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Modern literature absurdity, or from what they eat Mr. Klyuev

March 31 2005

You something says the name of Eugene Klyuyev? And the name "between two chairs? No? Then you have lost a lot! This book, which became another in the 1980's a bestseller - with gorgeous and plot, inimitable humor and at the same time the most that neither is on the philosophical content. The paradox, but partly because of just such wild popularity of many of it never heard of: after the first edition of the stores immediately swept away, and all subsequent reissues have occurred infrequently and in small print runs.

Generally, to start with the fact that in our country literature is absurd though popular among those who like "Alice in Wonderland" or "The Third Policeman", but that native authors who write in this manner, something not very much. And somehow they do not shine. So joyful to know that there is at least one exception to this rule - an enigmatic scholar and part-time writer Eugene Klyuyev, who created the masterpiece of the national literature of absurdity.

Here it is necessary to do a little, as if he said Yevgeny Klyuyev, lyrical "speech", and explain that there is a literature exists. Many of you probably know the poem, called Limerick. If someone does not know, Limerick - a comic poem, which existed in oral tradition, and then introduced into literature by Edward Lear. This poem consists of 5 lines, of which the first, second and fifth - long and rhyme, and the third and fourth - in short, and also rhyme with each other. These things work tells us about the situation funny, or completely deny the legitimacy of "sane society". For example:

One lady is awful nice,
Was perfectly square.
Who would it not met -
Heartily admired:
Until then there is this lady nice!

What is the meaning of such literature? In addition to the external form of limericks bear the idea of the lack of templates, generally accepted standards. And in a time when many are getting used to think it is for templates such art can really help out a reader zamorochennogo everyday life with a bunch of stereotypes and prejudices. In the preface to one of the best works of this literature - the book "Between two stools" linguist MV Panov wrote that despite the fact that mankind is under the yoke of templates, alas, impossible to create a tutorial that would have rid of the "paralysis of thought." Therefore, this role should take a book in which "stereotypes would have been its artistic purpose that is not taught to, and aroused the desire to assume, to invent, combine fiction, delve into unexpected thoughts." This is what makes the book Klyuev.

The author, a gifted linguist, expounding an intricate plot in the form of fairy tales in a humorous manner affect the very serious questions of philosophy, logic, linguistics, and incidentally the reader shaking his erudition. Not everybody can get into the problem of the paradox of language, asymmetric dualism of the linguistic sign, the relationship between signifier and signified. However, Eugene Klyuev, a professor of philology, stops not only this, but on other more complex issues. He does so effortlessly - even a schoolboy can master this book and get representation in these areas. But it is important that this author seeks to ensure that the reader does not acquire knowledge passively.

In the preface the writer promises that ultimately confuse the reader will turn everything upside down. But why? If not then that just as happened with the main character, "log flown out of the eye?After all, we do sometimes do not notice the log in your eye and look at the world with the idea that only our perceptions are correct. But what if all does not it? For example, if the measurement is greater than we imagine, and there are parallel worlds? And there, in these worlds?

Fantasy author truly unlimited - which are nothing but the names of heroes product - Petropavel, Really, Luke Lee, White brainless, Queen-of-stone, The Flying Dutchman, sprat-in-Boots, Plasticine World, Sky Gnome, Slonomoska, Tridevyataya Tsatsa, adjacent to the Queen, Ant-robber (publishing giant popisk) and other equally unmatched characters. In a conversation with each of them Petropavel, suddenly finding himself in some unfathomable for him the world faces many paradoxes on which puzzled many generations of mankind. All the usual presentation of the protagonist of the world are collapsing, but once he tries to get out of the side strange, absurd world in which he found himself, the reader waits for an unexpected outcome. To top it all, the book contains very fine expression of art.

Although many, and compare "between two stools" from "Alice" by Lewis Carroll, the book Klyueva still like nothing on earth. By the way, the spirit of the book to some degree conveys the same - absurd - the anecdote, sent to the site of the writer by one by an unknown author. "Once the request Klyuyev Lyudmila Mikhailovna Shtutinoy, kurivshey only very mild cigarettes, has written a book. The book is called" between two stools "and left the publishing house" Pedagogy. "Everyone thought that this is a textbook, it began to live and soon died. Subsequently, one of the dead was indignant: "Why it was necessary to publish this book is in" Pedagogy? "As you see, humor is very specific and unusual.

The author in general, and the man himself on anyone not like, and very extravagant. He currently lives in Denmark, where engaged in scientific work related to the ... influence of written text on our reality. Mystical theme? Yes. Perhaps it seems odd that a scholar and linguist engaged in such things, but he has a reason. Many years ago he wrote the book and described the developments there, which soon completely mysteriously actually happened. Since then, scientists have become very cautious about anything that writes and even said, and went abroad to study this phenomenon in the institute!

More Eugene Klyuev may suddenly, after a couple of decades after first publication, to finish the book and republish it with a very different ending. So it happened 3 years ago, when in April 2002, the publishing house "PRIOR" again issued a "between two chairs, and a reader for a surprise: the author has added several new chapters and a completely wonderful stories, diluted with text!

For example, there was a story about a Greek who was riding across the river, where the author once again turns everything upside down, and now it turns out that the Greeks - is a very inconsistent person, and all its actions are described and analyzed in the best traditions of the genre.

"Between two stools you can find now in bookstores or ordered through online stores. You can also buy books and other Eugene Klyueva - wonderful "Book of Shadows", compared by critics with "The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov," the King in the head "- a collection of jokes from our Russian reality, forcing a bitter chuckle, and sometimes harshly think. Another author has published a book of fairy tales "Chicken Soup For," "Tales, just in case" and "awful creaking door and other people." Well, natures, particularly seeking to learn, we can recommend his books on rhetoric and communication theory.


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