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Jokes ... (31 July 2009 Issue 3)

July 31 2009

Ivan the fool caught in the hole pike. That he:
- Let you me, Ivan, and your every desire in schuchmu bidding on
your volition will be done!
Glad Vanyukha, threw the pike back into the hole and says:
- I want to know, without getting off the stove, all that is happening in the world beyond the forests of the
mountains, the seas, okiyanami. I want the music baldet on naked girls day
night and stare, with overseas fools in touch with all new
jokes about the King-priest first in the world to learn!
Since Ivan the Fool was the first in Russia to Internet users.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Women's manifesto.

Dear citizens of the men!
1. We are also simple. And if we declare that we want to sleep and lie down in
bed early, it means only that we want to sleep and nothing
2. We are simple. And if we say that we want to buy another pair of shoes
This does not mean that we cherish conspire to ruin you or hints
what little you earn. We just want another pair of SHOE!
3. We know that you just. And even not particularly hope that you will be able to
solve our problems. And if we tell you about them, do not strain
so much - just sympathize. MORE FROM YOU NOTHING NEEDED!
4. You just! But not so stupid as to not be able to
remember a few simple phrases? "I love you", "You're beautiful
look, "" You're my best "- say it often and you do not
have 96.5% of their time thinking about sex. You will them to do!
5. We are still not as easy as you. So in addition to
the above piece of advice: before you talk to her friend,
it looks good, look at her!
6. No matter how you were simple, being with my wife (girlfriend)
SAY anything! When you keep silent in my head involuntarily
sneaking thought that with the same success could have a dog!
7. Do not count hours spent on communicating with his wife, dropped out of life.
Do not you think that conduct virtually all their time in an embrace with
computer and kisses to expect from us, a few naive, even for such
just like you?
8. In general, our dear man, we want to remind you of the notorious
classic words that OTHER EASY worse than stealing! Hang these
words on a wall near his company and repeat them often!
Your wives and girlfriends.

PS Sorry for the harshness, but we are afraid that simply would not otherwise understand!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Perfect football team:
- Attack - is composed entirely of Jews, the persecution which
strictly prohibited;
- The middle line - black, Chinese and Arabic, they make the game more varied;
- Protection - homosexuals, which provide intense pressure
- The gate is necessary to put a 50-year old maid, which so
longer perfectly protects the gate.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Malvina spent the night with Pinocchio. Finally it happened!
In the morning her friends ask:
- Well, tell me how it was?
- Yes, No ... : ((
- What? And how did it go?
- How'd it go ... Without a hitch and without a hitch!

-------------------------------------------------- ----

New Russian alphabet book.

Mom soap Mani. Well otmylis mani, cute, clean. Beckon Manu Mani.
- Give Money, Mom!
- At Manya on!
- Few, mother, small in nature!
- Go, Manya, in the bath!

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