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Forever Strong! Visiting Vlad Topalov

May 5 2006

"Always Strong" - a tattoo done a year ago at the elbows Vlad Topalov. How did he manage to stay strong in the jungles of show business, after the collapse of superuspeshnogo duo «Smash!»? With this question I have asked for a visit to the singer.

Elite "Eironams" (stupid term - aut.) Near the subway Timiryazevskaya. Conservancy. Barrier. Underground parking. Rise on its floor.

- Do you want to show you funny - tells me Vlad, opening on the landing chute. There's an inscription on the inside cover: "We love you and Vlad Topalov.

- The fans. Zadolbali! Arrived yesterday night. I went over to his apartment. I feel someone's eyes in the darkness. Turn my head. Some black eyes looking at me. Scary. As she climbed through the guard?!

We go into the apartment. Feels a recent renovation. Studio. Bachelor apartment. Although what Vlad nafig a bachelor! Boy. To him only twenty. Living room - she and kitchen and dining room and study. Huge plasma TV. And drives, disks, CDs. In the corner, dryer. On it hung about three dozen pairs of white athletic socks. On the table the laptop.

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- I love to watch porn. (Smeetsya!) Just kidding. As a child - a favorite occupation was.

Sit down.

- Well, what a chat - I say. This morning, called his father. Him for 75 years. I say that I would go for an interview. And he told me: "Who?". I told him - yes, you still do not know. By Vlad Topalov. And he told me, can you imagine: "What I do not know! This is a lover of "Tatu" Yulya Volkova.

- So, you'll be asking about my personal life. I take it?
Not married. And while not going. Periodically, love, and occasionally I have some kind of relationship. I talk to girls, but to a serious relationship it has not yet reached. I am 21 will be in October.

- By its twenty you got into show business what others can not do in a lifetime. What to say one project «Smash!» Why are all the same there was a collapse of such a successful project? Prospects in fact there were like "Tattoo"?

When I was your favorite London, went to the largest shop on Oxford Street «Virgin». On the shelves of Russia is represented only by a duo Tatu. And I must say, their discs are well apart.

Y «Smash!» Were, in my opinion, all conditions to find oneself on the world music market. What stopped them? Unsuccessful marketing ploy or something else?

- In fact, from the very beginning we were doing the project as a nonprofit. Fought more for quality. Secondly, my father, Michal Topalov as our producer, was, unfortunately, not a professional in the music business.

He is a good manager in the business field. But the music industry, like any other has, besides the general laws and rules of decorum - his own. My father did not want to accept these laws and go against them intentionally. He put the project back on track and we were in demand. Just like in Alsou. Only without that money. But at some point, the three of us just could not understand that this is a business and must work. And then everyone had their own ambitions. Perhaps that is why everything fell apart. At that point he had to say: "Whoa, guys, our personal life we do not care."

We are not able to do that because Sergei was one person, I was completely different, my father was third.In addition, Lazarev felt that he himself was an artist, and he no longer needed a duet. He can do everything himself, so to speak, and decided to go solo voyage, said nothing to anyone. That's it.

- I love you and Sergei saw recently on one event and noticed that you were kept away from each other.

- My opinion is: Sergei feels that went ugly. But not for me to judge him. He did just dishonestly. And it will tell you, anyone who knows the situation. I get around his side, just because I'm not interested in this person. I just do not go up to the Shura, the group "Arrows". Me, many say that it is my misfortune. In show business to play a "friendship", including with Lazarev. And I do not want to do this principally because I was disgusted. I brought up differently. If I am a man of humor, I will not be artificially pretend that I like him.

- Let's move on to real friends. You have long linked the strong friendship with the girls from the group "Tatu." And where did you meet?

- Back in the "Fidget. We're with Lazarev were there, too. Kissing, friends, played, sang, and chatted with the girls. Then they made the "Tribal", and we are a year later with Sergei «Smash!».

- How do you think care of the Shapovalov - the right move girls?

- Parting of "Tattoo" with Shapovalov was probably inevitable, because the situation has reached a deadlock. Attitude Wani to the project, his behavior, attitude Shapovalova to themselves, to their health ... The project has been successful so far, while Ivan was on the brink. As soon as Ivan moved face, the project began to fall apart. They have formed the same situation as I have with my father. Separated because it is simply no other way it was.

- And you did not hang out with dad do now?

- We met with him. But four months we had not seen.

- With the departure of Vanya "Tattoo" lost?

- Of course, they slowed down a bit in popularity. Everybody expected, in general, that they buried. But their latest album has taken a worthy place in the retail shelves. This, of course, not the unreal success, which was after the first album, but, nevertheless, "Tattoo" back in the ranks. They are now moving away from a lesbian theme. Done in English disc. And it's not bad, certainly. Today their task is simply to stay at this level. The most important stage of their career they have already done.

- You have all the songs in English?

- The just-released album, "Lone Star", four in English, all the rest in Russian.

- «Smash!» Specially sung in English? To get to the Western market as "Tattoo"?

- Well, for this too. Firstly, we have worked with Western authors. Naturally, the lyrics were in another language. And then in English to sing better. Interesting. Music beautiful.

- Vlad, you're well familiar with the language. After all, you're quite a long time he lived in England ... How are you ended up?

- My sister Alinco, which is 3 years younger than me, studied there at the school. Not far from London. 3 years. We lived there with his mother in a British family.

- And what's sister doing now?

- Studies at the Moscow State Institute for the first year.

- Which department?

- International law.

- Together with Ksenia Sobchak?

- Sobchak has been already

- They were friends with her?

- No. But I know Xenia. Hello. But no more than that.

- And how do you feel about Sobchak?

- I know it is very small, as a person. Party girl. But I heard that, despite this, the lectures have always come at 9 am and studied with diligence. Respect.

- Ahead of the presentation you drive. Who will be the guests?

-I want to simply provide people the new album, to speak, set the table. My holiday and I do not want somebody I sang more than me. Friends listen to me play with his team. Alive. Played for an hour or a full program.

- Lazar will be?

- You know, I will invite him. Although I know that it will not ...

- A father?

- Sure. Necessarily. Parents will be required.

- Write a lot about your father about you, but nothing about my mother ...

- Mom, always in the shadows. She is a homemaker. Since the father left the bodies. He served in the Interior Ministry. Mayor, 91 th, during the coup, resigned. Began doing business, and my mother was at home waiting for him, to raise children. Normal family. With my mother I have now a very good relationship, very warm, very friendly. That comes with age. We have, in fact it has long had an awkward relationship.

- Because of your professional activities?

- And because of that, too. She is a very complicated person. My parents divorced in the year 2000. Houses were constant wars between the father and mother. It's annoying.

-Your father is credited with some incredible stories. With Vetlitskoy, for example ...

- Yes, had an affair with Vetlitskoy. They almost got married in reality.

- It is said that the baby she had, even from him, which she gave birth in France.

- Well, I do not know. I think that, most likely a hoax.

- Father sociable person?

- It is peculiar, but he was cool, zdorovsky. Have fun with it. (Laughs).

- I also heard that you were a good car is not indifferent?

To defeat such a good recent pieces.

- What?

- Audi-A6 was. Sports version. 4.2 engine size. Two turbines. 450 horsepower. The bullet is shorter.

- And whose fault the accident?

- Do not shared intersection. Oboyudka.

- Nobody wanted to give?

- Yes. Unfortunately, crashed the car and now I go on foot.

- And who drove?

- Also Audi. A-8 old. She blew the whole face.

- You're dashing fellow. Not by chance is in your hands tattoos, inscriptions "always strong."

- Now called up to the tattooist. I'll go and still do.

- And as the name Wizard?

- I do not know his name. My name is Sergei. Lives and works in Mytishchi. These I was at home he was doing. Sterile, clean.

- And what will you prick?

- While in meditation. I want to back to do something. More on hand to close the scars. This will be addressed. Women.

- If you like, guess what? Not hard to guess ...

- Do not! "There are a few ideas.Tattoos that you see, I wanted a very long time, but mentally was not ready. Worried. I waited a year, when come to me feeling the need for them on my body. Then he went and did it. Therefore, for them, I not a bit sorry for you. To this must be in the shower to prepare. It's for life. A very long time thinking about what to write. Maybe someone thinks the inscription calling, cool, but it really gives me some strength and spirit.

Abridged version of the interview published in the weekly Sobesednik

Константин Дятлов

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