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MAXIM: the most incredible acting of reincarnation

May 14 2007

Many stars tortured themselves in gyms and do not get out of the salons, and just to look perfect. Maxim magazine is rating the most incredible impersonations of celebrities bodies in the name of art.

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Rankings was selected by Jeremy Piven. The actor known from the film "Setting". Nobody will never doubt the seriousness and passion with which Piven is coming to each of their roles. Look at him in the film RTD: here he is bald and flabby. Look in the movie "Setting" - a slender man with silky hair.

Second place went to Christian Bale from the movie "The Machinist." To play the role of the factory worker - the paranoid, not sleeping for a year, he threw a lot of pounds. Even more impressive result was obtained when the actor scored 23 kg in order to fulfill the role of Batman.

Reincarnation Charlize Theron, starring in the film "Monster" - one of the most incredible. The actress took the third spot. It was very difficult to know in the form of a serial killer and lesbians.

Robert De Niro, starring in the film "Raging Bull", came in fourth place. He had to score an incredible weight to play a professional boxer, descended to the bottom. We are talking about harmonious De Niro, who played in the movie "Mean Streets" and not about tolstyachke of "Meet the Fockers."

Thomas Howell was in fifth position for his role in the movie "The Insider in the board." This is probably the most incredible transformation in the history of cinema. White actor Howell turns to black. For those who think that it was just a cheap mask and wig, deep doubts: even the actor's body was black. Therefore, it is safe to say that he had been in the shoes black.

Sixth place is occupied by Sylvester Stallone, starring in the movie "Police." The policeman is a symbol of sporty and slim (or, at least, the record for most drunk beers). Eventually, he stopped doing exercises on bench under the leadership of Burt Young, and let his belly hang over the shoulder strap. After watching this movie wants to review everything at once a series of Rambo and Rocky. That's right, better get back to training.

Eric Bana was in seventh place reytenga for her role in "An Inside Look." It is unclear how Bana, has changed beyond recognition for the role of thug, did not become popular outside of Australia before this movie.

Rating, no doubt, can not dispense with Renee Zellweger and her starring role in "Bridget Jones". Slender star of the film "Chicago" had not only to gain an incredible amount of pounds, but also to develop a British accent, in order to star in two series of films about the poor woman from London Jones. The actress has settled down in eighth place.

Ninth place is situated Matt Damon for his role in the film "Courage Under Fire." Playing one of the first big roles, the future Jason Bourne, probably decided that his hero, crippled by war addict should look exactly as the crippled war junkie. For this role, Damon dropped almost 20 kg, which greatly harm their health.Fortunately, this time Ben Affleck was eating for two.

Actress Linda Hamilton played Sarah Connor in the movie "Terminator 3: Judgement Day", was in tenth place. In one case, she "came into shape for the role," another "was transformed into a mini-version of Arnold." In the first series, "Terminator" Connor is perfectly normal as a waitress with a perfectly normal body. When the screens out the "Terminator 2", we saw the new Sarah, with muscular and unrestrained nature of the mentally ill.

Masha Shibanova


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