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Jane Birkin has moved away from fashion and occupied by refugees

January 11 2010

The most expensive and prestigious in the world of accessory has been named one of the most famous and sexy women in the world - Jane Birkin. But while rich ladies around the world for years waiting for the opportunity to buy a Birkin bag for tens of thousands of dollars, Jane frankly admits that "namesake" she can not afford. However, in recent years, the singer and actress is much more the world of politics, rather than the fashion world.

The fact that the handbag, named after her so popular, Jane learned by accident and only recently reached an agreement with the company Hermès on payment of certain interest. The money goes to various charities, as Jane, which is far over 60, the interests and independence of Tibet, and political problems in Burma, and the consequences of the war in Chechnya.
Interested in much more than bags. And looks at the excitement around the enhancement of humor: "When I come to America, I ask: is your name Birkin, as the bag? I answer, yes, and bag you now sing. "

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Famous Birkin bag the active Jane invented for the sake of convenience, drawing their visions of an ideal roomy leather sacks for walks. Leaflets with pictures she accidentally dropped from the hands of the plane and picked up their neighbor - the chairman of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas. He was interested and offered to do sketches for a bag named after her creator.

In the same story there is a second version in which the representative of Hermès looks like a gallant knight. In accordance with this case scenario, the plane Jane tried to cram into her purse pile of papers and photos, and a neighbor picked up the falling stuff. Then Jane complained of the lack of normal bags, and promised fellow traveler: "I'll give you a bag, which you will never be parted again."

Collectible Bag

With Birkin bags now do not leave dozens of stars - Sofia Coppola, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Sandra Bullock, Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie. Naomi Campbell insists she has no less than a hundred bags Birkin, Victoria Beckham and have them just more of its collection is estimated at 1.5 million pounds. Victoria and continues to regularly buy new ones.

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Relatively recently it has appeared Exclusive Birkin worth 150,000 dollars, decorated with diamonds three carats. In the world of all three copies of this bag, and the next four years is not expected to repeat. Turn even the most simple model is at least a year - and this at a price of $ 8000. Average and more than the real value of the product - 27 000 USD Rent Birkin bag for a week - and that much more expensive rental apartments.

Birkin - it has long been more than just an accessory, a symbol of luxury, success and style. Each bag hand made of calfskin, the fittings are gold or palladium. For individual instances used crocodile, iguana, ostrich, and the lock can be covered with leather or decorated with diamonds. Even the box for a bag is made individually.

orgovy house Hermes has become famous in two iconic bags his second masterpiece - Kelly, named after Grace Kelly. According to statistics, this is the best-selling handbag in the world, but its price is much lower than the price at Birkin, and no queues. Who could believe that originally, in 1837 the firm was engaged in production of saddles and harness, and only to the 1920th switched to fashion. Famous Hermes scarves presented itself Marilyn Monroe!

Orgasm Live

Jane, who cheerfully joked on bag-odnofamilitsy - iconic actress and soon the two countries - Britain and France, a popular singer and sex symbol. She was born into a wealthy and distinguished family of London's military and actress. Jane's mother was famous in musicals, but one of my aunts father was the mistress of the Prince of Wales who became King Edward III.
Brother of Jane - a famous film director and screenwriter Andrew Birkin ("Perfume: The Story of a Murderer", "The Cement Garden").

It is not surprising that even at 17 she chose the profession of an actress, and in 1967 thundered across the country, thanks to a short and spectacular scenes in the movie "enlargements". Naked Jane provoked such a strong reaction from critics and the public that the premier had to go to the mother, Judy Campbell, Jane herself was frightened and did not dare.

After a year in France at the screen test of the film "Slogan" Jane has a leading role, though did not speak French. On set, she met with Serge Gainsbourg, who was at the height of his fame. They immediately became the most fashionable couple of years.

By the time Jane has managed to visit married to the famous composer, to give birth to her daughter Kate, became an actress and photographer, and divorce. But Gainsbourg before experienced a passionate affair with Brigitte Bardot and recorded with her song "I love you ... I also do not »(Je t'aime ... moi non plus).

Bardot found the song too candid and asked not to release, but Jane gladly took part in the new record. The single became a hit - he broke the world two millionth edition, published in 8 languages, including Japanese, and then he performed dozens of artists.

And despite the prohibition in several states, and even the official presentation of the Pope condemned the songs! That's because in the final Jane passionately moaned, simulating orgasm, and it was rumored that during recording they had sex with Serge.

The marriage lasted 12 years, giving her daughter Charlotte, now a popular actress and singer, and creative collaboration Birkin and Gainsbourg lasted a lifetime. Jane sang and starred in the movie and the songs she wrote, Serge, even after divorce. The third husband of Jane again became a famous man, and he was born the third daughter, Lou Doillon, fashion model, actress and singer.

After the death of Gainsbourg Jane did not stop singing. She's busy musical, theatrical and film projects, and travels a lot, a few years ago came with a tour round in Russia. And on the seventh decade looks as though immediately clear why the most expensive in the world a bag named after her name.

Elena Chirkova

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Умка 11.01.2010 | понедельник ответить

Красивая она была в молодости, не хуже Бриджит Бардо, даже красивее в сто раз. И, кстати, чтоб там ни говорили про распущенность нынешних знаменитостей, в таком откровенном платье никто не был замечен из ныне популярных персонажей, а фотографии Биркин по откровенности намного превосходят те же фото из Плейбой.

Правда она не выглядит пошлой дешевкой - наивный такой разврат получается.

Умка 11.01.2010 | понедельник ответить

Да, красивая Биркин. Очень секси. Сейчас нет таких.

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