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"Hostel" shocked Tarantino. Features of sex tours to Europe

January 30 2006

Two young American traveler, Paxton and Josh travel through Europe, moving from city to city in search of unusual adventures and thrills. In doing so, they help their new friend Icelander Oli, which they accidentally met on his way.

After much wandering, Paxton and Josh are lured into a trip to one of the towns in Slovakia, where, according to Oli, a paradise for American tourists, but rather a specific hotel, which provide services to Eastern European beauties, ready to give a reasonable cost and to realize the most daring erotic fantasy man. Arriving at the appointed place, my friends can easily become acquainted with two dazzling girls Natalya and Svetlana.

Relaxed and abstract dalliance Americans soon understand that they are trapped, where they face a harsh and terrible pay for your stay in the suspicious place, where even for the big money they will not leave alive ...

The film "Hostel" is Quentin Tarantino. At this time, the author of "From Dusk Till Dawn" appears only as "the wedding of General", and removed the horror, Eli Roth, on account of which already have the film "Fever."

This tape has become the most sold at the Festival in Toronto in 2002. Despite the fact that the picture was the official debut of Eli Roth and filmed in the shortest time and at minimal cost. Nevertheless, this did not prevent "Fever" to become the most profitable film «Lion's Gate», 2003. In 2004, the Academy of Science Fiction awarded the Eli Awards «Saturn Award», and then the young director was awarded «The Filmmakers Showcase Award», which annually awarded to those directors who show promise for leadership in its genre.

Results debut of young director was fantastic - $ 98.5 million profit ($ 1.5 million cost - $ 100 million profit).

"Hostel" - pslednyaya work of director, where he was a writer and producer at the same time.

"Hostel" is a complex blend of the most terrible scenes of human life, perverse human psychology and the horrific details of organized crime, human trafficking and sex tourism.

Ruthless bloody scenes of violence, often based on real events, will not leave indifferent even the staunchest fans of the genre.

In an effort to scare the viewer, Eli Roth is always based on true stories, knowing that they have far greater impact on the human psyche than invented monsters.

So was the debut of "Fever", so it will be in "Hostel." The basis for script writing Eli served as a conversation with his friend Harry Noulesom, webmaster portal "We talked about the most terrible and crazy things that can be found on the Internet" - says Roth. "That goes beyond standard erotic perversion, a fall from a skateboard, and even those two Japanese women who were sick of each other in the mouth in the bathroom."

Noules admitted that he came across on the Internet is so mind-blowing site that he could not share his find with Eli. Noules threw the link to the site director, and the fact that I had read it completely captivated him with his creepy content. It was about some place in Thailand, where given the opportunity for $ 10,000 from a pistol to kill a man.

"Everything that I read was so disgusting and inhuman" - says Roth: "What I could not believe my eyes, but I felt that it smacked of reality.The world has a lot of crazy people. No limit to ensure that no one person has done with others, to please herself, and this is reflected in one of the worst sides of human nature. It always amazes me. "

The idea of a new film idea has remained about 2 years, until the head is not Roth had the idea to throw the scene of exotic Thailand in much more prosaic Slovakia, through which passes most of the routes of travel through Europe, but at the same time quite unknown and closed.

While writing the script, Eli Roth was standing at a crossroads - he had an incredible amount of creative plans. For advice, Eli turned to Tarantino. "After hearing my story," Hostel ", Quentin literally gone mad!" - Says Eli Roth. "I've never seen him so excited, he shouted:" Oh my God! You should write the script! This is one of the scariest stories I've heard in years. Putting aside everything else and get to work right now! "

On starring Paxton and Josh Roth chose actors Jay Hernandez ("in glory, "Team 49: Fire Ladder", "Torque") and Derek Richardson (Dumb and Dumber ").
Because the script was written taking into account the participation of foreigners with poor English, his mouth open casting in the Czech Republic.

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