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Nicholas Basque: "Estrada gives me independence"

October 4 2006

About five times we endured an interview with Nikolai Baskov. Nick is very busy man, injected 24 hours a day. For the first time he had me set up a meeting at his home in the morning, but has not grown together ...

Asked whether he falls into a depression on the schedule, Nick said: "It happens. But my work - just a train. It can be stopped if the pull emergency brake. Then, to go back, we may have to spend years ".

Finally I managed to communicate with the family Baskov at home on Rublevke and do a photo shoot.

Visiting Nikolai Baskov (photo)

- Nick, you just returned from Spain by Montserrat Caballe. Tell me, what is this woman?
- It is unique not only in the fact that she is one of the most brilliant singers of the twentieth century, she wrote an opera voice beyond the classic. When she was asked to sing at the Olympics in Barcelona, she replied that it should be something fashionable, stylish and contemporary. For many young people will come. Brother Montserrat named Carlo, offered to sing her duet with Freddie Mercury, knowing that he was an ardent admirer of the singer. She agreed to meet with vocalist «Queen».
When Freddie came to Montserrat in the hotel, he was waiting for her with champagne, lots of waiters scurrying to and fro. Mercury sat down to play the piano and she told him the words for which she is still ashamed. Montserrat confessed to me: "I am so blasphemous then joked, saying:" Oh, you know, even music. At that Freddy suddenly she was so struck by Chopin!
Since that first meeting in the hotel and began their long friendship, coming from under the joint stunning album "Barcelona".

- Do not try to offer Montserrat, to sing with her as Freddy?
- I once asked about the "Barcelona", could not we try? She refused, saying that it was her memory for a lifetime. She has already come to the mass of such proposals. For example, five years ago she was asked to sing "Barcelona" with someone at the concert dedicated to the 50 th anniversary of Freddie. She then also declined.

- What will be interesting in the Russian tour with Montserrat Caballe
- I am glad that I managed to persuade Montserrat on it. Since we will perform her daughter. She was formerly a dancer, and now also an opera singer and she also called Montserrat.

- Nick let's talk about your family. You have to light of the recently born child. How old is he already?
- Five months. He perceives the world and it is interesting to watch. After all, we do not remember myself in half a year or a year or two. I'll look at it and think I probably also lay, as he smiled, and held his head turns. It's like a return back to the past.

- Much time is your baby?
- Many do not get. Now he is Energy, which can be fun in a moment. Especially when you come home tired, lost in my cases, problems. Go into his room and at that moment you forget everything. These hour and a half, while playing with it - inexpressible moments.

- How would you and Sveta met?
- At her parents' home. We were with her dad signed the contract. He was the first time I heard at the Theatre of the Russian Army at the concert, which was dedicated to Victory Day, and invited to be my producer. I am very grateful to him. He did it with all my heart, never called me a "project" and makes no attempt to squeeze out of me millions.
Now all the young talented people I can say that if you work, if you believe in your dream, if you want to accomplish our goals, we should go for it and if you are destined to come to you people who will help you.

-The older generation like you. But the elderly are often grumble: "We both like Nick. But what he got in touch with this pop? Probably because of finances ... "
- Naturally. As part of the opera to me at my age closely. Estrada gave me the universal acclaim. A classic - is more narrow genre. But most people who know me on stage, it is interesting to listen to me at the opera. Especially when they come to the concert and hear me without a microphone. They are accustomed to thinking that everything can be done on a computer that does not have music education. Therefore, on the occasion of the thirtieth I could pop the program and speak calmly. I did this tour a classic. Estrada gives me independence in financial terms and in the selection stage. Ahead I have plans to write an opera album "Eugene Onegin".
In the opera, too, can earn a lot. There are activities for some companies and institutions, which are asked to sing the classics. And naturally, when I sing classical music, the contract my director put a lot more fees than performance in the genre of the stage.

- Often you "bought"?
- Recently. I went to Switzerland. He appeared at a house near a piano. Romances by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff.

- And who are these people?
- They left the country 30 years ago. And they wanted to hear, nostalgia, I guess. Our artists are many similar proposals. As, however, and in foreign. For example, Madonna performed at the Luzhniki ", and after the show immediately went to Rublevskoe in customized concert.

- And how much she paid?
- 4,5 million dollars.

- She worked there all night?
- One and a half hours. RP. I do not know exactly, dropped by two or one. I believe that the corporate parties - is perfectly normal.

- You do the same thing?
- We do not make money from CDs. This is a big problem. And the state is losing this huge money.

- Madonna is a long time to come here precisely because of the infinite "piracy" in Russia.
- Yes. While she does not pay the price for which it decided to reverse itself
come and see Moscow and speak. She had a round, and, as she herself
said she did not know when will the next and whether it will do.

- They say that this is the last and farewell concert. This is a trick?
- I do not think so. Why should she, the singer, which can be for three years to sign a contract and act somewhere in Las Vegas, set decoration? This is also a work of hell.

- She caught a bad cold at the Moscow concert.
- All the cold. I went from the middle of the concert. Feet to the basin at night
warming, because on Saturday he had to sing. Imagine, as she had a few days later another round. And if she feels bad? People say: phonogram, the phonogram save. What is the soundtrack, if you can not even speak?

- And a whole concert like?
- I - yes.

- Me too ...
- Just not at that level was made. First, she overdo the public. Secondly, people do not poured even cognac. As a Russian audience can sit in the cold with a bottle of forfeits or energy drink? I think it is a huge mistake administrator. Shame that the organizers did not get hall.

- Since the ticket was a mess ...
- Organizers blame. Often, they write that did not collect a certain artist room. This is the problem of management. Sometimes they save on advertising. Imagine, people traveled from other cities and could not buy tickets. Such staged artificial hype. We had to hold a concert in the "Olympic". First, an indoor hall. Secondly, everything would have been seen on the big screens, which she had brought.Here is a place of its format. Then there would have been perfect and the sound and everything would be swell.

- She can not afford it.
- If we had such opportunities, we would have made the show worse.

- All of the money rests?
- Of course. I spend on a song or arrangement sometimes up to 25-30 thousand dollars. I can not give a cheap product. And imagine, to make such a grandiose concert. Or, for example, how much it costs to sew costumes for the ballet? I thought so, Madonna orders from Gaultier costumes, and I that I can not have Yudashkin order? Once I talked to him about it. He replied, "You know what the problem. We can make costumes, but they see only once and in one show. "

- Why?
- Yes because if you do a super, it is exclusive. This should be interesting fabric ideas. But they should in fact take a tour, concerts. This luggage, dry cleaning. As a result, four times, and danced about the costumes you can remember, as a relic.

- Do you have hits?
- "Musical box". It's not even hit, and hit that fell in love with many. I can not in any concert her not to sing. And she even on the radio would not turn. Appeared only at the request of listeners.

- Trade should be your hobby ...
- Many young artists are singing, touring, but they have become clones of robots, which simply make producers. And many producers did not consider it their duty to treat it as an artist to a creative unit. Example group "Via Gra". It is clear that what the girl or put the group "Via Gra" will exist.
Talented guys "People's Artist", from "American Idol", which in a month can earn 1-1,5 thousand dollars, with the scratch across the country, and the lion's share of the money ends up in the pockets of the producer. I believe that this is unacceptable.

- Do you envy there?
- I do not know, probably more detractors. Maybe there are people who do not really want to see me, hear.

- Who are your closest friends? From the world of show business or a classmates?
- Sorry, did not work out for me, there is practically no friends. On the concept of 'friend' I take very seriously. In my life with friendship as something not very evolved.

- But there is a lovely woman ...
- There is a family. I'm not one of the categories that go with friends in the bath, go

- Although you give the impression of a man who goes to the bath with your friends.
- I am sociable. This is no problem. I go to a friend's house, we
go to birthday parties. But I would not call these people friends. Rather, it's friendship forever communication, great pastime.

Interviewed by Gregory Rezanov, columnist of the weekly Interlocutor "

Full version of the interview specifically for Abridged version read in the weekly "interlocutor".

Photo by the author.

Константин Дятлов

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