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Birthday of the great poet dedicated ...

June 6 2007

Today is the birthday of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. On this occasion, on the Old Arbat Street, opposite house number 46 (where there is a monument to Pushkin and Goncharova) will flash mob. Exactly at 19.00 present lift up his feet a volume of Pushkin. For this action they get in return a good mood, smiling a living by Alexander Pushkin (after the materialization of its spirit) and a beautiful colored balloon. Poems will be read by young poets laureates "Debut". However, Pushkin would not have approved share of enterprising people from the tribe of the Young stranger. "

And although at the time of Pushkin on such concepts as "flash mob" or a flash mob, was not even mentioned - our national genius can rightfully associate with the term era of mass communications.

Poet besili ceremony in which he was to participate as a Bedchamber. He did not even imagine poshil mundirny coat, without which it was impossible to attend the Winter Palace. Because of this, in April 1834, Pushkin missed a Mass in the palace. After the king gave Zhukovskii netusovochnomu so its displeasure.

"All these festivals - Pushkin wrote to his wife - sit at home. To heir is with congratulations and greetings are not going to ... "On the day of the oath heir Alexander was in the Winter of Zagryazhskaya, but at the ceremony, as well as on the ball, did not attend. Did not want "the sun of Russian poetry" to congratulate the future Czar Liberator - Alexander II. A month Pushkin notified Chief Chamberlain that he could not be at the celebration of the birthday of Queen in Peterhof.

Huge crowds and crowds of the nobility mobile irritated Pushkin. About this preserved eyewitness accounts. Sollogub saw him in court coach during a family celebration of the royal family: "sorrowful face of the triangular hat." Another suggests that the poet "looked sullen." But the best evidence - poems of the poet himself. In his works to the noun "crowd" is always attached to derogatory epithets. Remember the lines from the famous poem "The Poet and the crowd:

He sang - and Frost and arrogant
Range of people profane
He listened to meaningless.

The military bone in the reign of Emperor Nicholas I stuck out more superciliary arches. Who loves the order and frunt, Nikolai Pavlovich repeatedly threatened to punish the recalcitrant servants. The behavior of the fashionable poet especially irritated monarch. Nicholas I, communicating with Karamzin and Zhukovsky, came to the conclusion that "poetry and poets - one adopted by the courts of kings and monarchs of jewelry." And then the famous pushkinoved Paul Schegolev wrote: "And on the part of the ornaments of his reign, he was very considerate. But if the desire to maintain a brilliant ornament of his reign, and could be strongly in Nicholas, is still the first task was the removal, destruction of all source audacious free-thinking. "

Not that the former playboy was not fond of those days entertainment. "Generally, I like the ball - a married Pushkin wrote in his diary - the Emperor is very simple in his speech, completely at home."

And the emperor Pushkin felt no resentment or anger. In a letter to his wife on June 11, 1834, he wrote: "... does not he (the king - Ed.) Blame for his piggish around. And living in an outhouse, willy-nilly get used to shit and stink it you will not be repugnant, a gift that gentleman. Wow, if only I escape to fresh air. "

Mocker Pushkin, of course, here and jeering over the king, but the main accusation is designed yard. This is thus not public events with a large accumulation of various folk: and balls, and disco, and folk festivals, and tolpizm and flashmob.

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