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Jokes ... (September 29, 2009 Issue 1)

September 29 2009

- First of all - airplanes!
- Well, girls?
- A girl then ... will look for a black box!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
He died an old goat. And down his soul, as expected, to the river, and there - a boat and rowed sitting wolf. Kozel and froze with fright, and the wolf says:
- Che look, cabbage, come on!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
"Crab sticks" - is unknown to the general public erotic film by Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
(Inspired by descriptions of the type of a perfect day - the actual day)
One perfect day programmer:
9.00 - Wake up in the three-story villa with swimming pool, golf course, the venue for tennis, a second pool, but much larger (50h120 m), from the fact that an unknown beauty (cover girl) kisses to the navel. Gently (the hair) pull away and say that my uncle today many important things, and she must go home. Listen to the assurances of endless and passionate love, but the cause guard (athletic Athens with a bust of third dimension, drop dead ass) and get rid of the silly girls.
9.20 - Breakfast in bed: coffee with milk, a little vodka with caviar, a cigar.
10.00 - Exit and look around and blame the poor in Bush and Putin, who shamelessly play on your golf course, shook his fist, but to relent (presidents of all the same).
11.05 - For a long time to decide what to climb pool to cool off.
12.00 - Resolve to get into one that is smaller, because more than you
just scared, and think long on the fig you had two swimming pools.
13.00 - Finally! Here it is! My! 8-processor Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz, the amount of RAM 16 GB, GeForce 4 - Ti 128 Mb, 2 skazevyh Hardy to 120 GB, the matrix of 21 inches, SBLive Extigy, 6 speakers, 200 watts, with a bandwidth of 2 - 40,000 Hz Hall, with special acoustics. Weak?
And I'm not a bourgeois! I no longer needed! Session Q3 with the best of this world.
You're an absolute champion. A piece of cake ...
16.00 - Damn, I'm still in a bathing suit after swimming pool! Shower. Change.
Remember that is the boss of a multinational corporation Mega-Hard.
We have to check things, but to start dinner, Jacuzzi and massage with an absolute winner of the international beauty contest.
18.00 - not as a weary, yet evening. Receive by mail the plaintive plea CIA did not hack them void of understanding security system in order to photograph his ass from space satellites. A special request does not touch the poor Hubble.
18.30 - invitation came from the best nightclubs in New York. Sit 10 minutes, and choose the best, but never deciding to call an old girlfriend from Sevastopol, ask what she likes and send her one of 14 aircraft. Nostalgia ...
19.00 - It will arrive in the area of ten, and yet ... Where the hell, my masseuse?
22.00 - flew an old girlfriend. Said that just adores me, ready for anything ... Could come up with something original ...
23.00 - Nightclub. Drugs, drinks, sex ...
??.?? - It fogs the idea that bored to live, can go to the wipers?

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