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Autumn Marathon, or one step away from the house to the picnic

August 29 2005

Fall is nearing. In the morning chill sneaks, and it's even nice - invigorates. But soon it will be pleasant enough, charge the endless rain and turn everything around in a gray hopeless mess. How to delay the inevitable and prolong the summer? There is a solution: do not sit at home and travel, for example, on a picnic, and do it with comfort.

The first thing you need to - the company. Should be committed to, ring up all your friends and put them before the fact a trip to nature. Any appeal, and excuses severely repressed and is argued closing arguments. No sin poshantazhirovat or put pressure on nostalgia, like "do you remember us in the first year."

Second. Need a delivery system. If not his car, but have friends with "wheels" and they are in the company - already well. In the case where all the members of the group "horseless" - does not matter. Remembering childhood in gold, choose a place closer and popriyatney, study the route and go by bus, train or on foot to the nearby park. The last option the least attractive, because in urban parks are usually crowded, littered, and picnics actually conduct is prohibited.

Third. Picnic needed arsenal. Of course it includes a hatchet, a sharp-purpose knife (Finn will do), the Swiss Army knife (with the help of him and the camp can be broken down, with bottles and cans to open, and hlebushek cut).

Very good and right will complement Sapper shovel. You do not want to leave behind the dirt in the woods. Some waste can be buried and not bring them to the city dump.

Fourth. No symbol picnic - kebab or barbecue is unlikely to cost. BBQ here is simply necessary, it will greatly ease the task. These varieties are now quite a lot. There are very convenient for transportation, which can be easily assemble and disassemble. In addition, meat or fish will be extremely tasty, if they do not cook on skewers, and double-grating for the grill. By the way, is to stock up before the coals, then to not think about firewood.

Fifth. On the nature, of course, exacerbated by hunger. Therefore, taking with them more "long-playing" foods: cheeses durum, dry smoked sausage, cut, vacuum packed, canned food. But mayonnaise salads spoil quickly without refrigeration - keep in mind.

Sixth: drinks. Their choice depends on the purpose of going on nature. If you relax in the pleasure to chat with friends, get some fresh air - this one set. If you mindlessly give ourselves into the hands of Bacchus - respectively, on the other. Only in this case, the meaning of the trip is lost. Therefore, opted for a moderate amount of red wine at the flesh, and better spirits to leave the city.

Seventh: entertainment. Modalities good and fun to spend time in nature is now a huge number. Can be chopped in volleyball or pneumatics to grab and shoot the cans. But one of the most interesting varieties of leisure - of course, paintball. Moreover, that the equipment, masks and markers can be taken in a rental.

In conclusion - a tested recipe for a delicious barbeque. Cooking meat on skewersOf course, a purely personal matter, but nevertheless:

The flesh of mutton to cut into small pieces, combine in an enamel dish, add chopped onions, vinegar, anise, red pepper.

Mix all this with lamb, seal (put under pressure) and leave in a cool place for 3-4 hours. Before frying the pieces thus prepared barniny strung on skewers, alternating with slices of raw onion, sprinkle with wheat flour. At the end of each skewer strung on a piece of kurdjuchnogo bacon and fry over hot coals. Then Yum - good mood guaranteed.

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