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Ksenia Sobchak: "I eat someone else's energy,"

May 2 2006

"Who is Ksenia Sobchak? - Straining their foreheads with serious men, and they echo the clever wife. - How is it that she, not the other children of famous parents made her a famous name? Why his peers at birth and opportunities she so dramatically startanula and left behind many of their peers? How dare this impudent girl throw a bomb into the State Duma?

And much of it can escape - her name - in all editions of the newspapers, she reigns in the fashionable parties and is broadcast on television? "

One aspect of the phenomenal life of Ksenia Sobchak - TV, we talk to her today.

- Xenia, Dom-2 "- Your first television project or before you tried itself as the leading?

- "Dom-2" became the first project in which I participate as a presenter. This is my new adrenaline. I love extreme sports: snowboarding, diving, surfing. I drive the car very quickly. Now because of filming I get up at 10 am, rush to the TV and go back about two o'clock in the morning. I come home completely killed. No matter what time, one job.

- Not all the viewers know how you got on the project "Dom-2". If you can remember this history - from whom it was suggested, was whether the casting, held a test?

- I got a call from the channel TNT and offered to try yourself as a presenter. The project was originally very interested in me, and besides, even then, two years ago, I realized that reality show about real feelings, about how young people looking for love, will make a splash and a sensation in society. This offer is simply impossible to refuse.

- If you have not been leading the "House" would agree to act in this project as a participant?

- No, I prefer to share the relationship to social and personal-intimate.

- How do you prepare for the shooting of the program? Did you have to "cram themselves in the parameters of" House "?

- I myself anywhere, sorry, do not cram. We have a perfectly normal human communication. Texts in advance no one writes anything cramming is not necessary, just talk, watch and get a lot of material for conversation and reflection. Most importantly - be able to react to the situation. Around real people, it is necessary to quickly and adequately address the problems that come with them, sometimes even act as a psychologist, to give advice. More on TV should be able to be different, to change. If a person always appears in one image, it becomes predictable and want to change the channel.

- In our opinion, You no longer fit over intelligent design. Many viewers will remember how you opened and beautifully struck the members present perfect knowledge of the theme in the program Andrei Malakhov. By the way, how the story ended, invented by a deputy Nina Ostanin about withdrawing from the ether of the House-2 "," Domino Principle "and the program Andrei Malakhov?

- As you can see, the reality show "Dom-2" is still on the air on channel TNT, as well as all other programs that are ganged up our MPs. Deputies in Russia do not like and laugh at them, and the more they will write such a letter to the Prosecutor, the more they will dislike. They took on the role of the Inquisition, and managed to bring his moralism to complete absurdity. Rather than tackle the real problems of young people - issues of mortgage lending, increasing scholarships and so on, deputies found the girl himself to be bullied in this case me.

p align = "justify"> We are on the House-2 is involved in youth work more than those same MPs: appropriate people absolutely clear that the TV project teaches people to love and friendship.

Moreover: this spring, the issue of "House 2" was tabled in the Public Collegium of Press Complaints. The verdict of the high jury, which consisted of such famous people as the television critic Irina Petrovskaya, attorneys, Henry Reznik, and Michael Barshchevsky, head of the National Association of Broadcasters, Eduard Sagalayev, Glavred magazine "Cinema Art" Daniel Dondurei and actor Alexander Filippenko, was unequivocal: "Dom-2" should remain on the screen.

"Program" Dom-2 ", being the entertainment in the form, affects up to date for the Russian society perspective of relations between the sexes, - the decision of the Public Chamber. - Criticism of the program "House 2" is a manifestation of the general discontent of the audience reflected the reality on television. And this dissatisfaction is quite understandable reasons.

Unfortunately, neither the authorities nor society itself does not know what lives of modern youth. At one time telecast of "12 floor was closed by decision of the Politburo with the wording:" a youth have not. " The College believes that a return to such practices should not be. "

- Your program is criticized, recently businessmen from the new program "Capital" on TNT called for viewers to watch, I quote - "dumb show" Dom-2 "and" Office ". In your opinion, what benefits the audience bring a reality show?

- The reality that comes from the TV screen with a program on "Dom-2" gives a much more material for the development of life, it is situational and moral construction of family values than other Staged serials.

If you take yourself to adopt experience of heroes of the project, learn from their mistakes, then we will not be the monstrous number of broken marriages, which exists at the moment. We see what problems occur most often in pairs and how they are solved, the viewer realizes that he is not lonely, that conditionally this problem is not so terrible and it's not the first person in the world, when it collided with her. For example, what if you do not like, do not despair, we must wait for your love and it will come. Nastia Dashko, one of the heroines of the project, was passionately in love with Stas unrequited, now she is happy with Sam, and going to live with him all his life, bear him a bunch of kids. Transfer teaches that, despite great feeling, we must learn to understand and respect the interests of another, Stepan and Allen did not want to compromise, eventually parted ways, although they are very fond of each other.

You called it as "socialite." How would you define yourself?

- As a man, as a girl, as presenter, which is 12 hours a day, spends at work, filming the reality show "Dom-2". In restaurants and at the presentation, I go just to relax and meet friends. Not in the gateway should we mark time. Just have the people, leaders who immediately turn our attention to itself. I think this is the case with me. Probably to me the company did not get bored. Without communication, I can not. Perhaps because of Zodiac - Scorpio. This is one of the strongest signs of the zodiac, on the Tarot cards it means death. Scorpio is constantly being revived by the energy of other people. This is my case. I eat someone else's energy. I need people, I love to communicate with them. In this sense I am - a vampire.

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