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Harp: a musical instrument of shamans and avant-garde

June 29 2005

His first harp I bought five years ago in the store - Club Yamskoe field. " Now the club has become a hotbed of Orthodox culture in the past traded there every esoteric consumer goods in the spirit of "my way" or "White Clouds".

So, at about lunchtime, the store appeared a mysterious man named Alex, got out of his knapsack exotic musical instrument and learn from it like nothing on earth sounds. They have always fascinated and attracted the attention of customers of the club. With an Alexei was always five to ten Varganov and sold it to, apparently quite successfully.

I also "bought into" the sound, which is remembered as a child, watching cartoon "Kele" - creepy charming multyaha, filmed in the late 80's based on the Chukchi tale. Most importantly there sounded Chukchi music, namely khomus, or harp on our way. In those days - it was cool to hear such could only be a very advanced music fans or scholars ethnographers.

And here at the club a real person to play for real jew's harp, which you can buy and own master tool. The more the seller assured us that it is not difficult, it would wish. In short, I bought myself an ordinary inexpensive bent harp and has three days later, could it something to strum. I liked the idea. It was nice to play for the soul and intriguing friends.

Unfortunately, a jew's harp bent eventually lost, but with the same Alexei I became the owner of the Yakut khomus wrought, with a more powerful surround timbre. He is still with me. A good supplement to have some knowledge about shamanism, ecstatic practices and ethnic music.

Harp (from Old Slavic Vargo lips, mouth) - is an ancient musical instrument, in different variants occurring among all peoples of the world. The tool has more than forty different names. The most commonly used-aura khomus, drymba, vasang.

While playing the harp pressed to his lips, teeth, or clamped between his teeth. In this case, oral cavity serves as a natural resonator.

Cavity can also serve as the larynx and legkie.Po According to the American researcher of music by Frederick Crane, he appeared about five thousand years ago in Europe.

This is supported by the appearance of jew's harp and the simplicity of sound. Just one blow to the reed instrument creates an unusual sound. Vibration jew's harp, like a time machine sent to the origins of mankind, where he was virtually intact.

Jew's harp music is always adored by many, including the powerful. It is known that at the beginning of XVIII century, once heard harp ever won the Czar Peter I. , In his youth he loved to play the jew's harp Abraham Lincoln. People always knew that the jew's harp sounds give an opportunity to feel eternity, because he was always a tool of spiritual practice, due to subtle worlds and enter an ecstatic state.

Having lived through the period off his popularity in the Middle Ages to the XX century. Jew's harp has been largely forgotten, so many peoples original model was lost. Now you can see a real boom in the Jew's harp. At least in Moscow in retail can be found about a dozen different models. And the expanse of the Internet in general, at affordable prices available, even Japanese, Thai or Filipino harp.

Moreover, we can connect with artists and order tool according to your wishes.Jew's harp is really a magic tool, because it is unthinkable, collect around interesting people. In such a coterie anyone wanting to teach to play the ancient instrument.

Modern musicians, not just ethnic, often use the harp in his work, for example, avangradisty, jazz performers and RocknRolla. Personally, my harp was seen in the release Mr. Bungle «California», Ministry «Houses Of The Mole», project frontmenta legendary PRIMUS »Les Claypool's Frog Brigade, brutal and otvyaznyh Fintroll« Visor om Slutet », well and of course the soundtrack to the film Kusturica's" Black Cat, White Cat "is also not without jew's harp. It is only then that I remembered in the first place.

Listen, can really harp sounds quite a lot in your life. Then it is quite possible you will want not just to hear and take it in hand and by the return to the origins of the existing music. Believe me - it's very entertaining.

Mike Patton, creator of Mr. Bungle: mad genius on his way to Moscow .

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