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Linda: about himself, the fatal love and work (interviews, photo)

October 11 2006

The most enigmatic singer on the Russian platform Linda returns with new album, new producer, new look. Album Linda was named "AleAda" and was recorded with the talented Greek composer Stefanos Korkolisom, who has worked with such world stars as Demis Rusos, Mylene Farmer, Peter Gabriel, Metallica. Presentation of the album "AleAda" will be held at "The World" on October 14. I met with Linda in her studio.

- Linda, tell us about his new album, about its main ideas and symbols.

- The recording of the album, we spent less than a year. Generally, it's strange to talk about music. It is better to listen and make their conclusions. But for us it is rather a gesture of reaching out to people who understand what love is. For whom - it is not just a word, and much more - the heat, living in the heart of man. When a person is feeling, then inside it are some changes. Love - is unearthly, something that we all aspire, but do not always realize it.

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We, unfortunately, go with the flow, do not try to stop and understand what really cost us dear, that we close. We will just not pay attention and are guided only by the fact that we need at this moment, forgetting that there are people who need help, there are people who love us. We often understand it when they lose loved ones.

- Linda, you met a man who turned the whole world is yours opened and revealed something new?

- Yes. His name is Stefanos Korkolis, a man with whom we recorded this album. I am sure that such meetings are not random. They completely change not only you but your whole world. He is not just our producer, and a very bright man, classical musician, known throughout the world, who dedicated himself to music in four years.

Auto. - Stefanos Korkolis - Greek singer and composer.

- For you it's a landmark meeting?

- Yes, our fateful meeting. I know that for Stefanos is an important point, because everything he does, he deeply felt. We recorded at six different locations. The record was attended by Greek and African music, Arabic string quartet and symphony orchestra.

- Do you think that every person is worthy of love?

- I believe that life - this is love, man must understand it myself.

- But some love deny, focus only on the material? "

- Everything depends on the person. If he denies the love - means he will not. I think there must be faith. A person should love life, though it happens and easy. Everybody has their own way, and each is given its sign. If he sees it in time, feel, it will touch and change it, then that person will never remain indifferent.

- What about disappointments? If a person is faced with failure, lost a loved one and decided that the longer he waits for no ...

- So, a person such a path, and we should take it. We have to wait to make the time came to fruition, and then begin to act himself. We must try to do something yourself, give more, then life itself will prompt way.

I think it should just be humble in life, do not wait for some comfort, comfort. I speak from personal experience, when you fall off strongly, very hard to recover. But when you work on yourself, then you realize that this piece of life given to you, he is from the beginning, and will once completion.This path must be able to pass through, even if difficult.

- In love to be the victim?

- I think that love - is not a victim. If a man loves, he does not expect anything in return, even if his feelings are not the answer. My heart has always loved, even the worst situations takes to love. It is important to have a cause in which you are in love, to be honest with yourself, be positive-minded person and believe. Life sees all, God sees everything, and he knows who now need help and who does this will come.

There are moments in which you realize: no fuss, no aggression. Life is in full swing, but inside you just rest and you're not alone. You just have to go the way that you hear, and this is the correct way.

- What are the qualities you appreciate in people, and what qualities in people repulse you?

- I appreciate the sincerity, I appreciate people who are ready to open relations, which are not indifferent to life. Naturally, I hate the inverse quality. Slippery relations in return for something, I hate greed, brutality, callousness, narcissism. For those hiding normal quality person. He stops to see and hear the world around us.

- Do you often change their images. And how do they come from?

- It's not an image, it all comes naturally, because I'm probably an ordinary person, who from time to time something in itself changes. Creativity does not tolerate repetitions. If you do music, painting or some other kind of art, it always requires new sensations, new emotions. You do not stop and is slowly changing. This is normal and interesting.

- Linda, you yourself make up costumes, make-up?

-Invent, of course, myself, but I'm in this to help the people with whom I work. There is a good team, for example, Vasya Wayne, he worked with me for about three years. All proceeds from the fact, as I see it in the first place. Who else for you to say that you close?

- The clips of "The Crow", "Agony" you had a gothic image, and many later wrote that Linda goes to the gothic subculture. But she feels connected to you to the Gothic?

- I myself to any directions am not, because the direction must come from the individual, everything else people have invented himself. In art, yes. There is an art of Gothic, Baroque is an art, but music and the appearance of a man should proceed from the state of mind. In my life I prefer to wear a gothic clothing and sportswear.

When we recorded "The Crow" and "agony" for me there was no medium between black and white, so the clips were obtained just such, and music, and the behavior itself on the stage was built from the fact that I myself felt. After all, music can only be experienced, and then later write.

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Unable to come to the studio and say: "Here we are now written like this song. This never happens. It comes when a person feels the need to say something.Later, when there is an idea, there is a work in the studio.

There comes a time when you overwhelm any, not necessarily a happy feeling. It happens so that people can write and severe depression. And depression can write the positive and vice versa. So stick to some strict directions problem never stood.

We are musicians, ten years together on stage, we are all each other very well know. We were together well - that's what is most important. We find in this kind of life, their language and try to make a step forward to continue to have the opportunity to continue our business.

Read the rest of the interview with Linda tomorrow.

Julia Wise

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