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13-year-old Miss Princess. Childhood in exchange for fame

February 3 2010

Dark curls falling on her tanned shoulders. Necklace made of fake diamonds for 300 pounds blind eye to their unbearable brilliance. Long eyelashes, a brilliant smile, a purple satin dress - that looks like a beauty queen among adolescents. Many girls would give anything just to be now in its place: Sophie Watson, just 13 years old, but she is already a winner of a bunch of tiaras, lovingly arranged in a glass cabinet - this is her reward for winning a beauty contest.

Call this girl a symbol of new generation - and you can not go wrong: to get rich, they ruthlessly exploit any talent, including beauty, like Sophie.

Mother, "Queen," Joy, happy affair of his hands - that she is responsible for the impeccable image of Sophie. "We want to win, and every time the rates are rising. Now people are expecting from Sophie's something larger, and therefore we have to carry large expenses," - she explains.

On his page on the social network Sophie appears as a model, singer and dancer, which attracted hundreds of virtual friends. However, she herself slid this incarnation on the back burner to concentrate on only one: to become a superstar, not only British but also international scale. Sophie is not afraid of difficulties - it is inevitable thorns on the way to the top of Mount Olympus, and neither more nor less than world domination.

Behind a girl - a victory in the Miss Cinderella, Miss Tourism International, Miss County Durham, Miss Photogenic, Miss Beauty of the British model, cover Miss, Miss Princess, "and so on.

"Sophie sings very well, but does not plan to waste himself on vocal art. My daughter knows for sure what he wants and makes every effort to get his - says Joy. - When your name is already known, it is much easier to make a successful career. Titles - is something that will open any doors to Sophie. "

The very small miss, excitement, explains: "Justin Timberlake has become well known thanks to the participation in the contest, where to begin his career. And Miley Cyrus?" She is only 17, but her bank account already are 26 million pounds. "

Preparing for the contest - expensive. Dress for Sophie ordered from the UK's leading fashion designers, among them - Danielle Lloyd, Antaeus Turner and Jodie Marsh. Personal beauty-coach for the girl was a former beauty queen, who lives 300 miles from Watson, but for 70 pounds per hour and is ready to immediately offer advice - in person, by telephone or via the Internet.

Sophie's parents say their spending a good investment of capital: the correct gait and communication skills with the reporters are always useful, not only on the podium, but in real life. Advances girls confirms the recent network incident: Joy proudly says that the mother of one of the most serious rival Sophie is not so long ago addressed the girl a lot of abuse on behalf of his daughter.

His first victory Sophie won a year ago - says her mother, for a natural appearance, distinguishes it from other contestants.

Today, from its natural beauty is nothing left: Hair color girl in a dark brown, almost black, and her delicate cheeks covered with a thick layer of plaster - his red curls and freckles Sophie hated, believing that they cripple it, and may interfere with another win crown.

Mrs. believes that everything is in order: "Sometimes I meet girls the same age, Sophie, who in ordinary life are painted two times stronger than Sophie on the podium. For the competitions in the United States have applied more makeup - there are several other requirements. But in the end all, it is not seven years, so that's okay I do not see. "

A couple of months ago, the Air Force showed a film about Sophie, and then it hit a flurry of letters from fans asking them to sign a photograph. "I send pictures around the world - in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, France, Belgium - anywhere" - boasts a little girl.

Joy said: "I am aware that among those who requested a photo of my daughter, not just teenagers - one of her fans may well be a man of middle age. But this is just a picture - what's wrong?

In my heart I would like to see this glory fell on my girl when she was a little older. But I can not say to her: "Sophie, do not do anything until you are under 16, it would be foolish. She has a lot of new friends - and this is just a plus.

The decision to become "the most-most" Sophie took when moved to a new school. The team is not very happy the new pupil, and the girl fell into a depression. Fearing that her daughter can do anything with him, his mother gave her the idea to participate in a beauty contest in the hope that it would cheer her up.

"Sophie from the outset drove it into her head that she will win. The contest itself she did not like - it was one of the few girls who went away with nothing. My daughter cried for several days, and I panicked - my naive desire to help Sophie turned into an even greater frustration for her, "- says Joy.

A year later, after changing a succession of schools, Sophie insisted on participating in another contest - now being assertive brunette. The title of Miss Great Britain young she literally snatched the competitors. "When we came home, she cried again - but this time is for joy. Flowers, Crown and the mass proved to compliments, from which it was separated by only a few steps, just needed to know in which direction to go."

Of course, underneath all this paint - just a little girl, albeit talented. However, getting a bit sad that she does not use all their abilities, and seeks only to become famous.

Nataliya Sinitsa

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