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How to predict the fate and determine the nature of human birthmarks

November 28 2005

Perhaps the world does not exist a man whose body is not at least one mole. They can evolve, disappear and appear later in life. But it turns out, according to their location on the body can also predict the future and determine the nature of the holder.

The scientific name of moles - nevi (from Lat. Naevus - a birthmark). Unambiguous opinion as to what exactly is a mole and why they appear on our body, not even a specialist dermatologists. Someone claims that nevi - benign tumors, while others consider their developmental disabilities.

There are cases when the moles regenerated in melanoma - a kind of skin cancer. In "high risk" of such a rebirth of moles include people with fair skin and blue eyes, and redheads. This is due to the fact that most birthmarks is the worst enemy of the sun, and it was light-skinned most often get sunburns. In addition, the risk can be attributed all the owners of a large number of moles and those whose relatives were victims of this type of skin cancer.

There is a whole branch of fortune-telling and reading of a person's character by a birthmark on his body. It is very important on which side of the body is a birthmark. Men have "good" information appears on the right side, "evil" - on the left, women - on the contrary. In addition to the location of moles, their characteristics are very important color. Dark moles are associated with Saturn and point to the karma of human red - with Jupiter and warning of events that causes a person to change conceptually, to revise their outlook. Bright moles reveal the influence of Venus and the ability to communicate with other people.

It is believed that the larger the mole, the meaning of its properties and solid predicted its impending event. Rounder than the mole, so a good omen. If the mole is convex, the fate is very happy. Oval or elongated mole bring bad luck, which is worse than the dark birthmark.

Particular attention should be paid on figures from several moles. They are both favorable and unfavorable. The worst figure - a cross. Unhappy considered as stars and squares of moles of all sizes and colors as well as birthmarks in the form of a spider. Auspicious signs - triangle, circle and oval. A man with a triangle of moles on his face is a real lucky.

And what they say your moles?

On the forehead: the right - the mind, leading to fame and prosperity, on the left - extravagance, and helplessness.
In the eyes: close to the outer corner of his eye - a calm character, confidence, and frugality.
The eyebrows: right - happiness and opportunity, early marriage, on the left - a difficult marriage.
On the ear - ruthlessness.
On the cheek: the right - happiness, especially in married life, on the left - the difficulty, struggle.
On his cheek: success, prosperity and good luck. Near the mouth - happiness, sensuality. On the chin - in poor health.
On the nose: a large fortune, travel, sexual development.
At the throat: a rich marriage, the implementation of ambitious plans.
On the neck: a lot of success and frustration, unexpected inheritance, failed at first, but success ultimately.
On hand: natural ability, leading to success.
On the right hand: good luck; on the left - money trouble.
On the shoulder: the difficult and challenging times.
On his chest: right - turns of fate, on the left: a man - good luck and happiness, the woman - spunky temperament often leads to absurd attachment; the middle - a good income, but does not bring great /> In the stomach: ambitious nature, the tendency to indulge his weakness, laziness, and perhaps greed.
On the back: honesty and generosity, but the arrogance and narcissism. If a birthmark is sitting very low, sensuality and indulgence.
On the edges: the right - cowardice, indolence, insensitivity, boring, on the left - the same quality, but to a lesser extent and painted an ironic attitude.
On the thighs: the strong, healthy children and many grandchildren.
On the knee: right - carefree marriage and unhampered in cash, on the left - fussiness.
The ankle: Finesse, makes a dandy man. The woman is a sign of energy and great diligence.
On foot: Right - the love of traveling, the left - uptake.
At the foot: the right or left - laziness.

According to the magazine Superstil "

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