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How to get out of Internet networks

October 30 2005

Among the many tehnobolezney, which was so generous XX century, the greatest concern to psychologists is kompyuteromaniya or manic dependence on the Internet. The first danger of computer merrymaking felt psychologists, as patrons tend internet longing again and again immersed in the computer world and not leave it. Experts argue about the name of the disease, but they are all united in one thing: the syndrome of addiction to the Internet is certainly in need of treatment.

Although the disease is still very young, the healers of our souls had to spend a sufficient amount of research stupefying effect when using the Internet and its symptoms. According to our data, the dependent must be anyone who several times a day checking my "box", who in their virtual journeys forgets about time someone eats in front of the monitor, but not at the table, and, of course, the one closest "too often sawing "because he is too keen on the computer.

Besides them, the danger zone is entered and the one who berates himself for excessive passion for world-wide network - say, once again gave the blunder, had stayed almost until morning, as the fool! According to the logic of scientists, such behavior indicates the presence of a very strong desire, that is, detects manic.

Specialists in complete seriousness argue that internetomaniya just as destructive as alcoholism or drug addiction, and lead to profound changes in personality - self-isolation, loss of internal landmarks, unbalanced mind, the external manifestations of absent-mindedness and carelessness, disregard for someone, not to mention the devastating costs for telephone services. Others express concern that internetomaniya lead to the isolation of individuals in the scale of the epidemic. And experts nominated by these forecasts are not even embarrassed by the fact that in former times their colleagues have already frightened society similar terrible prophecies - in connection with the widespread radio and television.

On the roots of mental illness is still waging a fierce debate: the problem of contact or maternal trauma, injury, or contact the parent complex - the options are countless. In a unanimous dushevedy and sacred covenant followed Freud's grandfather, who taught: "Cash is useful for healing the patient." Very curious analysis populations were the most prone to disease. Most "maniacs" was among the newcomers who have just got a computer and enthusiastically plunged into "a different reality." Moreover, the most active users of modern lure proved, to the surprise of experts, older single pensioners and housewives, middle-aged. "Students and schoolchildren - said K. Young - subject to mania is much less than we expected."

However, the rest of the audience appears amateurish, of course, but the legitimate question: is not too broad symptoms? And the scale of the disaster? Given all of the characteristic features of newly-minted epidemic, it is only in the U.S. can count a million new victims of mania, requiring the application of special treatment ...

In fact obolvanennyh internet weirdos who spend a digital paradise booths of 40 or more hours a week, quite a bit. Practice, however, believe that the victims of short-term fever are three to five percent of all internet users.At the same time, such states are more common for beginners, and most of them relinquish enticing many hours of travel over the network as soon shatter the first rapture. Process of "healing" a lot of help to quarrel with their friends, especially with the threat of a partner to leave their "cyber nuts", which completely forgotten how to talk and is able to answer was said to him exclusively non-verbal cues - a nod or shrug.

To its credit, psychologists have yet to note: predicting the epidemic, they do not have to sit is made up of hands, and have developed general principles for victim assistance and appropriate therapy. K. Young, in particular, that in no case does not make "any sudden movements - Unlearning should proceed with a gradual reduction of residence time in the network.

In most cases, require both psychotherapy. Free assistance to promising group calling themselves "anonymous internet" or "Setegoliki" and acting on the principle: self-help. However, to get that free lunch unfortunate captive network must again and again to enter the Internet - and it seems as reasonable as to organize meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in an Irish pub.

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