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"Netslov" and "Underwood:" We wish peace and goodness! "

December 30 2005

In the address Yoki continue to be Happy New Year from our friends - great actors, athletes, musicians. Naturally, the first all warm and good wishes are addressed to you, our readers.


Sami NETSLOV characterize his music as a three-dimensional holographic collage, emotional pie subservient mood lighting and ... right time of day! Sometime Dan Kalashnik combined with their activity in NETSLOV performances with the band Leningrad, where he worked as a guitarist - things seemingly incompatible. At some point Dan decided to leave the group KALASHNIK LENINGRAD in order to devote more time to his project NETSLOV.

He is currently - the center of all the creative resources of the team, its leader, and recently more and vocalist. On the last album, "All free" Dan first began to sing. In this album, the song was "33 1" well "proven" themselves in various charts. Thirty-three - a good age to take stock of the subtotals. New song "Without looking, recently launched in the air, continued the tradition of singing the last album" All free ".. The song is about is that the main constraints at the person inside, not outside.

It is also necessary to say that Dan Kalashnik is also a popular film composers: his account soundtracks for "April" Konstantin Murzenko, "Antikiller" Yegor Konchalovsky, "In Motion" Philip Jankowski, detective series "Icon Hunters." Dan also wrote several tracks for "Antikiller-2" and noted at the last festival Maxidrome as the author of the hymn festival.

Dan Kalashnik, group leader NETSLOV:

How are you going to celebrate New Year?

- I do not want to go south! Wants a new year with snow and all the archetypal moments. So I meet him, most likely either in Moscow or in the countryside. Well, in January we would like to make a trip to Spain:'ll get there by road tourism, besides interesting to see what is happening in Spain in the winter - I was there only during the summer.

What would you wish the readers Yoki in the new year?

- All I wish you peace! Last year, it is not enough!

Group "Underwood"

Both members of the group "Underwood" - education by doctors. Vladimir Tkachenko specializing in anesthesiology and resuscitation, Maxim Kucherenko - in psychiatry and psihoterapevtike. They met while a student at the Crimean Medical University, and brought together the founders and current leaders of the peer group - amateur movie craze. They came together and on the basis of common musical tastes: and so, and others like DOORS and Alexander Vertinsky. The turning point in my life, "Underwood" as the team was the purchase of Maxim in an antique shop rarity typewriter "Underwood." Performers dawned: the name - was found. Medical University of the favorite band "Underwood" has turned into stars Tauris - remaining in this status for several years. And in early 2000, Underwood decided to storm the capital.

The first single, "Gagarin, I loved you" - was a breakthrough. Within weeks the song has played all over the country and fell in love with literally everyone, from ordinary people to the authorities in various fields.It was with "Underwood" wanted to sing in the New Year "Negolubom Ogonyok actress Amalia Gol'danskii. 2005 marked a decade and a new group - the third - his album "Bablo triumphs over evil," which seamlessly combines the one hand, bright and imaginative songs that are the hallmark "Underwood" on the other hand - a revolutionary sound that has become possible thanks to work on it some of the most popular and progressive at the moment sound producers - Vladimir Dzhumkova («Dzuma», «The End of the movie") and Daniel Kalashnik (Netslov).

How will you celebrate New Year?

Vladimir Tkachenko: "Traditionally, the family, with a herringbone pattern - or rather, with a pine tree! I'm more like a pine tree! In Ukraine, where I come from a much more popular pine! So I hope to find a decent pine tree and put it, but here in Moscow is a rarity. "

What do you want to wish our readers a new year?

Vladimir Tkachenko and Maxim Kucherenko: "We wish the people of the normal stress tolerance and sanity - to stresses of different types and characters past the people and not provoked to evil deeds, still want to wish them health. And imagine - said Vladimir - I want to pay more attention to loved ones, love them no more want to .... "

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Maria Pavlikova

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