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"Away from You" - "star" for porridge lovers Happy End

October 31 2005

On November 10 Russian hire will film "Away from you" - the story of two sisters who, in fact, have nothing in common except ... size obuvi.Vse else - philosophy, style of dress - is different.

One of them (played by Cameron Diaz) are difficult graduated from high school, loves to party, with extraordinary ease changing the workplace and considers its main advantage the ability to please the opposite sex.

The other - in ypusknitsa Princeton (Toni Collette) - a lawyer in a prestigious law firm in Philadelphia. She works very hard, but success in his career did not relieve her of the inferiority complex. Relax and be itself, it can only within the walls of his well-appointed apartment that serves as her refuge from the outside world.

Because of low self-esteem in her personal life does not stack. The only thing that pleases her life - it's the shoes that have become her true passion. Sorry just an excuse to get them out of the closet is too small.

After a serious quarrel, Maggie and Rose must overcome the difficult path to reconciliation, which helps them to pass newfound grandmother (Shirley MacLaine), which they believed to be dead.

"Far away from you» (In Her Shoes), Jennifer Weiner's second novel, was published in 2002 and soon became a best-seller list. Weiner recalls: "When I started writing my book, I was served, including the following question: how can be that people who grew up literally in a single the same place in one house, conducting the same vacation and get to lunch the same food, are people with completely different interests and different views on life and even look different? What unites them then? What kind of connections that exist, despite all the vicissitudes of life? ".

"In families children often label: here you're smart, responsible boy, and you - bad boy for who need an eye so the eye. I found it interesting to see how these labels can help people in life and how to inhibit their development. "

Maggie and Rose - are not the only main character with whom there are wonderful changes in the lives of their grandmother Ella Hirsch - also undergoing serious izmeneniya.Ee plays the owner of "Oscar" Shirley MacLaine: "I was glad the rare opportunity to play in the movie where the identity of characters played by so important - says MacLaine. - Our film will be understood by an entire category of viewers, forgotten film. Elderly people have nothing to watch, they are not interested in what is shown in the movies and on television. But they are interested in life and people, and the end of his days, too, trying to understand the interpersonal relationships, and even in ourselves. "

Tapes made by the director Curtis Hanson, who was producer, co-wrote and directed the film "Secrets of Los Andes zhelesa »(L. A. Confidential), was nominated for nine Oscars, including three personal nomination Hanson - best director, best film and best screenplay. Nominated in the latter category was crowned with the award of Hanson, the Oscars. In addition, Hanson has produced and directed the movie "Eight Mile" (8 Mile) and «Wonder Boys», which was nominated for several Oscars and won the Oscar for best song. His next project will be the film «Lucky You» Drew Barrymore and Eric bathhouse in the main roles.

But this is not the last name in the credits "Away from you", there is in them and the name of the famous Ridley Scott, this time he acted as producer.This personality in long-term needs no introduction - one name only films released with his participation, speak for themselves: "The kingdom of heaven» (Kingdom of Heaven) c Orlando Bloom in the lead role. "Blade Runner» (Blade Runner), «Black Hawk Down» (Black Hawk Down), and of course Gladiator »(Gladiator) in 2000 was nominated for 12 Oscars, including best director, having received five of the them, including Best Picture and Best Actor (Russell Crowe). Next - the sequel to Silence of the Lambs "- blood-curdling" Hannibal »(Hannibal), and lots of other bands.

Noting that "Away from you" - just do not "tighten" a melodrama, when viewing the first frame which becomes clear how it will end. Everyone will be all right, justice will prevail and everyone would live in harmony with oneself and the world.

As always charming and traditionally the main star Cameron Diaz - her character lost in the life of a girl, not wanting to grow up, but the meeting with a wise guru (where do without him ...) is largely changed her life, her worldview.

But, despite the predictability, and, true to the tradition, "Away from you" looks easy, it could pass for an evening of leisure for the popcorn bucket.

Let me remind you that the movie can be seen in all theaters of Russia, from November 10. Happy viewing!

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