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Poor street racing singer Podolsky: terrible consequences

July 14 2006

The new diva of XXI century singer Natalia Podolsky got in a terrible car accident, which seriously injured two people. An inexperienced driver Natasha drove his brand new Lexus, just six months. About how now "rent" on the right is known to many and so terrible for Podolsk, totally inexperienced driver, was hit in a terrible accident.

Favorite Machine "girls with ruble" at high speed rammed a modest Honda 29 - year professional   with NTV + Sergei Podlesskogo.

In a wonderful Wednesday evening, Natasha drove down the street toward Klimashkina Presnensky Val. Already a familiar route, allowed her to ignore the rules and at the next intersection she simply ignored the "regular" prohibition sign "stop" and without reducing speed, flew to Malaya Georgian street.

Of course, too late inadvertent Natasha noticed a car driving out, and even brand-new brakes, it did not help. In the otherworldly speed over one hundred and thirty miles of the car crashed into a car, which sat behind the wheel of the main specialist holding "NTV-plus" Sergei Podlessky. The whole life flashed in front of the driver's eyes, the gnashing of metal, and sparks from the collision of two foreign cars flew off to the side, rushed into ambulances.

A few minutes after the accident Natasha Podol'skaya still could not get over the shock of ... Getting out of the warped wreckage of his car, she just stared at the sides, nothing blankly. The hood of her car into a harmonica, on hands and legs a gentle girl bleeding scrapes and scratches. And then the singer looked at the second foreign car, the one which crashed and became hysterical and screams - the body of the driver of the Honda still lying on the ground.

Pale and tearful, frightened, bleeding Natasha could not believe that her carelessness and inexperience were to blame this tragedy, the fault of her own hurt and possibly killed people. With trembling fingers almost crazed girl dialed the number of its closest and most beloved man - Vladimir Presnyakov.

When he arrived, Natasha was a bit easier, and dismissed her for half an hour Beat willies. Gently hugging, kissing and comforting her, Natalie, a singer led her into a police car ambulance and he went after them. At the time, while doctors examined shocked at Podolsk, Vladimir was waiting for her in the emergency room and prayed. Despite some serious injuries, she did not want to stay in the hospital and left with her lover to treat trauma.

"I would now like to say something to me and so hard" - said the singer starting to cry.

But the strongest of all in this terrible accident suffered Sergei Podlessky - all the blow he took over. Lexus rammed his Honda in the place where the driver's seat is located. Once you hit the pavement Sergei long lost consciousness, and partly recovered only in a car ambulance. For three days, Sergei is in intensive care in critical condition. He had five broken ribs, bleeding in the left knee joint, brain trauma, brain concussion and numerous bruises.Doctors still do not risk something to anticipate and the difference between life and death, as well as the trial Podolsky hung in the silence ...

Mom Sergei Podlesskogo - Vera Isakovna still can not believe that all this happened to her son.

"He's such a nice driver - a woman crying. - I pray for him every day. "

In an accident caused by the Podolsk injured and another person, namely, physician assistant Kapitonova Love: after the collision, both foreign car flew into the ambulances. Only on the way to the hospital Love Kapitonova learned about who was responsible for the accident.

"I just saw flying shards of glass at me, - the woman says. - And when I came to myself, I understood that I was lying on the street. Next to me lay a man, he was unconscious. I wanted to help him, but could not - the whole body ached.

Love Kapitonova hospitalized in neyrohirurgichsekoe department. Fortunately, her life not in danger.


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