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Actress Anna Churina: "Falling into partners is necessary, but always keep a cool head"

August 3 2006

Anna Churina, charming blonde, former model and a linguist at the first education and is now known in the cinematic world of man. In the five years of his acting career has had time to play in the most famous Russian film-"oligarch", "Male Season," "Man of No Return", "Dreaming is not harmful," "March of the Turkish-2 and many other pictures. However Churina paid time not only his work, a 28-year-old actress managed to marry a famous actor Alexei Petrukhin. Soon the young family is waiting for reinforcements. Meanwhile, Anna has decided to share with our correspondents secrets of success.

Anna, behind your back huge cinematic baggage, so the roles were played, and to what type you have about yourself can be attributed?
Early in my career I have tried to relate to the type of such a kind of bitch - hard-hearted, calculating mistress. In the same "Turkish march". In principle, the power to the actor - to get away from the imposed facial features, since you're still playing a living person, and no one would believe if the screen image will be unique, poor woman. In life there are no black and white, there are always shades. And I tried to get away from the imposed types.

You did it because I do not associate this type with them?
Well, first of all, he told me was not close, although the actor has to play anything. And, secondly, it always requires some sort of uniqueness in the image. And it disgusts me always. Especially for myself, I must always justify the heroine, to explain why she does so - there must be some kind of background.

But, as yet, maybe there is some character that you close in spirit?
Maybe it's Irina, who in "Love Signs". She married man's mistress and tries to do everything to make this hero became her. For him it goes to not very nice things, but as a result of coming to understand that the man she no longer needed. She throws of whom beat her and goes to another. That is, it's a life situation. When I read the script, I realized that here he is living character, a living person. Yes, there is little mystery as she enlists the aid of wizards. But nevertheless, it is absolutely normal female essence. And all her attacks - it is understandable.

Maybe you like this character that is also always and everywhere are accustomed to seek his master?
Yes, plus the feeling here. That is, was just interested in women's nature, not only love and the desire to possess, but also a nasty little interest: what, that's not my man, but I wish he was mine. And when he is about to become yours, a sort of no longer needed. Gone severity of the relationship. And I just saw a lot in life of such examples.

Anna, where are you from?
I was born in Greenwood, Sverdlovsk region.

Why did you decide to choose as their future profession - the profession of an interpreter?
Instigators of my income on inyaz were, of course, the parents, however, I also had a desire to learn languages. Before me stood a choice - either go for inyaz or in theater. But then, it was vague - mid 90's - and we decided on a family council to choose a more earthly career, although later I still returned to the acting profession.

Were you able to work in the first degree?
Well, let's say, if we talk about the specialty in the diploma, in principle, no. But in terms of language, they are useful to me. I traveled a lot around the world, where I had to work and a model and actress, of course language skills are constantly required, especially English and French, I know perfectly

AK is it that you are a serious student with a fundamental education, and suddenly gave way to models?
It turned out, so that by the fourth year at college I was offered to go to work the model for France. I arrived in Moscow for his birthday to my girlfriend and we went with her to the contest «Elit model look», where were the representatives of a western model agencies, who drew attention to me. And naturally, when the invitation came, and official papers to work in France. I, like many other girls, faced a choice: in Nizhny Novgorod few prospects were not, and I wanted to see the world and try to achieve something in this life. It was a good opportunity to try their hand.

Probably, it was difficult to combine work and study model? And what was your job?
Well, no. I'm a model worked only the last year and it was after the fourth year and this year I graduated in absentia. It was the usual model work-walking on the casting, filming, fashion shows - but mostly shows. So she worked somewhere for two years.

Whether their pleasure, what did you do?
I'm not particularly disappointed. But many girls dream of becoming a model, but I do not dream about it. In English, there is a good expression: «I took advantage» - «I just took advantage of the situation, for me it was probably traveling and earning some money. In principle, about this profession, I can not say anything bad. She gave me opportunities, including financial ones, because when I arrived in Moscow to receive a second degree, and it is all over the country pay, then of course I needed money. After all, when you study at the acting department, it is very difficult to earn money, because 20 hours a day you are busy or classes or rehearsals - you have no days off and can not work.

Your decision to enter the Film Institute was due to the fact that you were already at this point, an actress and you do not have enough professional education?
No, actually I was an actress in five years - I was dancing and participated in the initiative. That is it in my life ever was. Just at first it was like a hobby, and then all the more serious and more serious. In addition, working in Paris model, I went to acting school. There I studied for about a year, and then there was a chain of events that led me directly to the movies. Prior to that, with the movie I was not connected. But when I got there, then I grabbed it. That movie, not theater.

I know that you were shooting, and Playboy. And what you were guided when they decided to withdraw it?
With a modeling career had nothing to do. I offered to shoot there, as an actress. You know, so, of course, immodestly say, but it seems like a celebrity shot for Playboy, but not that top model is removed in this magazine - are two big differences. And I agreed, because: first - it was interesting, and the second - was a very unusual Italian photographer. Well, at least those of his works that I saw - I really liked. Photographed was pretty interesting. But I can not say that I very much enjoyed working in this genre, because the time constraint is still there. But, I for myself concluded - to try and right (laughs).

How is this survey different from others?
The magazines I have not had such shootings. I had two sex scenes in movies and, perhaps, is even worse. In the movie, more traffic - your life is on the screen. A picture - this is more static, and you can always cheat, but the film can not be fooled. Even if they wanted.

More try You do not want?
None. Well, if you will need to bare all for a role, if required by the image, then I think I can do it. I'm aware that this is part of my profession.And for experiments - is unlikely.

How to react to this your family?
The husband responded quite well, after all Playboy - a magazine with a reputation. And for me, as a woman it's attractive edition. That is, I buy it to see beautiful pictures and get aesthetic pleasure. For me, this is not something vulgar. Parents, of course, were a little shocked. Though my mother said that is beautiful, and my dad - "beautiful, but you can strap to pull out." He's so serious.

How do you fight a bad mood?
The best remedy for it - the gym.

That is, when angry, then go to the gym?
Well, I do not by nature an evil man. No, I can, of course, something of a display. But, fortunately, there is none that I accumulated in itself some sort of anger, negative emotions are bad, and they are then flowed into a depression. Although, of course, like any human being, it can occur, but on other occasions.

You have just as many hobbies: fencing, horseback riding, water skiing. Is this related to your professional activities?
Fencing we had at the institute, as in any other theatrical institution, as part of your acting skills. With regard to equestrian sports, I loved horses since childhood and then my grandmother in the village was, so I could communicate with animals. But swimming and everything else - it is rather a drag.

A outgrew whether your relationship with your partner on the film in any deep feelings or simply friendship?
Well, with regard to friends, all my friends, mostly - is an actress with whom I work in various projects. For example, I made friends with Anna Gorshkova, with which we are in the "Two fates" were filmed, to communicate well with Peter Fedorov, Lesha Kravchenko. But with regard to romantic relationships, then on the set of "Velvet Revolution" I met my husband. Now we are husband and wife and child waiting for. But in general the atmosphere on set is kind of magic. As if you like your being here and now and at the same time in another dimension. And it affects people as they become more open.

But before the marriage you do not have their feelings in relation to your partners on the film?
None. Always when you play the love, affection, love it anyway you appear. But it occurs only at the site because it is difficult to play a love for the person who you care about. And you have something to be experienced. Because the screen is all clear. Another thing is that some actors just take it for something real and true, and transferred it to life - start to turn the novels on the grounds. I, by the way my husband and I happen to our love affair came on set. But we had not been something together in the frame. That is, it came not with respect to the role. Fall in love with partners is necessary, but always keep a cool head. Every time I know that the team will "stop" and end day of shooting, and all disperse to their homes, and each has its own life. Need to understand that on the court all - just a game.

Anna, you would like to see your children as you have actors, models?
I just today, when floating in the pool thinking about it. Difficult to answer. I probably would have wanted to have my child, too, was such a profession more stable type of the same inyaza, but if my daughter wants to become an actress, I'll be only too happy to do so. Especially if it will have this ability. The only choice modeling business, I would not have been very pleased. I just think that either need to be a top model, or need to do something serious in life. A chance to become a top model is not very large.

And you want someone to give birth - the daughter or son?
I know who has to be - my daughter!

After giving birth, than going to do?
Naturally some time I'll be at home, and then I have a few projects. Currently, my main task - to recover as quickly as possible after birth. And I do not know how it all will be. They say that feeding - a special state of women.

Anya, and if you have a formula for success?
None. Just need something really want. As in the song - "if long-tormented get something." But of course, do not sit back and wait for it-get to work. Generally in my life was a period when I thought I will never get married and it's not for me. I am not saying this to the fact that I did not have fans. They were, but I thought that it was the mere fact of marriage is not for me. Sometimes I even dropped his hands, but then I met Alexis. Their fate is unpredictable.

Interviewed by Anastasia Kudinov

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