maybe it's a rant ... but after the birth of a child acquires the meaning of life. You know that you now have a small child who is waiting for you at home and glad to see you. Until the daughter was not, after work, I usually went somewhere to hang out, and now go home - and do not regret it! It's nice when you are waiting for homes.

p align = "justify"> - plan to teach my daughter to some male business? Fish, for example, or play football?

- If she wants to - of course! I was a child was very fond of Jaunty girls who could stand up for himself, not very feminine, athletic. Therefore, would not mind if her daughter involved in sports.

- Grandma's happy to sit with her granddaughter?

- Yes, my mom and mom Lisa regularly visit, they even made the schedule: when someone sits with Amelie. We first wanted to get a babysitter, but then thought that the two living grandmothers this is blasphemy. They have both a first grandchild, and they feel so much joy from communicating with her!

- Your wife is planning to go to work?

- Lisa said: "I am so pleased to stay at home, that does not want to go anywhere." She works in film, in charge of administrative affairs. There - bustle, bustle. And now she has a very different way of life - nature, peace, silence. We live outside the city, one kilometer from the Ring Road. Frankly, the city fuss is already fed up with the order: mecheshsya, earn coin here and there, then stopped - and life has flown! Outside the city peacefully, there you can be alone with him, talk with nature, to stop and think.

House built by Marat

- In fact, the house we built and bought. But all the interior finish do it yourself (with the help of workers, of course), thought through all the details. The repair took a whole year, we equip the house to their taste, and only recently moved there and celebrated housewarming.

- I had to, and designers to work with?

- Of course! It's our house, so we wanted to do everything his own way, so that all enjoyed! In addition, Lisa on the first education artist, she has a wonderful vision of space, she tried something interesting to invent, sketching ... This is very exciting work - to think, will look like your house. I do not understand people who pay big money for them to somebody to create interiors. It seems strange when a stranger forcing owners of their point of view, because they live in this house, they should feel comfortable in it.

- In a turn-key solution interior design? Hi-tech, or maybe a classic?

- It's not high tech, but not a classic, something in between. The result was a youth style. Kitchen, however, made "acid" - blue, yellow and chrome. We are in it most of my life doing it. Sweet deal - a cup of tea, sit and talk. True, I'm on a new kitchen had not prepared - I can not.

Stole his wife from a family

- How did you meet your wife?

- We learned about twice. First met in the same company, talked and forgot about each other - there was no "flash", no love at first sight. The second time met by chance three years later, in a different company - and it was then twirled our love. Lisa was married, so that for a start it was necessary to take her away from her husband. Did she could abandon me? (Laughs). In the end she had to divorce - and we have four years together.
When our affair began, I was shot in the direction Voroshilovsky in Kaluga. It was crazy: Every night I went over Lisa in Moscow on a car, brought her to Kaluga, but drove back this morning - to work in the capital. This went on for months, and it was the most romantic period of our relationship.

- And what about the flowers, coffee in bed?

- Coffee in bed ... Yes, we did not breakfast - all the while awake, quickly dressed and ran to work.As for colors ... I always give to Lisa flowers that I hand over to the performances. Maybe someone nice to get roses from the store, but my wife more flowers that gave me for my work. You can say I'm their blood and sweat earned the bouquets - and here I give them to her. Is not it romantic?

- How do you think, what exactly do you conquer it?

- Do not know - I did not ask her. I think she still does not answer. It's happens spontaneously: shandarahnet on the head - and everything was gone! Love is not for intelligence, beauty or honesty. Happens, a girl and not clever, not beautiful, and not honest, and look at it - and then, in the chest, all the pounding.

"I dream of kebabs and bathhouse"

- Now you have a lot of work?

- Very much. While filmed in a "Bachelor", was not a second of free time. We worked 14-16 hours a day for two consecutive months. Come home - and fell dead in bed in the morning all over again. But besides this there were also performances, and other shots. Very hard to ... Now "The Bachelor" has ended, and such accumulated fatigue - want to relax, just does not work. I would suffice to three days to recover. Stay home or go somewhere with friends, drink, take a steam in the bathhouse, kebab fry ... I do not need any warm country, beaches and tan - I like active rest.

- Your favorite country - it ...

- I'm not so much traveling, as it may seem. Very fond of Crimea - probably could live there. There's always warm and there is a sea, which I adore. And I love Prague, because there are insanely delicious beer.

- Muscovites to artists roaming the streets, react quite calmly. And in other cities you know?

- Once on tour, there was a very funny story. We drive our car in Kazan, winter, snow-capped range of fields, drifts along the road, full of solitude ... And then stop near a small inn. We went to drink tea, to warm up and relax. The situation in the cafes - three tables, a bar, a TV and a man-Tatar, sitting and watching "72 meters". And here I go I am. He had a shock. He turns his head: for me - on television - for me - on television, in the eyes of utter bewilderment. In the end, little comes to his senses and asked me: "Listen, and you tell him what?" He did not understand how I can simultaneously be here - in a cafe and there - on the screen.

- What are the movies with your participation is coming out soon?

- The NTV has recently shown episode, "Like Kind Exchange." In February, will be released "Turkish Gambit" by Akunin, where I play Gridneva - sort of Kulibina local spill, the inventor. In the spring leaves the film "Death of the Empire" by Vladimir Khotinenko.

- In advertising, you essentially do not shoot?

- Why, if I offered to advertise a good product - I will gladly do it. But now the offer is that I would need to mislead people by calling this remarkable product. But in general, to act in commercials, I do not mind: they are the role even more interesting than the movies. I love advertising, "Cannes Lions" I have a house on the disk. When a bad mood, fatigue, and I include them - a great way to relax and rest.

Fugitive from the set

- What is your role as show you the most extreme?

- Just remember the soldier in the film "The Border. Taiga novel. " My hero was so good, so all of a positive ... I do not even know how to play this role, so it is very long refused.And then I thought: what is he good, if your friend's wife rescued? And agreed. After the filming was a lot of difficulties, I even once ran away from the site. It was in one of the first shooting days, and we filmed the last scene of the movie. It was so hard to imagine how to do it, I just packed his bags and ran away! I, however, caught and forced to still play this episode.

- In the "border" was one of the most emotionally charged scenes - you're drowning in a swamp. How is it filmed?

- In the woods, in this bog dug a hole, vystelili grid. But do not calculate the size: we had with Alexei Guskov together to sink, but in fact he could barely fit one out there. He pretended that he is drowning - and actually sat on his haunches and could not even head into the water drop. The next day, made a hole bigger, but still it was very closely together, we jostled elbows. In addition, the water pushed me all the time. Instead of sinking, I always pop up - maybe I'm just wood? (Laughs.)

- Do you have such a rough life ... Had a wish to write an autobiography?

- The desire to write the book comes when you realize that life is nothing of interest will not. I feel this is not, fortunately.

- How do you see your old age? Sit in a rocking chair on the veranda or traveling, downhill skiing?

- Probably the second. Actually, I'd like to die in old age during a game of tennis, right on the court - this is a beautiful ending! And I like to live like now - and extremely interesting.


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