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Tantric Sex. Try and enjoy! - November 23, 2005

November 23 2005

Recently, more and more people are moving away from bustling worldly affairs and begin to think about the soul, seek spiritual enrichment and purification of the organism. No one is surprised that his friends and acquaintances are practicing yoga, meditating, studying oriental culture or learn to dance - belly. Many people are attracted to Tantra, and the young couple with relish learn tantric sex. One could say that Tantra is now in vogue. But not all have a clear idea of what it is.

Tantra - a system of specially designed physical and mental exercises, which sharpens senses, develop insights and feelings. The aim of training is to achieve spiritual ecstasy, the expansion of consciousness, an understanding of the natural world. Tantra aims to sexual pleasure, it rejuvenates the body and mind people loving each other.

Tantric sex - is a sex in which the partners dissolve in each other. Tantra teaches people how to prolong your pleasure and make love on the hour to hour and a half or even more, to get maximum enjoyment and a strong, vibrant orgasms. As we know, most men (the West) have orgasms through 2-5 minutes after the start of sexual intercourse, such an approach a woman does not even feel anything.

Tantra and Yoga have much in common, both of these systems are aimed at physical and spiritual perfection of man (So often spoken Tantra Yoga "). In each of them there are several ways to achieve the goal (a goal they are the same - to achieve spiritual ecstasy): a yoga - through the activities, knowledge and love of God, mental exercises, in Tantra - through sound, visual images and, of course, sex. Perhaps that is why Tantra is so popular among young people.

Why in Tantra as much time is devoted to sexual intercourse men and women?

This question can be answered as follows:
• sexual relationships open the door to the subconscious region;

• in the highest state of sexual ecstasy of the partners dissolve the barriers of their own individuality, there is an ability awareness of unity in the universe;

• consciousness expands, and the flow of knowledge overwhelms the mind (for sustained achievement of such ecstasy, requires some preparatory phase, which includes special exercises).

If you decide to learn the practice of tantric sex, you need to remember and observe the following conditions:

1. You must have a permanent partner. In Tantra, it is important to explore the tastes, affections and habits of man.

2. For employment must be good condition: there should be no noise, the partners must be confident that they are nothing and nobody hurt.

3. Much attention should be paid to clean the skin, mouth, genitals.

4. Making love, you must be fully liberated. Allow yourself to publish any sounds from crying to bestial howling, do whatever you want you and your partner without thinking about what is indecent or shameful. If you can not be completely free in the bed, then Tantra is not for you.

5. You and your partner should refer to sexual intercourse as a necessary and natural process of your life, just like to take a bath or eating. You should be aware of the dualism of the universe (the unity of opposites, yin - the male principle, yang - Female - aut.) Do not feel a false sense of sin and shame.

6.Movement in sex should be easy, without effort. Indeed, sexual tantra yoga (and yoga) eliminates most of the tension. When you tense the body, your physical stamina is reduced, but, more importantly, stress contributes to a more rapid onset of orgasm. Movements should be airy, graceful, rhythmic. Sex in Tantra is like a dance. When you learn to move without effort, you doymete that lose all sense of time, as the time in our understanding - this sequence of events following one after another. A loss of sense of passing time leads to the dissolution of partners in each other and, ultimately, to ecstasy.

7. Sex in Tantra, which include strokes, sex games and sex itself, require sufficient time for at least 2 hours. Therefore, the first lessons you can allocate time for all stages of contact. But the stages of sexual contact is difficult to fit into certain time frame, so planning is unlikely to be effective.

Tantric sex has brought together more than you, make you more gentle and caring. So try and enjoy!

Medinfo on materials and Medicus.

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