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Top Ten popular Russian stars

April 25 2007

Musicians, athletes, artists, writers and other celebrities in the ranking of Forbes magazine arranged in descending order of their earnings and popularity. Place in the rating - a combination of three factors: revenue, media attention and interest that the star is the audience.

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The Russian star sky can be roughly divided into two parts - the western and eastern. The West has left many Russian hockey players, tennis players, basketball players. They earn good money there, but virtually unknown to the general public with us. Known as the eastern part, that is, in Russia, pop singers, comedians and writers are not in demand in rich western countries and therefore can not boast stunning incomes. But their love to the people and television.

Somewhere on the edge of the horizon dim flickering constellation of Russian film actor. Fees of the stars of Russian cinema in the average of 100-200 times lower than the fees of their Hollywood counterparts. The highest incomes received by the one who was withdrawn for 12 hours a day, seven days a week in the endless television shows. However, even Nelly Uvarov ("Not Born Beautiful") and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk ("My Fair Nanny") do not earn enough to compete with western hockey players of Russian origin.

Meanwhile, the rising star on the horizon Nikolai Valuev, a man who can bring together western and eastern sectors of the Russian show business. If the Russian boxer, as he promised American promoters in the near future will beat all "there", here he becomes a hero on a national scale.

Maria Sharapova. Tennis. Its capital is $ 19000000

Best Russian tennis player last season was just as popular with advertisers. Sporting success Sharapova modest. The highest achievement of the last year - the certificate of "Honored Master of Sports of Russia" received from the hands of Shamil Tarpishchev. Not a single Grand Slam tournament Sharapova has not won in the WTA ranking has slipped from first place to fourth. However, the agent tennis player Max Ayzenbad argues that Sharapova is going to play up to 26-27 years. Now athlete 19 years - time for the records still exist.

Alla Pugacheva. Pop. ($ 2700000)

Russian pop diva spends time as befits a superstar. She cares about its people as a member of the Commission for Social Development of the Public Chamber. She divorced her husband, giving the tabloids much food for gossip. Recently Alla housewarming, arranging private party (Valentin Yudashkin, Maxim Galkin, Christina Orbakajte, First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev), which became one of the most notable social event of the season. Pugacheva sings a new song? And if this is important?

Dima Bilan. Pop. ($ 3100000)

In September last year, died producer of pop singer Dima Bilan Yuri Aizenshpis. However, Bilan was able to find a new influential patrons - relatives of the capital's mayor, Yuri Luzhkov. Wife's brother governor Viktor Baturin funded project "Bilan" and participates in the creation of video clips, wife Baturin, Jan Rudkovskaya, manages the project online. Careers singer abruptly went up the hill, witness the-second place in the contest "Evrovide-of-2006"

Andrei Kirilenko. Basketball. ($ 11500000)

15 years - he was the youngest player of the Russian Basketball Super League at 18 - the youngest European to have received an invitation to play in the NBA in 25 years - the most expensive basketball in Russia. "My position in life - a good man to be more important than a good player" - modest Kirilenko. As a result of the season 2005-2006 Kirilenko was among the six best NBA defenders.

Filipp Kirkorov. Pop. ($ 2900000)

In recent years, Kirkorov had tight. He posed the musical "Chicago" has failed, leaving the producer with a lot of debt, after a row with a pink blouse "Kirkorov has announced the departure from the scene, and finally, he divorced his wife. What's next? "We have everything in order, Phillip gives 20 concerts a month," - Reports to vigorously press secretary Kirkorov, Nikolai Stepanov. And the information that these concerts are rarely able to collect a full house - libel competitors, of course. "

Group tATu pop music. ($ 3300000)

Co-owner of a computer company R & K (products under the brand name Wiener) Boris Rensky not accustomed to losing money. Let's say he has invested in the group tATu Let producer Ivan Shapovalov team went into a long writer's block, let the love duet to each other teenage girls grew up in a couple of weary women's lives, investments need to work out. Rensky he became producer of the band, recently released a new album, "People with disabilities".

Alexei Yashin. Hockey. ($ 7600000)

By signing the 2001 contract with the club New York Islanders right for 10 years, Alexei Yashin has shown rare foresight. In 2004-2005, the NHL went to an attack on the surplus of their players, but the contract Yashin's hockey officials have managed to reduce by only 10%. As a result, he became the highest-paid Russian hockey player. Central New York Islanders winger tries to work out their money: last season Yashin scored 28 goals, is his best result over the past 5 years.

Ilya Kovalchuk. Hockey. ($ 6500000)

After the lockout of 2004-2005, when the NHL did not play hockey, incomes of the absolute majority of players dropped, it was necessary to somehow rescue the finances of the League. The exception - 23-year-old striker Atlanta Thrashers. Before the lockout (season 2003-2004) Ilya Kovalchuk got a little more than $ 1 million a year, now this amount has increased by six times. Kovalchuk pay for the result. In his first season in the NHL (2001-2002), hockey player scored against the enemy's 29 goals, the outcome of last season-52 goals.

Comedy Club. Humor. ($ 3500000)

"Benjamin Franklin - a regular guest at parties Comedy Club on the ruble," - the website of the comic project. $ 100 bill with a portrait of American politics - the ticket price for the weekly party Comedy Club at the restaurant Le Bateau Ivre (d Zhukovka). Three years ago Comedy Club played in Moscow bars for a percentage of sales of alcohol in a bar (God forbid came out at $ 300 per person per night). Now 13 members of the creative team receive $ 25 000 per month, and the producers of the project - at times more.

Nikolai Khabibulin. Hockey. ($ 6750000)

Previously, fans of the famous goalkeeper called the Wall. Now they'll have to find him another nickname. Even in high season, Khabibulin admitted that he was tired of "ridiculous" pucks into his own net. The result of the season (an average of 3.35 a game keeper missed washers) for Khabibulina worse over the past five years. As a result, the club Chicago Blackhawks, the gate which protects Khabibulin, the season failed. "Do not show a decent game during the season, then, will prepare the groundwork for the next one. There will be something to start - at Khabibulina still nerves of steel.

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