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Day, when literature was entitled to sex

November 2 2009

13015.jpeg The second in November 1960 in a British court ended one of the most scandalous "book" processes. David Lawrence's novel "Lady Chatterley's Lover" was recognized as a work of art even though the abundance of foul language and sexually explicit scenes. This book, which has no particular literary merit, became famous thanks to a ban of the authorities, take it away from readers for three decades.

The second in November 1960 in a British court ended one of the most controversial processes in its history. Jurors decided that the novel is David Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover "is not obscene. At the hearing, the prosecutor asked: "What if this book will read your wife or servants?" - But even in those years, this argument has not been able to confuse the public. But already today, and the reader does is unlikely to find in the pages of this subversive creations something shocking. Nevertheless, it is written in 1928, was banned for nearly three decades. And then, as you can see, the court needed to be recognized as a literary work.

Because of this scandal, the very name of Lady Chatterley has become associated with something forbidden and seductive, and her story has laid a new literary tradition - and the public, too - the perception of the relationship between man and woman. This novel was first published in Italy a very small circulation. One thousand copies of the book author friends have sold to individuals that originally secured the "lovers" the glory of the forbidden and alluring text. Lawrence did not count on a heightened, almost painful attention to his masterpiece, though it was printed privately.

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In many ways, the novel's popularity is owed to numerous plagiarist, imitators and pirates. " Since at that time, according to British law, for private publication copyright did not apply, many cunning businessmen have decided to enrich themselves at the expense of a modest book of the author and reprinted without permission. It was clear that consumers "Lover" with his hands otorvut. In America alone sold for at least four different versions of the text - with minimal changes to Lawrence, in which case he could not make a claim.

13016.jpeg When to "Lover" reached members of religious communities, started to panic: how such a book in general could be published and sold? Religious Americans have declared implacable war Lawrence's novel, the writer declared in bad taste, no talent, sin, obscenity, and try to exploit the properties of the worst of human nature for profit. Complaints received so many that the authorities not only U.S. but the UK decided to meet angry defenders of morality.

"Lady Chatterley's Lover" was banned, and soon it spread to all the taboos of the world, including even China. There, among other things, even the touch of a sinful book could be worth the reader of all, since even temporary possession of a copy was punishable by life imprisonment. Dubbed pornographic novel, and this decision for many years defined the attitude of British and American ships to erotic art. But by the standards of the XXI century, this book is unlikely to pull even erotic, it is not more obscene than any other romance novels.

about in the early 1930's detailed descriptions of the sexual intimacy of the hero and heroine, differing from the usual literature rather mundane, everyday language, created a furore. The history of Lady Constance Chatterley, tied to the paralytic, the rich man and suddenly succumbed to sexual attraction Möllers forester, was a revolutionary and social point of view. Misalliance that time, of course, have not been out of the ordinary phenomenon, but the relationship with the plebeian aristocrats who work in the estate of her husband, her pregnancy and the consent of Lord make his successor someone else's child - all this was beyond acceptable.

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But it took several decades, the norms of public morality suffered devastating changes - and publishers began to feel that it's finally time, "Lady Chatterley's Lover." Publisher "Penguin", specializing in meeting the tastes of the general reader, beginning to prepare the book for publication. The law requires prior to publication send 12 copies of the Prosecutor General's Office, which must approve the release.

13017.jpeg Of the 200 thousandth edition specified number of thin little volumes of the novel was sent genoprokuroru, which, as expected, imposed a ban on the sale of the book. The fact that the year before in the UK Act came into force on publication of obscene content, "which allowed the unsavory work only if they were confirmed by experts artistic value.

But the leadership of "Penguin", has already spent a lot of money on print circulation, did not want to lose profits and filed a lawsuit. This process is one of the most scandalous in the history of world literature, began Oct. 27, 1960, and the proceedings with interest the whole country. The phrase public prosecutor, "What if this book will read your wife or servants?" became the popular expression.

Publishing invited 35 witnesses who spoke in his favor. Among them were representatives of different social classes - the intelligentsia, housewives, workers and priests. They are all as one argued that the society wants to get acquainted with Lawrence's novel.

The trial ended a brilliant victory "Penguin" - and it is a commercial triumph. Tenth of November, "The Lover" has appeared on the shelves of bookstores, and immediately formed a queue behind him. The entire edition in the British capital was sold for a quarter of an hour, in the province - for a day. So the publishing house, without thinking twice, download all of your printing capacity printing of this novel, dreaming of a million profit. Incidentally, it turned out to be correct.

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"Penguin" was founded in 1935 and made a name in the production of works of contemporary authors in paperback quality. Prior to that, a paperback published only shockers and those classic works, for which there was no copyright. "Real" literature emerged only in hardcover and cost, respectively, ten times more expensive. Revolution in publishing has made Allen Lane, who once, going on the road, I could not pick up a kiosk in the station a decent book to read in transit. Then a thought came to him and to produce good literature in an inexpensive format.

For Britain the 1930's it was a truly revolutionary idea, a bold and risky move, because in this country traditions often valued above common senseBut "poketbuki" paperbacks have been to the liking of the public that in the era of dotelevizionnuyu amused mostly reading. Publisher "Penguin" has become one of the largest in the world, could itself dictate the terms of the market and ignore the competition.

13018.jpeg In the history of world literature "Lady Chatterley's Lover" came not only as a first romance, reclassified from pornography in the works of art, but also as an example of stylistic innovation. Lawrence, wanting to portray a real sexual relationship between a man and a woman who indulged in the use juicy words. Only one word fuck used in the text at least a hundred times that the modern reader does not shocking, but good eighty years ago is striking.

But because of the lengthy legal ban on publishing "The Lover" has lost the race for the right to be called a literary work, legalized the unprintable words in print. Superiority acquired a novel by James Jones "From now and for ever", which was released in 1951. The author was personally involved in the war, has devoted his creation the United States Army and made it suitable barracks vocabulary, coupled with an unprecedented for the last century naturalism descriptions.

The above-mentioned expletive was used in his book hundreds of times and usually surrounded by no less shocking vocabulary. Public morality was trampled, the society was in a delighted. Apparently, the years of war have broken the tradition of morality towards naturalness. And in 1952, "Henceforth and forever," was awarded the National Book Award. Since filing Jones obscene words began to appear in the pages of literary works so often that soon the readers at all stopped paying attention to them.

Ирина Павликова

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