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"White Sun of the Desert": the wife of Abdullah refused to appear naked in the carpenter Uncle Vanya

March 30 2005

Soviet blockbuster "White Sun of the Desert" today is 35 years. The story of this painting is known to several generations of moviegoers. Perfidious and bloody kill Abdullah Petrukha and Gyulchataj, die charming Vereshchagin, Fyodor Sukhov, and only with the help of a Sayid still get out of all scrapes, and his fair shot overtake the villain ... The film is popular today, a phrase from it were winged, but the song - "Zastolnaya." Legends of Steel and stories about the filming of the tape.

So, all in order. Did you know that the first movie was called "Save the harem, but in Moscow, have criticized this title. And the director Vladimir Motyl told the film crew urgently come up with the sonorous name, and even promised a prize - two bottles of cognac. So there was the "White Sun of the Desert" - the fruit of collective work.

Gyulchataj became a cleaner at the museum

Filming lasted for two years. In Dagestan, and Tadzhkistane where there was a terrible heat - 45 degrees in the shade, and curled round the sand, which would fall asleep, even the plates of food. Camera crew was forced to turn a blind person with special gauze half-mask. But local residents advised to drink water only in the case of special lust, so that less sweat. Many, especially the wife of Abdullah, often after the shooting was littered with wet towels on their heads and validol.

By the way, "harem" composed of non-professional actresses. Here are: basketball player, researcher, dealer .... Tatiana Fedotova, who played in the film unparalleled Gyulchataj, came to the shooting of "White Sun of the desert" too casually. She skipped classes at the ballet school and caught the eye of filmmakers (they are just looking for girls for the harem of Abdullah). She was at that time was only 16 years old. Her entire crew loved, guarded as she could. After graduating from ballet school Tanya worked in the dance ensemble. Married composer Gennady Kuzmin. She had two children - Sergei and Masha. Then he worked as a cleaner at the museum.

The girls have to go back to work immediately after the shooting key scenes. And in the episodes where they appear in the burqa, girls had to duplicate the soldiers of a neighboring part of and members of the crew. Team this unusual harem gave the foreman, but in the end scenes director instead of a "stop" shouting "put aside".

Said beat film crew, zaryvshuyu it in the sand

And Sayid buried in the sand is already in Makhachkala. There was even hotter. The temperature of the sand - plus 75 degrees! Filmmakers joked: "bury the egg - it is baked!" But the scenario is far from "waste" no one was going. Healthy dug a hole, put it in a specially-made box from two-inch planks and put it in Spartak Mishulina who played Said. And his neck a little kept on wet sand. So there he is so "settled down", which requested a smoke! Operators had to take turns to keep him a cigarette. True, no cost and without doubles. On the developed film in place of the head Said was ... marriage. Mishulin great upset. They say that first long cursed, then made a real fist fight, but still have another photograph taken not given.

In the role of the bandit appeared godfather "of all Makhachkala"

Incidentally, in Makhachkala film crew also robbed. Stole the costumes, swords, pistols ... and the director decided to take a desperate step. Ordered to find the main mafia Makhachkala and to invite him to shoot the film as himself in exchange for all the stolen military arsenal and costumes. Wola "on the main site was performed, and a couple of days all the props back. As a result of the gunman, who was "soaked" at the boat, played a real mafia.After the film's release a man in a moment became a national hero. All residents of Makhachkala crammed into movie theaters to watch it!

Comrade Sukhov went to booze ...

Interested in the fate of the main character - Comrade Sukhov. First, this role was invited actor George Yumatova. But he had at that time there were serious problems with alcohol. And the director gave him a condition: leave a heavy drinking - take off the film. As luck would have it right before filming Yumatov "broke": got drunk and got into a fight. All the actor's face was beaten, despite the fact that he had asked his attackers did not leave bruises, as the make-up can not "remove" fingaly. But they beat it on my face. Neither of which the main role after that there could be no question. Here and was invited to appear Anatoly Kuznetsov, who was summoned from Moscow.

Petrushka - a parasite, a bum and a repeat offender

Petrukha played aspiring actor - Nicholas Godovnikov. Prior to the "White Sun of the Desert", he starred in the "Republic of Shkid" and the movie "Zhenya Zhenya and Katyusha rockets. On the first day of shooting the guy fell down and broke his nose. But the shooting did not defer. Make up - and more!

After the filming of Nicholas went to the army, where he looked at the picture. And on his return "to the citizen has received a penetrating wound to the heart area. A job as a stevedore. But soon resigned for health reasons. And in 1980 he was accused of sponging and imprisoned. After returning from prison, the actor became homeless, living in attics and basements. Then he got into a gang of thieves. Once stood on the "nix" ... He was caught and given a new term - for theft. A total of Godovnikov served for eight years.

Uneasy Death of Abdullah

Abdullah played the handsome Georgian - Kahi Kavsadze. Under the scenario, Abdullah wounded swims under water. But the water was muddy, and shoot it was impossible. Decided that Sukhov should just kill him. But it can not be such a villain just die! Thus was born a brilliant idea - first, Abdullah slipped wounded on the stairs, firing into the air, and his blood is mixed with oil ...

Were in the film and pictures that later were not included in the picture. For example, Abdullah ignites tank, where the hiding of his wife. Women rescued from the fire, take off his clothes and climb upstairs to Sukhov. And he drives them: "Where are you?" Here, Bullet! " But the girl refused to appear naked. And no amount of persuasion director did not help. Then one after all agreed, and then - for the sake of art. " And the other "wife" put the two conditions. First - transparent sticker on his chest, imitating the clothes. And the second one - that on the set was not the peasants. And all around - one peasant's: the director, cameramen, electricians, and Uncle Vanya, a carpenter. His-and drove ...

In another episode, not included in the film, Sukhov floating on a boat under sail, in which instead of the sun adorns the face of his wife Catherine. Frowned Comrade Sukhov - and let the whole harem of the boat, which sailed with him in the water throwing. It was autumn. Guys all in jackets and harem - in their dresses. And the water - ice! Near the boat was on duty lifeguards. They were caught and "wives" of the water, and then poured into each glass of brandy.

Incidentally, the film should be two series. It was planned that the second part Sukhov again come to the East, where together with ex-wives, Abdullah will build socialism. But the high management decided to do one series.

Feat Vereshchagin

Vereshchagin played in the movie talented actor Paul Luspekaev.Remember, his wife offers him the hero of black caviar, but he refuses it? These shots were taken late at night. Caviar searched throughout the city. And when found in a restaurant - just bought two kilos. Carpenter Uncle Vanya made a special flat dish with a recess (to spoon caviar "drowning"). While set up equipment, Vereshchagin, entering the image, ate a few spoonfuls of delicacy. As soon as the director saw it, he commanded: "All shooting, without any rehearsal and doubles!" But the most offensive is that caviar anyone from the crew after work, not inherited. Everything is so tired that do not be conformed to put it in the refrigerator. In the morning rushed to the calf - and it all spoiled ...

Role Vereshchagin was for Paul Luspekaeva last. Even then, he felt unwell. The actor had been amputated feet, he went to the prosthesis. When he walked onto the set, followed by the always followed the wife - actress Inna Kirillov (former wife of Vladimir Motyl), which carried a high chair. Paul every 20 meters, told her: "match". And after filming, he always sat by the sea, dipped his feet into the water. Before his death, actor especially loved being around people, and to Nicholas Godovnikovu (Petrukha) treated as his own son ...


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