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Sandwich with chemistry: nutritional supplements on the way to your stomach. Is there a solution?

June 7 2005

Do you like to eat? And who does not love. Go to the store. What abundance! It's not you hungry 80-ies. One dear to thirty varieties of sausage. Interestingly, and of which it is made. And what a strange elements in its composition, some kind of "E". This is nothing, as food additives. That's just how dangerous all this "chemistry". Perhaps the sausage really will be too expensive for the heart ...

As it is not sad, but supplements are necessary in today's world. Pundits believe that in this way can solve the problems of microbial contamination in food and nutrient imbalances. Turns out to be with you for our health wise use of preservatives is less dangerous than their absence in the products. What can you do, this is the ecological situation is that "clean" products almost gone. That and "chemical" producers for the benefit of civilization.

Food additives - it's natural and synthetic chemical compounds that do not represent a source of energy, such as food, are not used in pure form, and only added to the products to facilitate the process, extending the shelf life or to make a certain consistency of the final product.
In fact, people used food additives in the distant past. Several millennia ago in the move, as now, were acetic and lactic acids, salt and various spices.

More closely to them were treated in the XIX and XX centuries. And today we are experiencing a real boom in food supplements.

Specifically, to avoid ambiguity the EU has developed a system of digital codification. It has approved the Joint Committee of Experts FAO (Food and agricultural organization) and WHO (World Health Organization. "Each additive has a four-digit number and the letter" E "in the beginning.

Codes are used in combination with the names of functional classes that reflect the group of food additives. Code has a clear interpretation, and implies that a particular substance tested for safety, for he has spent the recommendations for its use of technology, as well as established criteria for purity.

Natural way the presence of food additives should be reflected on the product label. Supplement may appear as a separate product or provide a functional class in conjunction with the number of E.

Thus, the classification of dietary supplements as follows:

E100-E182 - dyes;
E200 and more - koservanty;
E300 and more - antioxidants
E400 and further stabilizing
E450 and further, E100 - emulsifiers
E500 and more - Acidity regulators and baking powder
E600 and more - flavor enhancers and flavor
E700 and E800 - spare indexes;
E900 - glazed agents and bread improvers.

Food additives are divided into several groups.

The first - the substance regulating the taste of food. Namely: fragrances, flavorings, sweeteners - sugar substitutes and sweeteners, a large class of acids and acidity regulators.

The second - the substances that improve the appearance of the product: dyes, bleaches, color stabilizers

The third - a substance regulating the consistency and texture formation: thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers, thinners and blowing />

The fourth - a substance enhancing the safety of the product and increases its storage time: preservatives, antioxidants, and vlagouderzhivayuschieagenty poenkoobrazovateli.

In fact, this classification based on technological grounds rather conditional. For example, food additive E339 (sodium phosphate) can be used as acidity regulator, emulsifier, stabilizer, complexing agent and water-holding agent. In other words, it belongs to all four groups.

Some food additives are divided into natural and artificial. The title of natural dyes are carotenoids proudly U161, U100, curcumin, riboflavin or vitamin B - E101, E140 and E141 chlorophylls, red beet E162 and many others.

Also considered some of the natural thickeners and sweeteners.

Natural, identical to natural and artificial flavorings may be just. In accordance with the method of their production and use components.

Labels on different products you can often find "flavors, flavorings." For this florid wording skryvatesya complex mixture of aromatic substances of natural and synthetic. Hello to all lovers of biscuits and crisps. Due to the complexity of these natural and chemically derived scents, these flavors are not included in the classification of food additives and codes with "E" in the title they are not assigned.

The use of food additives still leaves open the question of their safety. In any case, they should be made into food products in a minimum amount. In Russia, the use of food additives is strictly regulated. Any food additive is checked first to the Joint Committee of Experts of the International Agricultural Organization and World Health Organization, and then at the Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Based on these studies in our country, a list of additives permitted for use in food production.

Worth remembering that Russia banned for use: E121 - citrus red dye and 123 - amaranth, E240 - preservative formaldehyde, E924a - flour and bread improver potassium bromate and E924b - calcium bromate. True, a product containing these additives do not receive a health certificate and a certificate of compliance and are unlikely to fall into the store. However, none of smuggling is not insured, so vigilance is better preserved. Moreover, that even "allowed" supplements sometimes teetering on the brink of a foul.

So is there or not there? Have burst, but where to go? The main thing to pay attention to labels. All food products should be monitored bodies Gossanepidemnadzora and Russian Ministry of Health. Naturally it must be accompanied by a mark of conformity.

But if you're tired of being held hostage by total chemical laboratory can treat yourself to organic products and how sometimes I do.

You will need a piece of meat flesh of pork, beef or lamb weighing 3.2 kg. It must be lard with a syringe needle with a thick aromatic infusion. To this end, the garlic cloves to disassemble, clean, crush, drink water, add black pepper and salt, stir, leave for 30-60 minutes. Whole cooked infusion syringe to inject into the meat evenly distributing it throughout the volume.Prepared piece of meat grease the same aromatic extract from the outside across the surface and putting in a preheated 200 degree oven and bake until golden brown, then reduce temperature to 160 degrees or simmer meat, constantly showering his juice. If you do not have a piece the size you want, you can use several separate, stacked with stuffed pieces.

Enjoy your meal. And let the producers of chemical sausage envy you, when you're just tuck into sandwiches or with its magnificence.

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Константин Дятлов

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