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School years wonderful - like where and with whom they studied Celebrity

December 6 2007

Memories of school are divided into two categories: a sentimental story about Sept. 1, the first teacher and first love. They also include stories about how fun it was to pull girls in braids and tie them to his desk, inadvertently knock the ball box at the gym, tearing a lesson work, bringing in a class of rat and accountable to parents for the next "deuce". Other memories are classified as - how well the school is finished, and never in my life did not happen. And, oddly enough, this view is to make the Party and the boards for ten years young life, is quite common, and among the now famous people as well.

Vika Voronina, singing is now in the group "Propaganda". She studied at mainstream schools, although there is now a set of students discontinued from the fact that the school № 147 was closed and handed over to the musical group "Domisolka. According to the memoirs classmates, Vika not seen leadership qualities - the soul of class was not, and talked mostly with a small group of girls. Conventional subring classmates - tugging her braid, or a standard piece of paper through a straw - Victoria is not perceived. On future music singer did not stand out particularly, as in all other subjects was "in srednichkah and always cried when received" bad mark ". In addition, the future star stood appalling standards for school stamp - "mother's daughter." Every time something happened to her child of, mother resorted to the school, and made no worse than dismantling WWII. Mom then for a long time was a kind of image-maker's daughter - do not let the young star appeared in music videos and performances in frank clothes. After the song "I'm drawing on the asphalt with white chalk the word ..." former school pals a very cool attitude to the popularity of his former classmates.

Actor Alexei Chadov by the assurance of my classmates at school became interested in theater. The future star of "Heat" and in part-vampire, "Night Watch", chasing love Janna Friske - Alex studied at the drama class. Some time later Chadov played in local theater in Novoperedelkino, so still in high school became a celebrity.

One of the classmates popular tele-radio host Xenia Swift remembers that Xenia school was very similar to the boy, and even mowed a boy. "One day we walked to school in a park - and depicted a couple, like I'm a girl, and she a boy," said Yoki. ru, a former student of the school № 38. The school was with an English bias, and it has learned a lot of foreigners, who supplied classmates correct musical novelties. Called a future star talk show host and night air, just Xue. Her name then was Volyntzeff, since it is the daughter of actor George Volyntzeff - Pan Athlete from "Zucchini" 13 chairs ". Together with a group of school buddies Swift was fond of writing romantic stories, hanging out with the machinists, who while in 1982 only appeared in Moscow, one of the first in Russia, the guys listened to the ASDS, and consisted of the Beatles Fan Club. Once, Xu and his friends climbed to the roof of the house, look at the stars and sat on the roof of some adult bully, who instructed all fingaly. Y Xu, even after this was easy concussion.

Now the socialite Ksenia Sobchak, classmates remembered that from childhood was a foodie. On the school lunch she brought bananas, and when all the children ate porridge, Ksenia quietly ate bananas at a separate table, and sometimes rude to the teacher of English.

Bullies in school were reputed charming actors Basharov Marat and Dmitry Nagiyev. Which of these two completely different schools of students delivered more than a headache for teachers, is now difficult to say. But higher education is both an actor and drama were very decent. Basharov without cronyism entered the most prestigious university - MGU, and not just anywhere, and on law school.A Nagiyev won the red diploma of the Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography.

But the actor Gosha Kutsenko - who would have thought - was known as an excellent student! Was not given a future star of "Antikiller" only chemicals for which Kutsenko routinely received four.

Writer Boris Akunin finished one of the oldest schools in Moscow with intensive study of foreign languages. Gregory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili - real name popular writer, originally from Georgia, but in 1958 he finally moved to the capital. Apparently for services to literature, and for what brought no hassle for teachers, Boris Akunin headed by an honorary board of famous graduates of the above schools.

For many Western stars memories of school are not caused by the most positive emotions. And all of those unflattering nicknames, which teased the future of Hollywood actors and actresses. Since Cameron Diaz called skeleton, Nicole Kidman - Aistihoy, Leonardo DiCaprio - backward, and Whoopi Goldberg - Caryn Johnson nee - Megalithic pillow, with a hint of what she as a child is constantly emitting gases. Incidentally, the actress, coming up with a nickname, do not hesitate to take his name Whoopi, that is, Megalithic.

After this, a conclusion suggests itself: a good education at school sometimes is not an absolute guarantee of success in later life, and people who studied poorly, often achieved in life what they wanted.

Instead of conclusions - preparing this article came across on the selection of a completely touching baby pictures of celebrities, peacefully located in one of the popular sites that offer users the ability to create photo archives. Among the list is Vladimir Putin, Gosha Kutsenko, Nikolai Fomenko, Elena Korikova, Zemfira, Danilko (Verka Serduchka) and many other star guests in childhood.

Elena Pakhomenko


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