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Rating of the most annoying celebrity

February 3 2011

Ratings - this is not necessarily a list of the most popular, there are those charts where you do not want to fall. Perhaps the most humiliating for a star - when it is considered boring. The Western media did not spare the feelings of his idols: every year they publish a list of the most annoying celebrities. Thus, stars that are most navyazli in the teeth for the year 2010.

British and American media are similar to ratings on a regular basis. Of course, the first candidates for the role of "annoying worse bitter radish" - celebrities, which squeak by millions.

Therefore, in the UK, for example, enjoys a great dislike star of "Twilight" vampire Robert Pattinson. Posters of the actor is now room hung with 99 percent of girls of tender age.

Celebrities who are too Chats fall into the scandals, too, will soon begin to pall. Honorable place in the offensive hit parade and received the golfer Tiger Woods, because of his loving not just glows on magazine pages. Apparently, Woods' exploits the public has no interest, and golf for most readers of the tabloids - not such an exciting sport.

16038.jpeg In the "women's team," first place as the most annoying star was given to Katie Price. This silicone lady like only exalted schoolgirls.

In second place familiar (and maybe podnadoevashya) Russian Lady Gaga. The third place was given to his ex-wife Chelsea defender and England international Ashley Cole - singer Cheryl Cole. At the fourth position settled Lindsay Lohan, in which all can not get calm down and get off the drugs, and in fifth place - U.S. first lady Michelle Obama.

In the photo: Michelle Obama

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16034.jpeg Americans have a slightly different view on the "boring" - to those ranked as the stars have to calm down and not so often gets in the gossip columns. Are you married, plunged into yoga, switched to organic food or having a baby - everything you've already blown away.

So the first place in the list of annoying stars Americans gave the singer Leona Lewis, winner of TV show The X Factor 2006. When the singer's debut single Bleeding Love has started to occupy the first places in all sorts of charts, Leon admitted in interviews that celebrate the success of non-alcoholic champagne - well, is it not boring?

In the photo: Mischa Barton

Actress Mischa Barton, the success of which came after the TV series "The OC" initially happy about the townsfolk their image girl of good family. However, after a 25-year-old actress was nastoschey star, she began to disappoint fans of his clothes - having a good figure and pretty face, Mischa seems to have decided that she be forgiven any mistakes with the wardrobe and began to dress up in some awful rags , it is not reaching it. Such Americans simply could not put Misha and into second place in the ranking.

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Christina Aguilera, a lover of drastic change of image, not to guess with another way and fell to third place. Her alter-ego Xtina, cheeky street girl, has given way to respectable lady, wife and mother. Family idyll did not last long - last year, Christine was divorced, but Xtina, contrary to the expectations of the public, and never returned.

Will Smith, the charismatic black actor in Hollywood, recently disappointed his fans by stating that loves to practice fencing with Tom Cruise. He singled out for a workout room, where periodically arrange friendlies matches with Will. Actors are satisfied, but the public who thinks fencing is the same stupid job, like golf, was upset that Will is so nezrelischny chosen sport, and stuffed with burning it in the list of nerds.

Justin Timberlake's "led" him his romance with actress Jessica Biel. Since familiarity with her Justin has not released a single album that fans, of course, did not approve. Those who are indifferent to the creativity of the singer's annoying fascination with Justin's golf - like, say, a young man 29 years is genuinely interested in sports for 60 years!

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Beauty with a perfect haircut, actress, mother, wife ... Gwyneth Paltrow seems Americans are not human, and some doll. After she stopped crying at the ceremony, the Oscars, the interest in it from the viewers in the U.S. fell markedly. Her yoga classes are, alas, do not make the actress ratings.

Jeri Holliuel leaving group Spice Girls, goodbye, and with the image of "girl-zazhigalochki. Time together partying with Robbie Williams passed - now more worried about Jerry dirty diapers, regrown dark roots and presence in the local supermarket for organic products ...

16037.jpeg Rapper Kanye West won ninth place for the love of beauty. Wanting to stand out, he replaced the lower teeth on the diamond dentures. However, the brilliance of pebbles in the mouth of the singer appeared to the public is not cool, and funny. Something which, while much of glory glamorous clown Kanye just did not expect.

Short, Scientology professes and not worthy to be a superhero - that's why Tom Cruise does not use the love of the audience. In addition, the public spared his wife Katie Holmes - rumor has it that maloorosly tyrant controls literally every step of his wife.

In the photo: Tom Cruise

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